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July 2006
Week of July 10th through July 14th


Latest Additions:
The Devil Wears Prada(in Film )

You fall in love with this cast as they embrace, flaunt, and mock the industry they live for, humanizing this highlighted world in the eyes of millions.

Superman Returns(in Film )

Not only is ?Superman Returns? the best of the series, but it serves as a companion to Superman II. Filled with emotion, fantasy and adventure, Singer incorporates the right flavor that will appeal to all ages.

WAIST DEEP (in Film )

What could have been a good urban action thriller has turned into a clichéd film with a weak script.


“Wassup Rockers” is an interesting movie and solidly entertaining, but I hope he can move in a different direction and show some range in his themes.

CLICK (in Film )

A touching, and altogether charming notion, this films brings together a charming cast of individuals to relay a message about love, life, family, careers, and the order in which we prioritize them.

wSyriana DVD (in Film )

Politically-paranoid, if well-intentioned, this disjointed message movie doesn’t really do much more than indict the usual suspects.


wThe Lake House (in Film )

A little drawn out at times, this film might have been a full success if only met with a little tweaking. 


wONLY HUMAN (Seres Queridos) (in Film )

Laced with plenty of funny moments, Only Human is a rare, optimistic ray of hope about the prospects of Jewish-Muslim relations.A rare, optimistic ray of hope about the prospects of Jewish-Muslim relations.


wLowercity(CIDADE BAIXA) (in Film )

Lower City is as visually-captivating as "City of God", but this flick is actually a more engaging film, given its alternately steamy and sophisticated storyline, combined with the palpable chemistry generated among its three lead characters.

w Dave Chappelle's Block Party DVD (in Film )

This concert flick’s strength lies in its inspired musical performances by a host of hip-hop artists who are not at all shy about sharing their sharp-edged political perspective.

w The Heart of the Game (in Film )

The Heart of the Game might best be thought of as a female version Hoop

w Firewall DVD (in Film )

Another edge-of-your-seat, roller coaster ride from a matinee idol everybody loves to root for.

w Why We Fight DVD (in Film )

This damning documentary interweaves file footage with running commentaries by a “Who’s Who” list of both liberal and conservative luminaries like Senator John McCain, Gore Vidal, Richard Perle and Bill Kristol.

w DISTRICT B13 (in Film )

Unlikely Buddies Blend to Save Ghetto in Futuristic Action Flick from France

w X-Men: The Last Stand (in Film )

Every great franchise inevitably takes a step back, but to portray “X-Men: The Last Stand” as anything less than disappointing is mincing words.  It is a shell of its predecessors, a technical exercise that is utterly devoid of substance.

w Date Movie DVD (in Film )

More shocking than hilarious, but Date Movie offers just enough funny moments to earn this critic’s seal of approval.

w The Da Vinci Code (in Film )

The film is overly faithful to the book, but it is a better than average popcorn film that runs a bit long.

w Lemming (in Film )

Suspenseful and surreal, it is perhaps most reminiscent of Swimming Pool, another inscrutable psychological thriller starring Charlotte Rampling

w Something New DVD (in Film )

Mixing mirth with more sophisticated moments, Something New ultimately triumphs primarily because of the easy-going screen chemistry generated by Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker..

w Poseidon (in Film )

Mixing mirth with more sophisticated moments, Something New ultimately triumphs primarily because of the easy-going screen chemistry generated by Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker..

w Big Momma's House 2 DVD (in Film )

Expect to sit stoned-faced throughout the duration of this humorless
adventure. No logic, no laughs, just a textbook “take-the-money-and-run” sequel.

w The Producers DVD (in Film )

Lane and Broderick exhibit perfect timing acting, dancing and singing
together from start to finish..

w African American Lives DVD (in Film )

Alternatively emotional and informative, an overdue return-to-roots saga
made possible through an unprecedented combination of DNA, genealogy and
oral tradition.

w ON THE OUTS DVD (in Film )

Shot documentary style against graphic urban backdrops in gritty environs, the movie is nothing if not convincing in delivering a gripping authentic air.

w Art School Confidential (in Film )

Art School Confidential is an ingenious satire of the pretentious mindset of the elitist art world from the perspective of a rapidly-disillusioned kid who had no idea what he was getting into.

w Munich DVD (in Film )

Riveting Spielberg Espionage Thriller Out on DVD


Though the plot is a bit convoluted and Hoffman doesn’t do much as the villain, there’s plenty of action and suspense that will satisfy all those that want to see Cruise in high gear and run like crazy

w Water (in Film )

There are many issues raised here and Mehta explores them to a great degree. Water” is luminous, educational, and compelling.

w La Mujer De Mi Hermano (in Film )

Notwithstanding its directorial weaknesses, the film is appealing enough, albeit in a telenovela sort of way, to leave a lasting impression on American audiences.

w Akeelah and the Bee (in Film )
This touching tale shares a bounty of uplifting messages while taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride guaranteed to leave you wiping away the tears, and on more than one occasion.
w United 93 (in Film )
Be prepared for an emotional and realistic ride on United 93.
w Aeon Flux (in Film )
The film features a mind-bending, sci-fi plotline that is actually more engaging than that of your average futuristic adventure.
w Preaching to the Choir (in Film )
Preaching to the Choir features the same Prodigal Son plotline. Yet, this hastily-mounted, sloppily-edited production is so poorly executed that it fails to measure up to the original in terms of quality.
w Scary Movie 4 (in Film )
Zucker relies on the services of an expanded principal cast plus a boatload of celebrity cameos to keep his clever combination of slapstick, sight gags, and bodily-function humor unfolding at a rapid fire pace.
w Sisters in Law (in Film )
Sisters in Law packs a powerful punch by exposing the evils of a patriarchal culture inclined to look the other way whenever men oppress women.
w Kinky Boots (in Film )
"Kinky Boots" is a heartwarming tale about the unlikely friendship forged between a black drag queen and the recently-engaged heir to a shoe factory fortune.
w Irish Jam DVD (in Film )
This transparent romantic comedy unfolds fairly predictably, relying on lots of simplistically-drawn stereotypes at every turn, such as its portrayal of the Irish as hot-headed drunkards and blacks as superficial simpletons.
w Ellie Parker DVD (in Film )
The only flaw of this flick, which is admittedly amusing in spots, lies in its aforementioned poor quality cinematography which intermittently interferes with one’s ability to concentrate on an otherwise engaging story.
w ATL (in Film )
"ATL” does Atlanta by proud by taking a predictable story and adding music, humor, and romance in a simple tale of life in the hood. It’s an emotional, moving, and pleasure film for all to enjoy.
An exciting start to what is sure to be a twisted, sexy thriller, the film badly disappoints. Sharon Stone’s reprisal of her role as Catherine Tramell is the only positive in this sequel.
w Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (in Film )
This film surpasses the original in every way.  It is much funnier and packed with clever double entendres that’ll whiz over the kids and hit their parents squarely in the funny bone. 
w Inside Man (in Film )
Inside Man” is his most commercial film to date and it’s his best film since “25th Hour”. Everything from the writing, the acting, the cinematography and the music works.
w Adventures of Brer Rabbit DVD (in Film )
A politically-correct adventure about a mischievous hare which can be safely shared with the kids, and ought to be enjoyed by young and old alike.
w Lonesome Jim (in Film )
Steve Buscemi steps behind the camera to direct a movie filled with folks every bit as quirky as the ones he’s personally portrayed onscreen.
w Derailed DVD (in Film )
An amoral thriller strictly for those ready to see adultery as a cause celebre.
w Dreamer DVD (in Film )
Despite the transparent trajectory and unabashed sentimentality of a formulaic plotline, Dreamer is still a delight likely to enthrall young and old alike.
w Thank You for Not Smoking (in Film )
"Thank You for Smoking" is savagely satirical.  It is a thinking man’s comedy that is intelligent enough to look at all sides and make fun of everyone equally.
w V FOR VENDETTA (in Film )
It is flawed, but respects the source material enough to pacify the die-hard fans.
w Failure to Launch (in Film )
Provided you’re able to swallow this picture’s silly premise, you’re likely to enjoy the assorted screwball antics up on the screen.
w Dave Chappelle's Block Party (in Film )
Dave Chappelle‘s Block Party’s strength lies in its inspired musical performances by a host of hip-hop artists who are not at all shy about sharing their sharp-edged political perspective
w Madea's Family Reunion (in Film )
The sassy senior citizen has toned-down her act to offset her trademark intensity with equal measures of inspirational advice.
w Running Scared (in Film )
Writer/director Wayne Kramer (The Cooler) delivers an uncompromising film that will surely stun audiences with its extremes.
w The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (in Film )
The film's breathtaking tableaus, colorful characters, and moving message about redemption end up overshadowed by its wanton insanity one might normally associate with a sadistic snuff film.
w The Untold Story of Emmitt Till DVD review (in Film )
A touching but overdue expose’ of lynching as a shameful stain on the country’s legacy.
Freedomland (in Film )
The script is so full of holes that although parts of the story may resonate with some people, the impact leaves very little to discuss.
Torremolinos '73 DVD (in Film )
Desperation Leads to Desperate Measures in Bawdy DVD.
The Pink Panther (in Film )
Steve Martin does a decent job fumbling around from scene to scene, but it does pale in comparison to the sheer physical genius of the Peter Sellers performance
Something New (in Film )
“Something New” offers a fresh take on racism and love and the cast plays their part with so finesse and fun..
The Legend of Zorro DVD (in Film )
The ludicrous plot and special effects featuring cartoon physics means The Legend of Zorro is strictly for those under the age of eight or so.
The New World (in Film )
“The New World” is a deep cinema experience meant for those with utmost patience and appreciation for visual cues instead of a dialogue driven plot.

Fair Game (in Film )
Michael Whaley captures a true romantic story and shows promise as a director and filmmaker

Matchpoint (in Film )
Woody Allen’s Matchpoint does deliver a tale that is entertaining and successful.

Glory Road (in Film )
Glory Road has its share of clichés and is fairly one dimensional character-wise, but nonetheless surprises as an absorbing film. 

King Kong (in Film )
Though the film could have been shortened to some extent, the story is still intact and it’s got all that one would want – a thrill, some romance, and plenty of excitement.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (in Film )
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’ is a grand success.  It entertains on all levels with a skillful blending of story and incredible visual effects.  

Brokeback Mountain (in Film )
Brokeback Mountain is a great film that puts a different spin on a universal theme. I firmly believe that open-minded adults can watch this film and appreciate it artistically.

Rent (in Film )
Just Happy to be Here (in Film )
Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire (in Film )
Jarhead (in Film )
Doom (in Film )
North Country (in Film )
Good Night and Good Luck (in Film )
The Gospel (in Film )
Serenity (in Film )
Two for the Money (in Film )
Into the Blue (in Film )
Oliver Twist (in Film )
Roll Bounce (in Film )
Flightplan (in Film )
The Constant Gardener Review (in Film )
The Man Review (in Film )
Carlito's Way: Rise To Power Review (in Film )
The Baxter Review (in Film )
The Memory of a Killer Review (in Film )
The 40 Year-Old Virgin Review (in Film )
Red Eye Review (in Film )
Four Brothers Review (in Film )
The Skeleton Key Review (in Film )
The Great Raid Review (in Film )
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Review (in Film )
Stealth Review (in Film )
Hustle & Flow Review (in Film )
Happy Endings Review (in Film )
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Review (in Film )
The Fantastic Four Review (in Film )
Cronicas Review (in Film )
Miss Congeniality 2 DVD Review (in Film )
War of the Worlds Review (in Film )
Batman Begins Review (in Film )
Casino DVD Review (in Film )
Brother to Brother DVD Review (in Film )
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Review (in Film )
The Honeymooners Review (in Film )
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Review (in Film )
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith Review (in Film )
XXX: State of the Union Review (in Film )
Kingdom of Heaven Review (in Film )
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Review (in Film )
The Year of the Yao Review (in Film )
Beauty Shop Review (in Film )
Guess Who Review (in Film )
Miss Congeniality 2 Review (in Film )
Hostage Review (in Film )
The Pacifier Review (in Film )
The Exorcist DVD Review (in Film )
Diary of a Mad Black Woman Review (in Film )
Hitch Review (in Film )
Constantine Review (in Film )
The Wedding Date Review (in Film )
Are We There Yet? Review (in Film )
Ray DVD Review (in Film )
Alone in the Dark Review (in Film )
The Donnie McClurkin Story DVD Review (in Film )
Mary J. Blige LA Concert DVD review (in Film )
Coach Carter (in Film )
Elektra (in Film )

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Latest Additions:
w Clean (in Film )
A worthwhile examination of the crash landing of a delusional junkie with an attitude who’s been behaving like a spoiled-rotten diva.
w Phat Girlz (in Film )
Phat Girlz fails to do a decent job of convincing the audience of its basic premise that being morbidly obese is a condition which deserves to be celebrated.
w 95 Miles To Go (in Film )
What makes 95 Miles to Go so appealing is how Ray Romano so effortlessly conveys the sense that he’s the same approachable guy offstage that you see on TV and onstage.
w Take My Eyes (in Film )
Alternately suspenseful, steamy and shocking, Take My Eyes is an absorbing psychological thriller, ala Hitchcock, which thoroughly entertains while simultaneously
delivering its subtle feminist message.
w Don't Trip.... (in Film )
Comedian Steve Harvey Keeps It Clean in Family-Oriented Concert Flick
The Tenants (in Film )
The stripped-down production looks more like a play than a movie, but all the actors do a decent job with a script which turns increasingly preposterous at every turn. Yet, because it held my interest from start to finish.
w American Gun (in Film )
American Gun is far less gory than one might expect, given its subject-matter. It's a moving morality play indicting this nation for its ongoing love affair with the Second Amendment.
CSA: The Confederate States of America (in Film )
Read the review
w Tsotsi (in Film )
Gavin Hood does an excellent job encompassing a variety of themes in this film. 
w Transamerica (in Film )
Duncan Taylor’s first feature film is a refreshingly serious film which explores the complexities of a condition that is often misunderstood and ignored by mainstream society.
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It) (in Film )
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It) review
On the Outs (in Film )
Shot documentary style against graphic urban backdrops in gritty environs, the movie is nothing if not convincing in delivering a gripping authentic air.

Manderlay (in Film )
Relying on a daring script as executed by A-list actors, it offers a potentially transformational experience for any inclined to contemplate an introspective, gut-wrenching meditation on the intractability of the legacy of slavery.

Racing Against The Clock Review (in Film )
A heartwarming documentary of women empowerment.
Mad Hot Ballroom Review (in Film )
MHB is a film about adolescence against the backdrop of ballroom dancing. It’s a heartwarming film, where there are no losers but winners across the board.

Crash Review (in Film )
Although some the stories in the film seem contrived, the actors portraying the roles are not only convincing but perhaps give their best performance to date.

Imaginary Heroes Review (in Film )
Downfall Review (in Film )
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