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September 2004

By Wilson Morales.

Starring: Jacqueline Board, Margaret Hinton, Lenore McDaniel, Pat Peterson and Philippa Raschker
Director: Bill Haney
Format: Full Screen
Audio Encoding: Stereo
Studio: Uncommon Productions LLC
DVD Release Date: 2004
Run Time: 80 min








Just when there's nothing to buy on DVD but TV shows and films that were recently released in theaters, along comes a nice documentary about the will to change one's life and do what most people don't expect them to do at their age. “Racing Against The Clock” is the story of five extraordinary women, ages 50-82, who have a quest to make the World Masters Athletics Championships. You may wonder why I would be seeing such a film, but I happen to love a good story and this is not only a good one but an inspirational tale at that. Each of these women has gone through personal agony in their lives and rather than live out their lives and grow old, they choose to do something that defies all odds. None of the stories is more touching than the other. They are all equally important. Jackie Board, an African American, is the youngest of the five women and her tale is about overcoming poverty when she was young. As one of the ten children, Jackie grew up in a sharecropper farm and as an adult was in an accident that left her partially paralyzed. At the age of 41, she decided to start running, and by the age of 50 wanted to compete professionally. She now works for Boeing Aircraft and is getting her Masters Degree. Her story is just powerful as the others. Pat Peterson is a three time cancer survivor and Leonore McDaniels is a political refugee. The essence of the documentary is to show that anyone can do anything they want if the will is there. At the same time, throughout the ups and downs of each individual's life, they found something that they can do on their own and be proud of.