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October 2005
Into the Blue

Godfrey Powell
Into the Blue

Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Director: John Stockwell
Producer: David Zelon
Screenwriter: Matt Johnson
Cinematographers: Shane Hurlbut, Peter Zuccarini
Composer: Paul Haslinger
Cast: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Dwayne Adway, Scott Caan, Ramon Saunders, Ashley Scott, Chris Taloa


Into the Blue is a gorgeous film. Shot on location in the Bahamas, the film is chock full of pretty, physically perfect people. The cast is lead by the leanness of Paul Walker (Jared) and the extremely toned and tan Jessica Alba (Sam). Clearly Director John Stockwell revels in the attractiveness of his two leads as there are a myriad of tight close-ups of abs, legs, back, faces and thighs. And indeed they are quite attractive to look at. Sam and Jared are boyfriend and girlfriend whom live together. Jared is an amateur treasure searcher and Sam works at the local Sea World. Jared spends his days searching for lost ships and daydreaming about getting lucky on a treasure find. The couple are extremely poor but as Sam cheesily puts it‹"Who cares about money when we have each other?"

Coincidentally, Jared's best friend Bryce (Scott Caan) comes in to town with his slutty girlfriend Amanda (Ashley Scott). The foursome set sail for a lazy day of free diving, drinking and tanning on the back of Bryce's fancy boat. Happenstance (as is wont in every such movie) leads to not one but two discoveries. They find the remains of a legendary ship that might be full of gold and antiques. A few meters away they also find a gasp!, a wrecked prop plane lying underwater filled to the brim with cocaine. The plane had recently crashed in the midst of its drug trafficking expedition. The film then ponders for awhile as it does a lame attempt at character development. Tyson Beckford makes an appearance as a cocaine running club owner with a taut Bahamian accent. Continuous lumbering shots of the ocean resume.

Ultimately, the film ramps up and becomes a mindless yet engaging thriller if that is possible. Jared and Sam spend the movie being hunted by cocaine dealers and treasure hunters both looking to capture their booty. However can they elude them? Thankfully, Jared and Sam are extremely resourceful both on land and under the water and use their surroundings to their fullest to thwart those whom would oppress them.

Into the Blue isn't memorable but entertaining.