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January 2005

Fair Game DVD

By Tonisha Johnson


Fair Game DVD Review

What happens when you cross Mr. Corporate America w/ the average Joe? Straight competition; as Fair Game represents. w

Romance and comedy consume the silver screen as two co-workers; Stacey (Gina Torres) and Michael (Michael Whaley) find themselves liking one another. This physical attraction between the two progresses overtime as both interact in unusual ways under unusual Œlivingı circumstances; preventing them from pursuing the original plan of Œno expectationsı. And although things are Œclear and understoodı between the two, the obvious chemistry builds as a new found fear enters Michaelı heart. Big business exec and boss of both Michael and Stacey; Marcus (Christopher B. Duncan) has set his eyes on Stacey Bennett. Causing Michael to reevaluate his situation with Stacey and jump to action before itıs too late.

Will Stacey choose money and power over love?

Meanwhile, the comedy continues as Phyllis (Mother Love) gives Michael a hard time as his bossy landlord and reveals way too much about close friend Wesley (Mark Christopher Lawrence) when her work-at-home psychic hotline blasts his identity. Player E (Michael Jace) tries to Mack everything insight, including new co-worker Wanda (Terri Vaughn) with a game so sick itıs full of rederic. But, Wanda peeps his game all too soon; but not before rival work supervisor Cheryl (Kellita Smith) discovers she has a little thang for him.

Michael Whaley captures a true romantic story and shows promise as a director and filmmaker. While the storyline was simple; the name brand cast didnıt water down the film with overacting and bad casting judgment, which is all too familiar and does nothing for the film. While in this case, that isnıt true, the actors do perform at their possible best and certainly could give more if the roles had required.

With a myriad of acting under his belt and an obvious love for writing; the possibilities are endless for Mr. Whaley as his promising entertainment career shows a plethora of opportunities.

DVD released January 10, 2006.