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June 2005

By Wilson Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Director: Doug Liman
Composer: John Powell
Cast: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Adam Brody, Vince Vaughn, Kerry Washington, Stephanie March, and Keith David
Screened at Loews Kip Bay



What do you get when you cast two of the hottest attractive looking actors in the business and put them in a film that reads like "War of the Roses" and "Prizzi's Honor"? What you get is a sizzling, plotless eye candy film that will have craving for more, and that's precisely what "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" offers its audience. With all the hoopla surrounding the alleged off-screen affair between Pitt and Jolie, one thing is certain. Their chemistry is definitely burning on the screen. Pitt is debonair and cool, which Jolie is beautiful and charming. Together, they make the perfect on-screen couple because this film is the best action film for both sexes. It offers romance and comedy that should delight the fans of these stars.

Pitt and Jolie play assassins who are on the job when they coincidentally meet under desperate circumstances. Neither decides to tell the other what exactly what they truly do for a living. After a few rendezvous sessions, the two get married and become Mr. and Mrs. Smith. After 5 or 6 years, the fire in their marriage is starting to fade yet they go out and make appearances as the happy couple. They also managed to have fake jobs that take each out of town so they can go out and complete their "assignment". When they comes across the same mark (Adam Brody), and discover the other's identity, it's time to blow the competition away. Not only does each has to watch their back from the other, but more enemies lurk in the field trying they to finish the job that Mr. & Mrs. Smith couldn't do.

In watching this film, there's so much non-stop action and comedy that it really doesn't matter that the plot is thin. Even the secondary actors in the film are reduced to looking like props. Vince Vaughn provides the comic relief at the highest level, while Kerry Washington eases on by as the best friend to Jolie's character. Interesting enough, Keith David, who plays Jolie's boss, and William Fitchner, who plays the marriage counselor, are give less to do and are in the film as voiceovers. Nevertheless, the beauty in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is seeing how much fun Pitt and Jolie are having when the script calls for nothing to do but grab a gun and look good shooting blanks. Director Liman has a flair for the dramatic and when these actors go at it, fighting wise, they go for broke. Never have I seen a woman or man, take the best hit from Brad "Fight Club" Pitt, and make it through the day. Music also plays a part as every song practically has something to with love like "Love will keep us together". During the car chase when Pitt and Jolie are revealing some hidden truth, it's funny to see him sing Air Supply's "Making Love Out of Nothing at All". These are some of the things that make this film lighthearted. It's no "Prizzi's Honor". It's way more explosive and exciting.