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January 2005

By Tonisha Johnson

Mary J. Blige - Live in Los Angeles


Lights. Camera. Action!

Make no mistake. Mary lets the crowd know first hand that she ainıt like everyone else. She will not subject her style, her music, or herself for a dollar. For what is hot right now. Nothing but the real. And thatıs what you can expect every time from her.

White gloves, pimp hat, backed by 4 female dancers Mary takes you back to the Hip Hop steps in ³You Remind Me² from the first album titled, Mary, a raw introduction to the unique world where in lies Mary J. 

Time hasnıt changed her. Classic blond hair, big earring style lasts a lifetime. Which she still rocks on any given occasion and pairs nicely with her hip hop rhythm and blues type songs that make you shake your head while rocking back & forth. She has that affect on people.

Videos featuring The Notorious B.I.G and Lil Kim accompany ³I Can Love You Better.² As the dancers in the background along with Mary hit you off with old joints including ³Real Love² and ³You donıt have to worry.²

There are few artists who can still take some of there old songs and perform them live in current up-to-date audiences without either not getting a response or not doing them at all. Not Mary. Each song is classic. And no matter where you are or where youıve been any one can identify and relate to a Mary song, ³I got know choice. I came too far to put my head down², - Mary J. Blige.

And as simple and plain as that statement; Mary makes constant reference to her life in each song, head shake and hand movement. Her songs are a window into a continuing hurtful past that she still faces and is determined to get right in her head and heart.

In this DVD you can find tons of extraıs including a performance done in 70s style with bright colors and black images multiplying to many as Mary sings ³Free² in video form.

Clips & Stuff w/the setup of the show, bits and pieces of the tour and personal conversations with Mary.

24 songs of Mary.

Behind the scenes Mary.

Up Close and Personal Mary.