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April 2005
Week of April 25th through April 29th

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Latest Additions:
Denzel Washington News

Washington signs on to "Deja Vu".

XXX: State of the Union: Cast Interviews

Ice Cube
Samuel L. Jackson

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: An Interview with Zooey Deschanel

Deschanel talks about her character and the book.

Superman Returns: A First Look

Here's a look at the newest Superman.

2005 Tribeca Film Festival Notable Selections

Ned Neo
Long Distance

King's Ransom: Cast Interviews

Anthony Anderson
Jeff Byrd

The Golden Blaze: An Interview with Blair Underwood

Underwood is playing the superhero dad in the animated film, and he spoke about why he chose this project and what else he has on the horizon.

A Lot Like Love: An Interview with Ashton Kutcher & Amanda Peet

Kutcher and Peet recently sat down together to discuss the upcoming project, and fielded a few questions about their own lot-like-love lives at the same time.

Tyrese News

Tyrese goes deep with Focus Features.

Aisha Tyler News

Tyler goes to Hell's Kitchen.

Chi McBride News

McBride joins Prison film.

Wanda Sykes News

Sykes joins Bruce Willis in animation feature.

The 12th New York African Film Festival

Festival runs from April 20-28

State Property II: An Interview with Damon Dash

Damon Dash talks about directing and acting in his own film.

Dukes of Hazzard

Set Visit Report: Jessica Simpson speaks.

Four Brothers

Writer Julian Roman goes to Toronto to talk to the cast while on the set.

The Amityville Horror: An Interview with Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds goes over his character and talks about shedding his image to gain new respect in this business.

House of D: Cast Interviews

Robin Williams
David Duchovny

Forest Whitaker News

Whitaker to play Idi Amin.

Blair Underwood News

Underwood to star in Tyler Perry's next film.

Alfre Woodard News

Desperate Housewives adds a sista to the mix.

African Film Commision

New Yorker Yor-El Francis wins top award.

Beyonce News

Beyonce is a dreamgirl.

42.4 percent: Set Visit Report

Allain talked about the making of “42.4 percent” as well as being a black female producer in the film business.

Anthony Anderson News

Anderson may be tapped to play the Notorious B.I.G.

Thomas Carter News

Carter ready to direct "Freedom House".

Sahara: An Interview with Glynn Thurman

Glynn Thurman discusses his role and working in the desert of this action adventure film.

Nick Cannon News

Cannon does a film for Will Smith.

Terence Howard News

Howard and Hornsby joins "50 Cent" in Locked and Loaded.

Denzel Washington News

Denzel and Spike together again with "Inside Man".

April 2005 DVD Releases
Jay-Z's music shines on the small screen as Fade to Black comes on DVD this week..

Morgan Freeman News

Ben Ramsey to write film for Morgan Freeman.

Beauty Shop : Cast Interviews
Queen Latifah

Beauty Shop: The Cast and Crew (Director and Writers)

Sin City Interviews

At a recent press conference in LA, Director Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Benicio Del Toro spoke about their roles and the experience on working on “Sin City”.

Will Smith Video

Will Smith performs while promoting the film HITCH.

Guess Who : Cast Interviews
Bernie Mac
Ashton Kutcher
Judith Scott
Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Miss Congeniality 2: Cast Interviews
Sandra Bullock
Regina King

D.E.B.S.: An Interview with Meagan Good and Jill Ritchie

Good and her co-star Jill Ritchie recently spoke to discuss her latest role, her camaraderie with her female co-stars, and taking charge of her career.

Guess Who : Cast Interviews
Bernie Mac
Ashton Kutcher

Melinda and Melinda: Cast Interviews
Woody Allen
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Chloe Sevigny

Sometimes in April : Cast Interviews
Idris Elba
Ice Princess : Cast Interviews
Michelle Trachtenberg
Joan Cusack
In My Country: Cast Interviews
Samuel L. Jackson
Juliette Binoche

Robots: Cast Interviews
Robin Williams
Amanda Bynes

Be Cool : Cast Interviews
John Travolta
Uma Thurman
Andre Benjiman
The Rock
Christina Millian
F.Gary Gray

The Pacifier: An Interview with Vin Diesel

Diesel recently spoke about his departure from the genre he worked so hard to rule (if only temporarily), and explained how much of a thrill it was to trade barbs- rather than barbells- with a motley crew of children.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman: Cast Interviews
Kimberley Elise
Shemar Moore
Tyler Perry

Miracle's Boys: Cast and Director Interviews

Constantine: Cast Interviews
Keanu Reeves
Djimon Hounsou
Rachel Weisz

Because of Winn-Dixie: An Interview with Cicely Tyson
Tyson discuses the film, her collaboration with stars past, present, and future, and her legacy as an actress who has left a mark as much in real life as on the silver screen.

Son of the Mask: An Interview with Alan Cumming

Ong Bak: An Interview with Tony Jaa
Tony Jaa not only talked about how the role came about for him but he demonstrated some of his fighting skills.

Aliens of the Deep: An Interview with James Cameron
Cameron discusses his latest return to the sea, the future of 3-D filmmaking, and his next project, the fictional film “Battle Angel".

Hustle and Flow: An Interview with Director Craig Brewer
Director Craig Brewer talks about hooking up John Singleton on his film.

Are We There Yet?: Cast Interviews
Ice Cube
Nia Long

Assault on Precinct 13: Cast Interviews
Ethan Hawke
Ja Rule
John Leguizamo

Coach Carter : Cast Interviews
Samuel L. Jackson

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
The Brothers Grimm

Ghost Rider
Cry Wolf
The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl In 3-D
A Scanner Darkly
Akeelah and the Bee
The Tenants
Red Eye
State Property 2: Philly Streets
Herbie: Fully Loaded
The Chumscrubber
Miss Congeniality

The Amityville Horror
XXX: State of the Union *Exclusive Photos Added
Hustle and Flow
Batman Begins
Dying for Dolly
Bigger than the Sky
The Interpreter
War Of The Worlds
Aeon Flux
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith
The Man

Into the Blue (*New Pictures Added)

Guess Who?

Carlito's Way
White Noise
King's Ransom

Monster in Law
Underworld: Evolution
Roll Bounce
Assault on Precinct 13
The Cave
Melinda and Melinda
The Phantom of the Opera
The Pacifier
Pink Panther

Meet the Fockers
Sin City

An Unfinished Life
Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Million Dollar Baby
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Beauty Shop
Be Cool
Coach Carter
Fat Albert
Are We There Yet?
Ocean's Twelve
After the Sunset
Blade Trinity
The Fantastic Four
Racing Stripes

Hotel Rwanda

The Woodsman

Seed of Chucky



Latest Additions:
Alicia Keys News

Alicia Keys gets into the film business with Halle Berry.

Wonder Woman News

Wonder Woman comes to the big screen.

First Look: Sin City

Michael Clarke Duncan joins Bruce Willis, Clive Owens, and Jessica Alba in this film directed by Robert Rodrigues.

Spring Preview 2005

Here's a look at what's ahead in the next few months

Antoine Fuqua News

Fugua directing Mel Gibson's "Under and Alone".

March 2005 DVD Releases
Oscar winner for Best Animated Film, The Incredibles makes its DVD debut this week.

A Night of Color

Here's a look at who attended the Oscars.

The Oscar Winners

Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman take home the gold as Million Dollar Baby wins Best Picture.

Roll Bounce

Take a look at the trailer of Roll Bounce directed by Malcolm D. Lee and starring Bow Wow.


Take a look at the trailer featuring Don Cheadle, Larenz Tate, Terrence D. Howard, Sandra Bullock, and Thandie Newton.


Here are some exclusive shots of Morgan Freeman, LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake, and Kevin Spacey.

Ice Cube News

Ice Cube takes on a Cary Grant role.

Will Smith News

Will Smith wants to be a superhero.

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

A slew of photos are now online.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman Exclusive Clip
Here's an EXCLUSIVE clip on film based on hit play.

The Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival.

Four Brother Update
Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson join Tyress in John Singleton's Four Brothers.

Actor-activist Ossie Davis dies at 87 (February 4, 2005)
Actor-activist Ossie Davis dies at 87.

Black History Month
Here's a lineup of what's on TV and on DVD to honor the Black History Month.

2005 Sundance Winners
Forty Shades of Blue wins the top award.

January 2005 DVD Releases
The month begins with an RAY,  MULAN II,  MR.3000, THE GRUDGE, SHE HATE ME, and SHALL WE DANCE.

Here are 5 clips of Will Smith and Eva Mendes.

The 2005 Academy Award Nominees

Along with Ray nominated for Best Picture, Foxx, Freeman,  Cheadle, and Sophie Okonedo have received Oscar nominations for acting,
Roll Bounce
Here's an exclusive look at the poster for Malcolm D. Lee's film starring Bow Wow.

2004 Golden Globe Winners
Jamie Foxx takes Best Actor Honors at the Golden Globes.

The Honeymooners
BET has the first look at the urban version featuring Cedrid, Mike Epps, Gabriel Union and Regina Hall.

Pan American Film Festival
Halle Berry's Lackawanna Blues is the Opening Night Film.

Online Film Critics Society Awards(OFCS)

Best of Black 2004
Take a look back at the films and talent that were around in 2004.

January 2005 DVD Releases
The new year begins with Paul Winfield, Damon Wayons, Mark Curry, and Brad Pitt on the small screen.

V Is for Vendetta
V Is for Vendetta announcement: Natalie Portman takes the lead role.

African American Film Critics Association Announcement
AAFCA has chosen "Ray" as the top film of 2004.

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