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March 2005
First Look: Madison

First Look: Madison

Release Date: April 22, 2005
Distributor: MGM
Director: William Bindley
Producer: William Bindley and Martin Wiley
Screenwriters: William Bindley & Scott Bindley
Cast: Jake Lloyd, Mary McCormack, Jim Caviezel, Bruce Dern, Reed Diamond, Richard Lee Jackson, Paul Dooley

Synopsis: (from allmovie.com)
Based upon a true story, Madison is a father-son drama based on the highly publicized efforts in Madison, IN, during the hydroplane racing season of 1971. Jim McCormick (James Caviezel) has left behind his life of hydroplane boat racing to settle down and start a family and take a job as an air-conditioner repairman. Though he tries to embrace his new life, he still longs for his racing days, and the boat has become the town laughing stock. The town has also experienced harsh financial strain and the rich corporate sponsors of Jim's competitors have stolen the spotlight again and again. The town of Madison is suddenly asked to host the prestigious Gold Cup championship, and Jim cannot resist, though the town is far less supportive. Jim rallies the community for support in an attempt to bring the pride back to it, though his wife, Bonnie (Mary McCormack), is eager to move to the big city and out of the doldrums of Madison, and his son, Mike (Jake Lloyd), has become disillusioned with the idea of the boat races and watching the larger contenders win every time. But Jim stubbornly presses on and soon is permitted to play again with the big boys.

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