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November 2004
First Look: Million Dollar Baby


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EXCLUSIVE First Look: Million Dollar Baby

Release Date: December 17, 2004 (limited), January 21, 2005 (wide)
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Director: Clint Eastwood
Producers: Tom Rosenberg, Albert S. Ruddy, Clint Eastwood, and Paul Haggis; based on the book by F.X Toole
Screenwriter: Paul Haggis
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Hilary Swank, Anthony Mackie, Jay Baruchel, Christina Cox, Kimberly Estrada

In the wake of a painful estrangement from his daughter, boxing trainer Frankie Dunn (CLINT EASTWOOD) has been unwilling to let himself get close to anyone for a very long time - then Maggie Fitzgerald (HILARY SWANK) walks into his gym.  In a life of constant struggle, Maggie's gotten herself this far on raw talent, unshakable focus and a tremendous force of will.  But more than anything, she wants someone to believe in her.  The last thing Frankie needs is that kind of responsibility - let alone that kind of risk - but won over by Maggie's sheer determination, he begrudgingly agrees to take her on.  In turns exasperating and inspiring each other, the two come to discover that they share a common spirit that transcends the pain and loss of their pasts, and they find in each other a sense of family they lost long ago.  Yet, they will both face a battle that will demand more heart and courage than any they've ever known.

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