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April 2004
Week of April 5th thru April 9th

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Latest Additions:
Bon Voyage: An Interview with Jean-Paul Rappeneau & Virginie Ledoyen
I recently had the honor of interviewing its renowned director, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, and star, Virginie Ledoyen, in New York City.

DVD Releases
Lots of goodies come out on DVD this week.
Taking Lives : Cast Interviews

Angelina Jolie
Ethan Hawke

Dawn of the Dead: An Interview with Ving Rhames
His persona as the tough-minded no-nonsense brother will once again be displayed in his latest film, the remake to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, where Ving plays a cop named Kenneth. Ving talks about generating fear from this film and what gets him going as an actor.

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London : Cast Interviews

Anthony Anderson
Frankie Muniz
Spartan: An Interview with Val Kilmer
Kilmer talked about working with David Mamet and doing some training for the film.
By Tonisha Johnson
James' Journey to Jerusalem: An Interview with Ra' anan Alexandrowicz & Siyabonga Melongisi Shibe
The filmmaker and actor talk about filming in Israel.
By Wilson Morales
Starsky & Hutch: Cast Interviews
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson
Snoop Dogg

Hidalgo: An Interview with Viggo Mortensen
Mortensen spoke to Blackfilm.com about making the film, honoring the beautiful animals on whose back he relives Hopkins' legend, and dealing with the windfall of publicity he's endured in recent years as the star of one of Hollywood's biggest film series of all time.

DVD Releases
If you are in the mood for romance, then ALL ABOUT YOU is the film to rent.
Sneak Peak: Breakin' All The Rules
Take a peak at Jamie Foxx's next film.
A Black Woman Speaks : An Interview with Lisa Gay Hamilton
Ms. Hamilton spoke about her reasons for capturing a legend on film.

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights : Cast Interviews
Diego Luna
Romola Garai

AGAINST THE ROPES : Cast Interviews
Charles Dutton
Omar Epps

Sneak Peak: Johnson Family Vacation
Thanks to the folks over at Fox Searchlight, we have our first peak at Cedric the Entertainer's lastest film, JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION. According to Greg's Preview on Yahoo!, here are some notes on the film.

By Wilson Morales

Drowning Crow: An Interview with Alfre Woodard
I recently spoke to Alfre during rehearsals as she prepares for this theater production.

By Wilson Morales

DVD Releases
Recent arrivals this week include the series that started the film.
DVD Releases
Lots of different flavors come out on DVD this week.

Barbershop 2: Back in Business - Cast Interviews
Ice Cube
Jazsmin Lewis

Celebrate Black History Month: Recommended Films
February is Black History Month and what better way to celebrate it than to rent out some classic films and other notable DVDs that will educate and entertain you and your family.

DVD Releases
A number of Oscar winners come to the small screen this week.

Miracle: An Interview with Kurt Russell
Russell spoke about inhabiting Brooks for this terrific new film, his rewarding- but often arduous- career path, and the prospect of being a new grandfather.

By Todd Gilchrist

The Dreamers (in Film)
Once you have been in "the game" for some years and have gained the respect from just about everyone who matters whether it's critics or film goers, then there's no limit to your filmmaking skills.

By Wilson Morales

You Got Served: An Interview with Christopher B. Stokes
Chris talked about fulfilling his dream of being a film director.

By Wilson Morales

The Perfect Score: Cast Interviews
Chris Evans
Erika Christensen

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton: An Interview with Kate Bosworth
Kate speaks celebrity crushes and illusions.

Prepared by Todd Gilchrist

The Butterfly Effect: An Interview with Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart
Both actors talked about the reasons they took on this film

Prepared by Todd Gilchrist

Torque: An Interview with Ice Cube
Of all the rappers who are in the film business from LL Cool J to Queen Latifah, no one has been more successful than Ice Cube.

Prepared by Alberlynne “Abby” Harris

My Baby's Daddy: An Interview with Anthony Anderson
If there's anyone in this business who has elevated his game and is worth watching on the big screen, it's Anthony Anderson

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Cuba: An Island of Music: An Interview with Director Gary Keys
Just when you thought there was all to know about Cuba through film documentaries about Fidel Castro and the acclaimed film "The Buena Vista Social Club", there's more to come.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Along Came Polly: An Interview with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston
Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston speak about the physical challenges in this romantic comedy.

Prepared by Todd Gilchrist

Top Ten Films of 2003
Of the many films I have seen this year (over 250), these are the films I thought were the best of 2003.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

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Latest Additions:
Sneak Peak: Never Die Alone
Thanks to the folks over at Fox Searchlight, we have our first peak at DMX's lastest film, NEVER DIE ALONE.

DVD Releases
Females dominate this week's DVD releases as a slew of them represent a romantic film, a thriller, an adolescent film, and a TV reality show.

By Wilson Morales

blackfilm.com would like to recognize the black talent who made a contribution to the film industry this year.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

DVD Releases
Coming out this week on DVD are some film favorites and the sequel to a blockbuster.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Black Film Critics Unite
African American journalists from the print, online and broadcast arenas announce the formation of the African American Film Critics Association.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

The African American Film Critics Association Top Ten List
The African American Film Critics Association Select The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King As The Top Film Of 2003.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

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