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March 2004
DVD Releases

Compiled by Wilson Morales

Lots of goodies come out on DVD this week. Bille Woodruff made his film debut last year with HONEY and now it's out for all to rent or buy. Watch how Jessica Alba and Joy Bryant dazzled you with some electrifying dance moves. Perhaps the most underrated actor last year not to be nominated was Chiwetel Ejiofor, whose performance in DIRTY PRETTY THINGS was the best thing in the film. While Angelina Jolie is currently on the big screen with her latest film, "Taking Lives", her last film had her saving lives and finding love overseas with Clive Owen in BEYOND BORDERS. In her first starring vehicle since winning the Oscar for Best Actress, Halle Berry made a hit with the psychological thriller GOTHIKA. When not he's not wrestling, he's acting, and when he does so, The Rock still displays the skills he has shown us while in the ring and in THE RUNDOWN, he crosses the jungle with Seann William Scott and Rosario Dawson. And finally the comedians take over, as the one of the greatest comedians ever, Richard Pryor, has his TV show of the same name out on the DVD for the first time, while TV's comedy series, WILL & GRACE comes out with the complete second season.

  • Starring: Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen, Teri Polo, & Noah Emmerich

    • Director: Martin Campbell
    • Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
    • Rated: R Not for sale to persons under age 18.
    • Studio: Paramount Home Video
    • DVD Release Date: March 23, 2004
    • Summary: Beyond Borders is an epic tale of the turbulent romance between two star-crossed lovers set against the backdrop of the world's most dangerous hot spots. Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie stars as Sarah Jordan, an American living in London in 1984. She is married to Henry Bauford (Linus Roache) son of a wealthy British industrialist, when she encounters Nick Callahan (Clive Owen) a renegade doctor, whose impassioned plea for help to support his relief efforts in war-torn Africa moves her deeply. As a result, Sarah embarks upon a journey of discovery that leads to danger, heartbreak and romance in the far corners of the world.
    • DVD Features:
      • Commentary by director Martin Campbell and Producer Lloyd Phillips
      • Behind the Lines: The Making of Beyond Borders, Part 1
      • Behind the Lines: The Making of Beyond Borders, Part 2
      • The Writing of Beyond Borders: A Conversation with Screenwriter Caspian Tredwell-Owen
      • Angelina: Goodwill Ambassador
      • Widescreen anamorphic format
      • Cast Interview - Clive Owen - http://www.blackfilm.com/20031024/features/cliveowens.shtml

  • Starring: Audrey Tautou, Chiwetel Ejiofor, & Sergo Lopez

    • Director: Stephen Frears
    • Format: Color
    • Rated: R Not for sale to persons under age 18.
    • Studio: Miramax Films
    • DVD Release Date: March 23, 2004
    • Summary: When an illegal Nigerian immigrant (Ejiofor) working as a night porter at a posh London hotel stumbles across evidence of a bizarre murder (which may involve a famous surgeon), he teams up with a Turkish chambermaid (Tautou), and a Chinese prostitute (Okonedo) to solve the crime.
    • DVD Features:

    • Starring: Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr., Charles Dutton, & Penelope Cruz
    • Director: Mathiey Kassovitz Mathieu Kassovitz
    • Format: Color, Dolby
    • Rated: R Not for sale to persons under age 18.
    • Studio: Warner Home Video
    • DVD Release Date: March 23, 2004
    • Summary: A Criminal psychologist awakens to find herself a patient in her own institution with no memory of the murder she's apparently committed. as she struggles to reclaim her sanity, she finds herself he pawn of a vengeful spirit.

  • Starring: Jessica Alba, Lil' Romeo, Joy Bryant, Mekhi Phifer, & Missy Elliot

    • Director: Bille Woodruff
    • Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
    • Rated: R
    • Studio: Universal Studios
    • DVD Release Date: March 23, 2004
    • Summary:

      In Universal Pictures’ Honey, Jessica Alba (television’s Dark Angel) stars as Honey Daniels, a dancer and choreographer working as a bartender and record store clerk until she gets that one break. When she finally succeeds, it feels too good to be true. And it is – until Honey gets a new dream fuelled by the exuberant energy of a group of neighborhood kids who bring her back to the sheer joy of letting it all out on the dance floor.

      Honey also stars Lil’ Romeo, winner of the 2001 Billboard Music Awards for “Rap Artist of the Year,” as Benny, a kid who needs a break even more than Honey does. Mekhi Phifer (8 Mile) portrays Chaz, a good guy with the connections that count. The young, high-energy cast also includes David Moscow, Zachary Williams, Joy Bryant and Lonette McKee, with cameo appearances by hip hop/R&B stars Missy Elliot, Ginuwine, Third Story, Sean Desmond, Tweet, and Jadakiss and Sheek of the L.O.X.

    • DVD Features:
      • Commentary by director Bille Woodruff and actress Jessica Alba
      • Deleted scenes
      • Outtakes
      • Make Your Move: Dance Like Honey
      • 2 exclusive music videos plus a behind the scenes look the making of one
      • "The Making of Honey"
      • Widescreen anamorphic format
      • Cast Interviews - Joy Bryant - http://www.blackfilm.com/20031128/features/joybryant.shtml
      Jessica Alba - http://www.blackfilm.com/20031128/features/jessicaalba.shtml
    • Bille Woodruff - http://www.blackfilm.com/20031128/features/billiewoodruff.shtml

    • Starring: Richard Pryor
    • Format: Color, Box set
    • Rated: NR
    • Studio: Image Entertainment
    • DVD Release Date: March 23, 2004
    • DVD Features:
      • Number of discs: 3

  • Starring: The Rock, Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken, & Rosario Dawson

    • Director: Peter Berg
    • Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
    • Rated: R
    • Studio: Umvd
    • DVD Release Date: March 23, 2004
    • Summary: When Travis (Scott), the son of an underworld kingpin, disappears in the Amazon in search of a priceless artifact, Beck (Rock), the kingpin's retrieval expert, is sent to get him. Despite their hostility - and their love for the same woman (Dawson) - the two must eventually join forces to fight the evil head (Walken) of a gold-mining corporation who is after the same treasure.
    • DVD Features:
      • Deleted scenes
      • "Rumble in the Jungle" featurette on stunts and fight scenes
      • "Appetite for Destruction" featurette on the visual effects
      • "The Amazon, Hawaii Style" featurette on location
      • and more
      • Widescreen anamorphic format

    • Starring: Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, & Megan Mullaly
    • Format: Color
    • Rated: Unrated
    • Studio: Lions Gate Home Ente
    • DVD Release Date: March 23, 2004
    • Summary: Will (Eric McCormack), a gay lawyer, and Grace (Deborah Messing), a straight interior designer, are best friends. When Grace's engagement falls apart, she moves into Will's Manhattan apartment as a temporary solution. But before they know it, they have become roommates in a much more permanent sense. Will's flamboyant pal, Jack (Sean Hayes), and Grace's hard-drinking divorcee receptionist, Karen (Megan Mullally), ensure that Will and Grace's lives never get too quiet. This set includes all 23 episodes from Season Two of the wildly popular NBC-TV series.
    • DVD Features:
      • The Entire Second Season
      • All 23 Episodes
      • 4 Packed Discs
      • Exclusively Created Features and Outtakes from both Season One and Season Two
      • Themed Vignettes
      • Commentary by the Creators
      • Number of discs: 4


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