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PAYCHECK: An Interview with Joe Morton Joe talks about his role in the film and lasting in this industry as a character actor. 12/26/2003
Love Don't Cost a Thing: An Interview with Nick Cannon Nick speaks about his character in the film and getting folks to take his music seriously. 12/05/2003
Honey: An Interview with Jessica Alba Ms. Alba spoke about the rigors of learning the dance moves for the film. 11/28/2003
Honey: An Interview with Joy Bryant Joy talks about her character in Honey and giving back to her community. 11/28/2003
Honey: An Interview with Director Billie Woodruff Director Billie Woodruff talks about the difference between shooting a video and directing a film. 11/28/2003
Kill Bill : An Interview with The Rza The Rza briefly talks about working with QT on producing the soundtrack for Kill Bill. 10/17/2003
In The Cut: An Interview with Mark Ruffalo Mark talks about his role in this film and his feelings toward cops as well as his rise in Hollywood as a leading man. 10/17/2003
Civil Brand : An Interview with N'Bushe Wright The film has gone through some pains to get released, and N¹Bushe spoke to about it as well as her role in the film. 10/10/2003
Texas Chainsaw Massacre : An Interview with Jessica Biel Jessica speaks about her role as Erin in this film as well as her next role opposite Wesley Snipes in Blade: Trinity. 10/10/2003
Civil Brand: An Interview with N'Bushe Wright The film has gone through some pains to get released, and N¹Bushe spoke to about it as well as her role in the film. 10/10/2003
Kill Bill : An Interview with Vivica A. Fox Vivica tells us about her latest role in Kill Bill V.1, as well as her future career pursuits. 10/10/2003
Pieces of April: An Interview with Derek Luke Meeting him at the Regency Hotel recently, Derek spoke about his character in the film and the roles he¹s getting now. 10/10/2003
Intolerable Cruelty : An Interview with Cedric the Entertainer Cedric talks about his role in the film and his latest venture as a producer. 10/03/2003
The Station Agent : An Interview with Bobby Cannavale Bobby talks about his role here and his role opposite J-Lo in his next film. 10/03/2003
School of Rock : An Interview with Jack Black sat down with Mr. Black to find out just exactly how much rockin¹ went on both off and on the set, and to get the details onŠTenacious D, The Movie? 09/26/2003
Out of Time : An Interview with Denzel Washington In an interview with Denzel talks about the sex scenes in this film in relation to others he¹s had in other films. 09/26/2003
SNEAK PEEK!! Love Don't Cost a Thing: An Interview with Troy Beyer In an interview with, Troy Beyer talks about her latest film and the challenges of being a female director. 09/26/2003
Out of Time : An Interview with Sanaa Lathan In ³Out of Time², Sanaa plays an unhappy married woman who¹s having an affair with her high school sweetheart, played by Denzel. In an interview with, Sanaa Lathan talks about the sex scenes she had in the film. 09/26/2003
Underworld : An Interview with Kate Beckinsale Mixing the romantic element with the sci-fi genre, Kate is about to challenge Carrie-Anne Moss (of the Matrix films) in the costume dept. with her latest film. In an interview with, Kate Beckinsale talks about her role in ³Underworld² and working with her fiancé on the film. 09/19/2003
Under the Tuscan Sun : An Interview with Diane Lane In her first film since "Unfaithful", Diane is again ready to capture the hearts of many as she plays a woman in search for true love. In an interview with, Diane Lane talks about her latest film, ³Under the Tuscan Sun² and her new course in life (better roles, romance). 09/19/2003
The Rundown : An Interview with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) In an interview with, The Rock talks about making the transition from wrestling to acting. 09/19/2003
Cabin Fever : An Interview with Eli Roth There¹s a big interest building and more horror films will be coming. Eli Roth is a young director who wants to capitalize on this market. He¹s a big fan of the genre and he¹s has his own film coming out. In an interview with, Eli Roth talks about his new film Cabin Fever and the state of horror films in this market. 09/12/2003
The Fighting Temptations : An Interview with Cuba Gooding, Jr. In an interview with, Cuba talks about his role and working with Beyonce Knowles in The Fighting Temptations. 09/12/2003
The Fighting Temptations : An Interview with Beyonce Knowles In an interview with, Beyonce Knowles talks about her role in The Fighting Temptations and being part of a talented cast with Cuba Gooding Jr., Omar Epps, and Steve Harvey. 09/12/2003
The Fighting Temptations : An Interview with Producer Loretha Jones This amazing lady has produced a number of films that we have seen on the big screen such as She¹s gotta have it, B.A.P.S, The Five Heartbeats and more recently Martin Lawrence¹s Runteldat. In an interview with, Loretha Jones talks about her latest vehicle, The Fighting Temptations. 09/12/2003
Once Upon a Time in Mexico: An Interview with Antonio Banderas Coming out in theaters on Sept. 12th will be his next collaboration with Robert Rodriguez, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the follow up to ³Desperado² and ³El Mariachi². In an interview with, Banderas talks extensively about the film and his upcoming projects. 09/05/2003
Lost in Translation: An Interview with Sofia Coppola After generating a positive buzz through the industry from those who have seen the film and receiving a warm welcome recently at the Venice Film Festival, it¹s safe to say the Sofia is well on her way to being known for her work as a director than being part of a talented family. In an interview with, Ms. Coppola talks about making of ³Lost in Translation². 09/05/2003
Matchstick Men: An Interview with Director Ridley Scott Here¹s a guy who went from directing a female driven film (Thelma and Louise) to an epic (Gladiator) to an action film (Black Hawk Down) and also a sci-fi (Alien). In an interview with, Director Ridley Scott talks about his latest film, Matchstick Men, and a few other projects lined up. 09/05/2003
Dickie Robert : Former Child Star : An Interview with David Spade While David has been in a number of films (Lost & Found, Joe Dirt), none of them has really put him over the top. That may change with his latest film, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, where he also got the chance to co-write the script. In an interview with, David Spade talks about the process of making the film. 09/05/2003
Jeepers Creepers 2: An Interview with Eric Nenninger, Al Santos, & Gariyaki Mutambirwa In an interview with, three of the actors talked about their experiences on making the film. 08/29/2003
Civil Brand: An Interview with LisaRaye and MC Lite In an interview with, both ladies sat down to briefly discuss their experience on filming Civil Brand.
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Civil Brand : An Interview with Neema Barnett Neema spent three laborious years seeing Civil Brand through to completion and it will hit the screens on Friday August 29th. Very recently, Neema and I met at the Meridian Hotel in Beverly Hills to discuss her film. 08/22/2003
Freddy vs. Jason : An Interview with Kelly Rowland In an interview with, Niambi Sims talks to Ms. Rowland and gets all the juicy details about her experience with the two icons of fear. 08/22/2003
Uptown Girls : An Interview with Donald Adeosun Faison In an interview with, Donald and I met at The Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills to chat about his latest film, Uptown Girls. 08/15/2003
American Wedding: An Interview with Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan Together again for the third time, Jason and Alyson reprise their roles as Jim and Michelle in ³American Wedding², in which their characters are set to get married. In an interview with, both actors spoke about getting back into the roles. 08/01/2003
S.W.A.T. : An Interview with Director Clark Johnson In an interview with, Clark Johnson talks about his theatrical film debut as a director with ³S.W.A.T². 08/01/2003
Lara Croft Tomb Raider : The Cradle of Life : An Interview with Djimon Hounson Most recently, he appeared with a slew of African-Americans in Biker Boyz, and in an interview with, Djimon talks about his role in his latest film, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. 07/25/2003
Bad Boys II : An Interview with Will Smith After branching out and getting an Oscar nomination for his role in ³Ali² and doing the sequel to ³Men in Black² last year, Will Smith has gotten together with Martin Lawrence once again to reprise his role as Mike Lowrey in ³Bad Boys II². In an interview with, Will Smith talks about the jokes and violence in this film that¹s different from the original film. 07/18/2003
Lara Croft Tomb Raider : The Cradle of Life : An Interview with Angelina Jolie In an interview with, Angelina Jolie talks about reprising her role as Lara Croft in ³Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" as well as handling life being a single mom. 07/18/2003
Bad Boys II : An Interview with Martin Lawrence Teaming up with Will Smith once again, Martin Lawrence reprises his role as Marcus Burnett in ³Bad Boys II². In an interview with, Martin talks briefly about what gets him going. 07/18/2003
Bad Boys II : An Interview with Gabrielle Union I sat down with Gabrielle Union recently to talk about her stunts in Bad Boys II, her affection for Krispy Kremes and representin¹ on Friends. 07/18/2003
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen : An Interview with Shane West In an interview with, Shane talks about being Tom Sawyer in his latest film, ³The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen² and hanging with the legend Sean Connery. 07/11/2003
Sneak Peek : Scary Movie 3 : A Q&A with Queen Latifah On the heels of her blockbuster film, ³Bringing Down the House² and an Oscar nomination for her role in ³Chicago², Queen Latifah has just been added to the cast of ³Scary Movie 3². the set of the film, Queen Latifah spoke briefly about her role in the film. 07/04/2003
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines : An Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger In what some may a comeback performance, Arnold returns to the role that started it all for him in ³T3: Rise of the Machines.² In an interview with, Arnold talks about his feelings towards the film and his thoughts on getting into politics. 07/04/2003
Why We Make Movies: A review and a conversation with the author George Alexander Why We Make Movies is a classic that all filmmakers and those curious about the industry should have on their coffee table. Indeed, this is a ³movie makers² dream‹an encyclopedia for others. 06/27/2003
Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle : An Interview with Bernie Mac Earlier this year, Bernie starred along with Chris Rock in ³Head of State² and now replacing Bill Murray in ³Charlie¹s Angels: Full Throttle². In an interview with, Bernie Mac talks about his career and his experience working on the film. 06/27/2003
The Hulk : An Interview with Director Ang Lee With most of the Marvel comic book characters (Spiderman, X-Men, Daredevil) coming to the big screen nowadays and becoming blockbusters with sequels pending, it was inevitable that the best and strongest character out of that bunch would make his debut on screen. In an interview with, Director Lee talks about directing The Hulk and casting Eric Bana in the lead role. 06/20/2003
Hollywood Homocide : An Interview with Harrison Ford Last year, he took a big risk in playing a Russian sea captain in K-19: The Widowmaker and lost. The film tanked at the box office. Now, he¹s taking another big risk and that is being in a comedy film and in a buddy movie. In an interview with, Harrison Ford talks about his role in the comedy film, Hollywood Homicide and being on "low mileage" in the business. 06/20/2003
Manito: An Interview with Director Eric Eason and Actor Frankie G. After spending some time on the festival circuit and garnering awards such as the Special Jury Prize at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and a $25K prize from American Express after receiving the emerging filmmaker award at the 2002 Tribeca Film Festival, ³Manito² is finally making its theatrical debut on June 13th. In an interview with, both Director Eric Eason and Actor Frankie G. spoke briefly on the film ³Manito² and their upcoming projects. 06/13/2003
2 Fast 2 Furious : An Interview with Tyrese Directed by John Singleton, his director on ³Baby Boy², Tyrese plays Roman Pearse, an ex-con who hooks up with his pal Brian O¹Connor on a police case. In an interview with, Tyrese talks about his role in ³2 Fast 2 Furious² and being in the film industry. 05/30/2003
2 Fast 2 Furious : An Interview with Director John Singleton In his first PG-13 film, John Singleton is directing ³2 Fast 2 Furious², the sequel to the blockbuster hit ³The Fast and the Furious². In an interview with, he talks about his input to the film and having musicians/ rappers in his films. 05/30/2003
The Italian Job : An Interview with Director F. Gary Grey Earlier this year, his long-delayed film ³A Man Apart² was finally released to tepid reviews. Time heals all wounds and with a few months gone by, he¹s back again on the big screen with his latest film, THE ITALIAN JOB. In an interview with, Director F. Gary Gray talks about how much fun he had making this film. 05/23/2003
Bruce Almighty : An Interview with Jim Carrey At a recent press conference, Jim Carrey spoke about working on his latest movie ³Bruce Almighty² and his feeling towards God. 05/23/2003
That's My Face : An Interview with Thomas Allen Harris BAMcinematek presents the U.S Theatrical Premiere of THAT¹S MY FACE (E minha cara) at BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn, NY. In an interview with, Director Thomas Allen Harris talks about the journey he has taken to get a wider audience to see his film. 05/23/2003
The Italian Job : An Interview with Mark Wahlberg In his latest film, The Italian Job, Mark Wahlberg plays Charlie Croker, a thief out to settle a score and undo a wrong. In an interview with, he talks about his experiences while working on the film. 05/23/2003
Down with Love : An Interview with Ewan McGregor In an interview with, Ewan McGregor talks about his role as Catcher Block in the film, Down With Love, directed by Peyton Reed (Bring It On). 05/16/2003
The Matrix Reloaded : An Interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith Personally recruited by the Wachowski Brothers, the character of Niobe was created just for her in Matrix Reloaded and the sequel to that film. In an interview with, Jada Pinkett-Smith talks about her role in both the film and the video game, The Animatrix. 05/16/2003
Daddy Day Care : An Interview with Regina King Later this summer, she will star with Reese Witherspoon in ³Legally Blonde 2² and is currently shooting ³Unchain My Heart: The Ray Charles story² with Jamie Fox. In an interview with, Regina King talks about her role in ³Daddy Day Care², her other projects, and the roles for black actresses in the industry. 05/09/2003
The Shape of Things : An Interview with Rachel Weisz Over a year ago, she played the part of Evelyn in Neil Labute¹s theatrical production of ³The Shape of Things², a play about the changes of couples in love. Neil has decided to make a film out of the play, and once again, Rachel Weisz is back to play the role she created. In an interview with, Rachel talks about the role she¹s at ease with. 05/09/2003
Bend it Like Beckham : An Interview with Parminder K. Nagra In "Bend It Like Beckham", Parminder K. Nagra plays one of the leads, Jess Bhamra, whose dream is to play soccer unbeknownst to her parents. In an interview with, Parminder talks about the film and the success it has received so far as the film expands nationwide in the United States. 05/09/2003
City of God : An Interview with Co-Director Katia Lund and Author Paolo Lins While in New York City for a benefit for We In Cinema, non-profit acting school in a favela in Rio Brazil, got a chance to speak to Co-Director of City of God, Katia Lund and the author of the book, Paula Lins to discuss merits of the films. 05/09/2003
X2 (X-Men United) : An Interview with Rebecca Romijin-Stamos The 5¹11 former supermodel Rebecca Romijin-Stamos is a statuesque beauty. Surprisingly she is very down to earth and refreshingly unpretentious. Married to former Full House star John Stamos, Rebecca sat down with writer Godfrey Powell, Jr. to discuss her upcoming role as Mystique in X-Men 2. 05/02/2003
X2 (X-Men United) : An Interview with Patrick Stewart In an interview with, Patrick Stewart talks about playing Prof. Charles Xavier in ³X2 (X-Men United).² 05/02/2003
An interview with Director Jeffrey Blitz and Co-Producer Sean Welch In an interview with, Director Jeffrey Blitz and Co-Producer Sean Welch talked about the process of making the documentary ³Spellbound.² 05/02/2003
The Real Cancun : An Interview with Paul and Jorell Paul and Jorell are not actors. They are participants in the film ³The Real Cancun², which is the first reality film on the big screen. In an interview with, they talked about the experiences while shooting the film. 05/02/2003
City of Ghosts : An Interview with Matt Dillon In an interview with, Matt Dillon talks about his film directorial debut with ³City of Ghosts², which was shot in Cambodia. 04/25/2003
Malibu's Most Wanted : An Interview with Anthony Anderson & Taye Diggs Who knew that Anthony Anderson and Taye Diggs could make such a hilarious comedic duo? In Malibu¹s Most Wanted, these two gifted actors create quite a few laugh-out-loud moments. 04/18/2003
Chasing Papi: An Interview with Roselyn Sanchez Currently gracing the screen in ³Boat Trip² and ³Basic², the gorgeous Roselyn Sanchez has another film coming out as she plays a buttoned up, repressed poetry loving lawyer in ³Chasing Papi². In an interview with, Roselyn fills us in on her role in the film, her salsa embarrassment and being Miss Puerto Rico Petite. 04/18/2003
Bulletproof Monk: An Interview with Seann William Scott In his first outing as a lead in a comedy-drama, Seann William Scott is paired with Chow Yun-Fat of ³Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon² in the action film Bulletproof Monk. In an interview with, Seann William Scott talks about the physical training he did for the film and trying to separate himself from Steve Stifler. 04/18/2003
A Mighty Wind : Interviews with Fred Willard and Bob Balaban Fred Willard and Bob Balaban are part of Christopher Guest¹s latest film, A MIGHTY WIND, which reunites actors from his previous films, ³Waiting for Guffman² and ³Best in Show². In an interview with, the two actors talked about their roles in the film. 04/18/2003
What a Girl Wants : An Interview with Amanda Baynes Amanda Bynes, who appeared in BIG FAT LIAR with Frankie Muniz, and stars in the Nickelodeon show WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT, is about a big splash on the big screen. In her first major role, she stars along with Colin Firth in WHAT A GIRL WANTS. In an interview with, Amanda Bynes talks about doing this film in Europe. 04/11/2003
Phone Booth : An Interview with Colin Farrell In an interview with, Colin talks about his impending fatherhood and reteaming with Director Schumacher on ³Phone Booth². 04/11/2003
A "Raye" of Light : An Interview with Lisa Raye sat down to speak with the beautiful, Lisa Raye while in Los Angeles on the ³Never Blend in Tour² promotions for Hennessey. 04/11/2003
DysFUNKtional Family : An Interview with Eddie Griffin The comedy concert film he has out is called DYSFUNKTIONAL FAMILY and in an interview with, Eddie Griffin talks about his chance to do his things and his role models. 04/04/2003
A Man Apart : An Interview with Vin Diesel Vin shows a softer and darker side in his latest film directed by F. Gary Gray (Friday, The Negotiator). In an interview with, Vin talks about his romantic side in ³A Man Apart². 03/28/2003
Basic : An Interview with John Travolta A few years ago, Travoltra played a character trying to solve a crime in The General¹s Daughter. Now he¹s back in a similar role with his latest film, Basic, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson, his co-star in Pulp Fiction. In an interview with, John Travoltra talks about his role in the film and why music inspires him. 03/28/2003
Head of State : An Interview with Bernie Mac In an interview with, Bernie Mac talks about his current projects and his thoughts on being President of the USA. 03/28/2003
The Core : An Interview with Hilary Swank In her latest film, The Core, Hilary Swank plays an astronaut who must become a ³terranaut² to save the Earth. In an interview with, Ms. Swank talks about her role in the film and her latest theater work. 03/28/2003
A Man Apart : An Interview with Director F. Gary Grey We haven¹t heard from Director F. Gary Gray in ³a minute². Well, he¹s been busy. Not only has he resurfaced, but he has 2 films due out this year, ³A Man Apart² and ³The Italian Job². In an interview with, Director F. Gary Gray speaks about his latest film ³A Man Apart² and the long process it took to get to the screen. 03/28/2003
A Man Apart : An Interview with Larenz Tate Earlier in January 2003, he had a supporting role in the ensemble film ³Biker Boyz² and now he teams up with Vin Diesel in Director F. Gary Gray¹s latest film, A Man Apart. In an interview with, Larenz talked his role in the film and his friendship with Vin Diesel. 03/28/2003
Head of State: An Interview with Director/Actor Chris Rock When it was time, HBO gave him the biggest break of his career, his own show, The Chris Rock Show. Now in his directorial film debut, Chris, along with some writers from his hit cable show, have him vying for President of the USA in Head of State. In an interview with, Chris talks about his role as a first time film director. 03/21/2003
An Interview with Alice Walker In an interview with, Famed Author Alice Walker talks the special edition DVD release of "The Color Purple". 03/21/2003
Dreamcatcher : An Interview with Morgan Freeman Once in a while, he would have a role we don¹t expect him to play. Such is the case with his film ³Dreamcatcher², based on the Stephen King novel. In an interview with, Morgan spoke to me about his character in the film. 03/21/2003
The Hunted : An Interview with Benecio Del Toro Two years after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in ³Traffic², Benecio Del Toro finally has a lead role. In an interview with, Benecio talks about his role in THE HUNTED and how he loves it when he doesn¹t get acting parts. 03/14/2003
Bend It Like Beckham : An Interview with Director Gurinder Chadha Already a hit overseas, this little film has topped the box office charts in England, South Africa, New Zealand, and is now coming over to the United States. In an interview with, Director Chadha talks about her latest film, Bend It Like Beckham. 03/14/2003
Tears of the Sun : An Interview with Director Antoine Fuqua In his new film, Tears of the Sun, he tackles a subject matter that hits close to home as the threat of war emerges. In an interview with, Director Antoine Fuqua talks about his latest film and how much realism he wanted the film to be. 03/07/2003
Bringing Down the House : An Interview with Queen Latifah In her biggest film role, Queen Latifah has a lead role opposite Steve Martin in ³Bringing Down the House². In an interview with, she talks about her Oscar nomination call and her choice to make her current film less offensive. 03/07/2003
Tears of the Sun : An Interview with Monica Bellucci Not only does she have a role opposite her husband Vincent Cassell in the controversial film ³Irreversible², she also stars in the latest film directed by Antoine Fuqua ³Tears of the Sun². By summer time, she will also star in the heavily anticipated ³Matrix Reloaded² with Keanu Reeves. In an interview with, Monica Belluci talks her role in ³Tears of the Sun² and her upcoming films. 03/07/2003
Cradle 2 the Grave : An Interview with Tom Arnold In his last film ³Exit Wounds² he established a huge rapport with the cast and with Anthony Anderson, that he was brought back to mesh with them again in his latest film Cradle 2 the Grave. In an interview with, Tom Arnold talks about being the ³honorary² brother in the film. 02/28/2003
Gods and Generals : An Interview with Robert Duvall Robert Duvall takes on the role of General Robert E. Lee in ³Gods and Generals², the prequel to ³Gettysburg². In an interview with at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC, he spoke about the connection to the famous leader and how Hollywood views war. 02/21/2003
Dark Blue : An Interview with Kurt Russell Kurt Russell sat down with to discuss his role in "Dark Blue" and continued success on the silver screen for himself and his family. 02/21/2003
Amandla! A Revolution in Four part Harmony: An Interview with Director Lee Hirsch The film is Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony and it was directed by a young man who spent 9 years of his life researching and gathering materials for a film that everybody should see and remember. In an interview with, Director Lee Hirsch discusses his passion for the film and the music. 02/21/2003
Deliver Us From Eva: Getting to Know Gary: A Conversation with Gary Hardwick Chatting with Gary was just short of mind-blowing. He¹s a conversationalist with a stream of consciousness flow. I especially found his comments about African-American films in the foreign market place worthy of note. I hope that the readers will too. 02/14/2003
Daredevil: An Interview with Michael Clarke Duncan Duncan stars as Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, a massively muscled underworld figure. In an interview with, Michael Clarke Duncan talks about the character that most comic book fans know is portrayed by a white man. 02/14/2003
Lockdown : An Interview with John Luessenhop and Gabriel Casseus After many years of political and financial hassles, the movie that everyone knows about but hasn't seen is finally coming out. Rainforest Pictures will be releasing Lockdown. This is an interview that initially aired on the site a few years ago when the film went the 5th Urbarworld Film Festival. 02/14/2003
Deliver us From Eva: An Interview with Gabrielle Union Talented actress Gabrielle Union is unquestionably on the rise! Here she shines her stellar light on and talks about her experience in her latest film Deliver Us From Eva. 02/07/2003
Deliver us From Eva: An Interview with LL Cool J He has always been looked upon as a sex symbol yet was never featured in a film with this status. Well, the time has come. talks to Uncle L about his first leading role in the film Deliver Us From Eva. 02/07/2003
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days : An Interview with Michael Michele In ³How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days² with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, Michael Michele plays Spears, an advertising account exec eager to do anything to land a big account. In a conversation with, Michael talks about the role and what types of films she really wants to do. 02/07/2003
Biker Boyz : An Interview with Reggie Bythewood Reggie Rock Bythewood made his directorial debut on the acclaimed independent feature Dancing in September. I had the opportunity to speak with Reggie about his latest film Biker Boyz, an action-packed contemporary Western on wheels, that explores the world of underground motorcycle clubs. 01/31/2003
Biker Boyz : An Interview with Derek Luke Derek Luke is on a roll and he¹s happy. I had the opportunity to speak with Derek about his latest starring role in the action-packed motorcycle film, Biker Boyz. 01/31/2003
Biker Boyz : An Interview with Laurence Fishburne In an interview with, Mr. Fishburne talks about the film BIKER BOYZ and his experiences riding on a bike. 01/27/2003
Kangaroo Jack : An Interview with Anthony Anderson & Jerry O¹Connell Anthony Anderson and Jerry O¹Connell sat down with to discuss their comedic friendship both on and off the set of their duo debut in Kangaroo Jack. 01/17/2003
Dave Chappelle's Got It Made It¹s "The Dave Chappelle Show". This 12-episode, half-hour sketch comedy series co-written with his partner Neal Brennan airs on Comedy Central January 22nd at 10:30pm. His "in your face" approach may be loved by some and despised by others. Nonetheless, it will force you to think about what issues society deems prevalent. 01/17/2003
African-American women in successful TV shows : An Interview with Wendy Raquel Robinson (of Fox¹s Cedric ³ The Entertainer² Presents sat with Wendy to discuss her career and the versatile characters she plays on FOX¹s Cedric "The Entertainer" Presents. 01/10/2003
African-American people in successful TV shows : An Interview with Scott Lawrence (of CBS¹s JAG) sat down with CBS JAG star, Scott Lawrence to discuss the impact that a black actor can have within a multicultural cast. 01/10/2003
Catch Me If You Can : An Interview with Steven Spielberg The film CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is a story about a boy who becomes a man by theft. It¹s also his first collaboration with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. In an interview with, Director Steven Spielberg talks about letting loose and how his own upbringing was a factor on the making of this film. 01/03/2003
The Hours - Moving Forward on My Own : An Interview with Nicole Kidman The Oscar buzz this year is for a role many may not recognize her in because her appearance is totally different. In a dream cast, Nicole is paired with Oscar Winner Meryl Streep and Julianna Moore in "The Hours. In an interview with, Ms. Kidman talks about how taking this role was good for her. 12/27/2002
Chicago - Respecting the Craft : An Interview with Queen Latifah In her latest film Chicago, based on the Broadway musical, Queen Latifah plays Mama Morton, the prison warden. This is a role for she just received a Golden Globe nomination. In an interview with, Queen Latifah talks the role and how blessed she feels to be in this business. 12/27/2002
2 Weeks Notice : An Interview with Sandra Bullock In an interview with, Actress Sandra Bullock talks her latest film 2 Weeks Notice, in which she also served as one of the producers. 12/20/2002
Antwone Fisher : An Interiew with Oscar Winner and Director Denzel Washington Denzel Washington is the perfect blend of artistry and intelligence and it was very cool to chat with him about Antwone Fisher, his directorial debut. 12/20/2002
Antwone Fisher : The Chosen One : An Interview with Derek Luke He conjures thoughts of Donny Hathaway¹s classic "To Be Young, Gifted and Black". A young man with big dreams and the fearless passion to move towards them - Derek Luke personifies that phrase. And I had the pleasure of chatting with him about his experience filming Antwone Fisher. 12/20/2002
Narc : A Whole New Game : An Interview with Ray Liotta Along with his wife Michelle Grace, he co-produced his latest film NARC and in an interview with, Ray talks about the leaps and bounds he took to get into character and get the film released. 12/20/2002
25th Hour : An Interiew with Spike Lee In an interview with, Director Spike Lee talks about shooting 25th Hour in New York City after 9/11. 12/20/2002
Drumline : Nick Cannon - A Young Man with a Mission Making his motion picture debut in DRUMLINE, from Twentieth Century Fox, Nick Cannon is about to propel himself directly into your hearts with his hip-hop class and firm understanding of art. 12/13/2002
Tat-TAT-Tat-TAT-Tat, TAT-Tat-TAT - BOOM! Drumline : Chatting with Director, Charles Stone III ³I consider filmmaking like this chaotic organism. We shot the film in 45 days and I tried to deliver a Œsort of¹ coming of age story full of emotion and spirit. Devin¹s character encompassed all of that.² 12/13/2002
Maid In Manhattan : What a Year! An Interview with Jennifer Lopez In an interview with, she talked about her role in the film and the year she¹s having so far. 12/13/2002
Analyze That : Trying Comedy : An Interview with Robert DeNiro At a recent press conference at the Essex Hotel in NYC, Mr. DeNiro talked about his role in Analyze That. 12/06/2002
Empire: It's Our Turn : An Interview with Director Franc Reyes In an interview with, Director Franc Reyes talks about the process of getting Empire made from a Latino perspective. 12/06/2002
Rabbit-Proof Fence : Let the Truth be Told : An Interview with Phillip Noyce In an interview with, Director Phillip Noyce talked about going back home to make this film. 11/27/2002
The Education of Sonny Carson : An Interview with Michael Campus In an interview with, Director Michael Campus spoke about the man who made a difference his story. 11/22/2002
8 Mile : One Shot : A Q&A with Eminem Not wanting to repeat the same answers to every reporter/ journalist who will ask the same questions, Eminem had us all in the same room and gave us his take to certain issues. 11/15/2002
Half Past Dead : An Interview with Morris Chestnut Morris Chestnut is the kind of guy your mother wants you to bring home. I had the chance to soak up some of his glow recently when we met to chat about his latest film Half Past Dead. 11/15/2002
Friday After Next : One on One with Marcus Raboy, Director So, I¹m chatting away with my new friend Trevor, getting my face beat, when Friday After Next Director, Marcus Raboy is escorted into the room. Busted, I play it cool and then, right on time, an impromptu sneeze breaks the air of weirdness 11/15/2002
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: A New Heir in England : An Interview with Daniel Radcliffe Only 12 years old, Daniel took the first of the Harry Potter films to new heights and he¹s now back for the next adventure in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 11/15/2002
Paid in Full : Coming Home : An Interview with Mekhi Phifer It¹s been less than ten years since Mekhi Phifer was first introduced in Spike Lee¹s CLOCKERS and today he follows a short list of African American actors who could have the lead role in independent and commercial films. 10/25/2002
Ghost Ship : Q&A with Isaiah Washington Niambi Sims of talks with him about his latest film Ghost Ship and discovers what really scares him! 10/25/2002
Red Dragon : An Interview with Ralph Fiennes In an interview with, Fiennes talked about making his character physically work on screen. 10/11/2002
Brown Sugar : Leader of the New School : An Interview with Taye Diggs In an interview with, Taye talks about his love for the film, his upcoming projects, and his love life. 10/11/2002
Brown Sugar : The New Diva of Black Cinema : An Interview with Sanaa Lathan In an interview with, Sanaa talks about working on her latest film ³Brown Sugar², breaks down her background and her decision to stay in this industry. 10/11/2002
Brown Sugar : The New Kid on the Block : An Interview with Boris Kodjoe In Rick Famuyiwa¹s latest film ³Brown Sugar². In an interview with, Boris talks his work on the film, and the craziest thing he¹s done for love. 10/11/2002
Crazy as Hell : An Interview with Eriq La Salle In his first role since leaving ER as Dr. Peter Benton, Eriq La Salle emerges as the devilish character, Satan, in his new film Crazy As Hell. 09/27/2002
Barbershop Group Interview : Bob Teitel & George Tillman (Producers), Don Scott (Writer) and Tim Story (Director) Refreshingly laid back, the Producers, Writer and Director of Barbershop seem to be taking in the excitement of their upcoming sure-fire hit with such candor that anyone in their presence can¹t help but delight in their accomplishment. 09/20/2002
An Interview with Djimon Hounsou In an interview with, Djimon talks about working with Heath and not being selective in choosing roles. 09/20/2002
Barbershop : An Interview with Eve With a small role in this summer¹s box office hit XXX and a big role in the upcoming Barbershop, it¹s clear that Eve¹s star has only just begun to shine. 09/20/2002
Barbershop : An Interview with Ice Cube With talent, focus and determination, Cube has successfully parlayed his hip-hop status into a vital cinematic career as both an actor and director, proving himself a considerable creative force. 09/20/2002
On His Own : An Interview with Michael B. Jordan In an interview with, Michael talks about the role that will somehow get him more recognition and respect. 09/13/2002
The Man with a Vision : An Interview with M. Night Shyamalan Now he's back with his new film, "Signs", which will no doubt bring an audience to full alert. In an interview with, M. Night Shyamalan speaks about his vision for "Signs". 08/23/2002
Undisputed : An Interview with Wesley Snipes Wesley Snipes sat with to discuss his most recent role and the successfulness of being a versatile actor in Hollywood. 08/23/2002
Undisputed : An Interview with Ving Rhames No stranger to hitting Œem hard from the silver screen, Ving Rhames provides audiences with an emotional gut punch in Undisputed. sat with Ving Rhames to discuss the film and his career as an actor. 08/23/2002
Serving Sara : An Interview with Director Reginald Hudlin recently sat with Reginald Hudlin, director of Serving Sara, to talk about his journey and this recent opportunity to add to his repertoire by working with such blockbuster talent as Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry. 08/23/2002
Serving Sara : An Interview with Cedric "The Entertainer" Moving straight ahead in his career, Cedric ³The Entertainer² sat with to discuss his comedic role in the upcoming movie ³Serving Sara² and provide us a sneak preview into his new fall season network variety show on Fox. 08/23/2002
An Interview with Vin Diesel A one-time bouncer, Vin Diesel is destined for super-stardom with the upcoming release of XXX. In person, Vin surpasses expectation, leaving skid marks on those that focus solely on his good looks and physical prowess and underestimate his drive, passion and intellect. 08/09/2002
Sam Jackson : The Man Sam Jackson exudes an air of balanced humility and confidence. He doesn¹t bother with the typical Hollywood fanfare ­ no entourage, no conceit. He¹s an accessible man with charisma and charm. We met in Beverly Hills to talk about his latest film XXX. 08/09/2002
Still Going Strong! An Interview with Martin Lawrence In an interview with, Martin talks about the difficulties of sharing his personal issues with an audience. 08/02/2002
David Arquette : Eight Legged Freaks When I saw the script I had several reactions; first, I was like ³wow²; here¹s a chance to play an action hero along side a set of really interesting characters 07/26/2002
An Interview with Harrison Ford After playing so many parts, he finally has his first film using an accent. In a recent conversation with, Mr. Ford discusses his latest role in "K-19: The Widowmaker." 07/19/2002
Morris Chestnut : Handling the Rock and Making Moves So when they sent me the script it was refreshing and it had some heartfelt moments in it and it was a fun family movie. Family movies have a history of making a lot of money. 07/19/2002
The Man In Black : An Interview with Will Smith In an interview with, Mr. Smith talks about Men in Black 2, his career, his music, and Michael Jackson. 07/12/2002
Kim Wayans and Tommy of Juwanna This romantic comedy directed by Jesse Vaughn is embossed with conflict, adventure and sports that shows what one will do when his passion is being threaten by the one thing he truly loves, SELF. 06/21/2002
Alice in Wonderland : An Interview with Mary Alice Her name may not be as famous as others may but her face and body of work is distinguishable. In a phone interview with Ms. Alice, who¹s currently in Australia filming the ³Matrix² sequels, she speaks to about her latest work in John Sayles¹ new film, ³Sunshine State.² 06/21/2002
Making it Happen : An Interview with Demane Davis, Co-director of Lift Being a filmmaker is not an easy occupation. Some go to school for it and others have learned through other avenue. Once you have completed shooting your first film, naturally you want the world to see it, but that¹s never an easy process. 06/21/2002
An Interview with Sundy Carter This Philly native packs a punch in appearance, drive and ambition. After a starring role in State Property, this young woman is just getting started. 06/14/2002
Still In The Game : An Interview with Chris Rock Unlike most comedians who get a shot at stardom on the big screen with a lead role such as Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and a few others, Chris Rock had to work hard before he was given a film to carry. 06/07/2002
In Good Hands with Bad Company : An interview with Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon What do Andie McDowell, Renee Russo, and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon have in common? All three actresses started their careers as models before they became well known for their acting roles. 06/07/2002
Undercover Brother : Eddie Griffith "You can have standup comedians, but you cannot handcuff us. It's when you let us go that the magic comes. All the rest, you can fit in." 06/07/2002
Ready for an Encore? An interview with Director Malcolm D. Lee Time has passed and Mr. Lee has spent the last year finishing his next picture Undercover Brother. This film is based on the web-animated series of the same name. 05/31/2002
Always Working : An Interview with Morgan Freeman After playing the lawyer working against the military government to free an innocent man in ³High Crimes², he now plays the opposite as a career military man in his latest film, The Sum of All Fears. In an interview with, Morgan shares his opinions on the film post 9/11. 05/31/2002
The Chosen One : An Interview with Ben Affleck It¹s never easy being the guy who¹s taking over the role made famous by two others. After proving he can handle the pressure of being the lead in big budgeted films like Pearl Harbor, Ben Affleck has the heavy task of being the new Jack Ryan from the books written by Tom Clancy. 05/31/2002
Hanging out with J-Lo : An interview with Jennifer Lopez Besides getting married, her last film "Angel Eyes" gained critical acclaim and her previous film "The Wedding Planner" opened at #1, the same time her album opened at #1 as well - a record feat for a female actress/artist. 05/17/2002
Mandel's Movie : An interview with Mandel E. Holland - Director of "the other brother" With the continue success of african americans in cinema, a lot more directors are starting to get feet wet as their films come to the big screen. Adding his name to the roster is newcomer mandel e. Holland, a nyu film school grad. 04/26/2002
Ringside at The Theatre : An Interview with The Rock It¹s not the first time we have seen a wrester attempt to transfer his skills from the wrestling ring to the silver screen. However, The Rock provides for an entertaining creation and development of The Scorpion King. 04/19/2002
Ringside at The Theatre : An Interview with Michael Clarke Duncan sat with co-star Michael Clarke Duncan to discuss the film and this new direction for The Rock. 04/19/2002
A Jack of All Trades : An Interview with Pierre His first role was playing the boyfriend opposite Oscar winner Halle Berry in ³Baps². He then was seen as Bill Bellamy¹s pal in ³How to be a player². 04/19/2002
Q&A with Denzel Washington "What an honor it is to be on the stage with Sydney. He¹s been a friend of mine for a long time, and he gave me very good advice about my career." 04/05/2002
Morgan Speaks : An interview with Morgan Freeman Not many people know this but Morgan Freeman HASN¹T won an Oscar yet. In a recent poll taken, most thought that he was a previous winner considering the talent he brings to the screen. 04/05/2002
Q&A with Halle Berry "I just hope that now maybe we will start to be judged on the merit of our work and not our skin." 04/05/2002
Q&A with Sydney Poitier "I am hopeful that there will be minority actors, not just African American or Hispanic or Asian, but a real diversified Hollywood in the future." 04/05/2002
FLYING HIGH WITH CARL : An interview with Director Carl Franklin In the early 90s, a new wave of directors was coming into the spotlight. Small black films were making some change at the box office. 04/05/2002
Vanessa's Turn : An Interview with Vanessa Middleton In the last few years, there has been an abundance of female directors on the rise. Some have made commercials, short films, documentaries, and feature films. Vanessa Middleton is one of these directors. 04/05/2002
PANIC: NOT ME : An interview with Forest Whitaker After appearing in the indie cult film ³Ghost Dog², Forest Whitaker is back on the big screen with ³ Panic Room², a new thriller directed by David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club). In an interview with, Forest talks about his work on the film. 03/29/2002
Honoring a Legend : Spike Lee on Jim Brown: All- American The person who carved the way for athletes to get meatier roles was Jim Brown. He made such an impact for blacks that hasn¹t been recognized until now. 03/21/2002
DOING IT AGAIN : BLADE 2 If there's one person who's been successful in one genre, it¹s Wesley Snipes. With the exception of "Waterdance", most of Wesley's films have been action filled. 03/21/2002
THE ³ICE² OF MARCH IS APPROACHING : AN INTERVIEW WITH ICE CUBE Ice Cube is one of the most profitable actor/directors out there. Most of the films he makes are funny, enjoyable and cheap compared to the average produced film. 03/08/2002
Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger : Politics in Pictures Since September 11th, the significance placed on this film delves beyond the categorization of ³another Schwarzenegger flick.² Instead, this movie explores the definition of collateral damage and invites familiar political questions that history and current events struggle to answer. 03/04/2002
It's Not A Comet, It's Halle's Ball On the day she won the Best Actress award from the National Board of Review, Halle talked with about her experience in starring in "Monster's Ball". 12/28/2001
Toe to Toe with the Chosen One : An Interview with Will Smith In the last ten years, no other person has captured the hearts of television, music, and film fans more than Will Smith. Achieving success on all levels isn¹t enough for the ³The Fresh Prince². 12/21/2001
So You Want to Be An Assistant Director? : Roger Bobb Has Some Advice Over the past five years, Roger Bobb has become one of the hardest working , most sought after First Assistant Directors in the independent film community. He has worked on over 30 feature films and television shows. 11/30/2001
Q & A with Brian Evans : Writer, producer, and director of "Cold Feet" Brian Evans had a dream of making a film. His only obstacle was that he had little help. Fueled by the power of his strong conviction, he made "Cold Feet" on his own. 11/23/2001
Film and TV merge in the world of a Director : MTV¹s Real World falls under the helm of maestro conductor Alphonzo Wesson I¹m a filmmaker. In my work, the actors, writers, everyone collaborates to create something. Reality TV is a whole different animal, but after this there will be no directing situation that I can walk into and not dominate. 11/02/2001
Let¹s Get Ready To Rumble : An Interview with Erika Conner of Naa¹Ila Entertainment In this interview, Erika Conner takes us on a journey through her early industry experiences and the fortuitive circumstances that have blessed her to date. 10/05/2001
A lot Can Happen In ³One Week² When I was asked to take part in the review of new feature film ³One Week², I was down partly because the creators hail from my hometown of Chicago. That also meant I was even more critical. 10/05/2001
A Real Renaissance Man : More Than Just A Comedic Talent : An Interview with Anthony Anderson For those of you not familiar with the name Anthony Anderson, check yo¹ self. He may not be on the hot lists of up and coming stars, but believe me when I say you will be hearing from this brotha. 09/07/2001
Mo¹Nique : The Queen of Comedy Recognizes Her Beauty For Mo¹Nique, her inner understanding of self has been the underlying tenet to her success. Simply, she knows who she is and is ok with who she is. More individuals should be so lucky. 09/07/2001
Don¹t Tell Sistah-Girl that She Can¹t Carry A Movie : An Interview with Vivica A. Fox Vivica A. Fox is on the frontlines and the enemy is Hollywood. The evil forces from La-La Land would have you believe that an African American woman cannot carry a film. The problem is that someone forgot to tell Ms. Vivica. 08/31/2001
John Carpenter : ³Master of Terror² finds Horror on the Red Planet had an opportunity to listen to John Carpenter discuss his newest film, Ghosts of Mars. The director embodies an artist who has seen it all and is now comfortable making films he is proud to present to the public. 08/24/2001
One for the Road : A Conversation with Ghosts¹ Jason Statham There¹s more to Jason Statham than just that cool accent. Although you may not thoroughly enjoy his character¹s personality in the ³Ghosts of Mars,² Statham could probably convince you that he is more complex than Jericho over a beer at the ³local pub.² 08/24/2001
Foxy¹s Sweet, Sweet Bad Ass Song : An Interview with ³Ghosts of Mars² Pam Grier Pam Grier does have things to say and those of us interested in film would be wise to listen. She has seen it all and overcome the ups and downs that accompany being a black actress in Hollywood. 08/24/2001
Lock Down This story is about the test of friendship between 3 men when they are wrongly convicted for a crime they didn¹t commit. I had a chance to speak with the director John Luessenhop and one of the stars of the film, Gabriel Casseus, as they shared their experience on the film with 08/17/2001
Interview with Zhang Ziyi She mesmerized us in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Now this 22 year-old Chinese actress is about to make her mark on Hollywood in New Line Cinema¹s Rush Hour 2. Zhang Ziyi gives the scoop. 07/20/2001
Interview with Chris Tucker In the sequel to the mega hit, Rush Hour, Chris Tucker takes us on a comedic joyride from Vegas to Hong Kong and back again and.... he even does his own stunts!! The funny man tells what it was like the second time around. 07/20/2001
Interview with Jackie Chan In this interview, Chan reveals the pressures of being Jackie Chan, making the Rush Hour sequel, his search for movies that appeal to all audiences, and his cynicism with Hollywood¹s recent interest in Asian films. 07/20/2001
Interview with Brett Ratner In this international roundtable interview, director Brett Ratner fields questions about the sequel Rush Hour II as well as the compatibility & appeal of Chinese and black culture in one film. 07/20/2001
An Interview with Keenen Ivory Wayans : ³Working around the clock from the Director¹s Chair² Keenen Ivory Wayans is no stranger to Hollywood or the director¹s chair. In his latest family venture, Keenen faced new challenges in orchestrating the ³fast track² development of the ³Scary Movie² sequel. 07/13/2001
An Interview with Shawn and Marlon Wayans : ³Getting the job done by making us laugh, again² The Wayans family name has become synonymous with comedy and pushing the envelope on what is in ³good taste.² As a family the list of memorable accomplishments include ³In Living Color,² and ³The Wayans Brothers² to name a few. 07/13/2001
An interview with Angela Bassett Angela Bassett is one, if not the best, leading African-American actress today. She has played so many well-known historical figures from Betty Shabazz, to Katherine Jackson to her Oscar nominated role as Tina Turner. 07/13/2001
Interview with John Singleton In 1991, John Singleton was nominated for best director for his first feature film, ³Boyz in the Hood². Since then, he has had a string of hits and misses. 07/07/2001
Halle Berry: Taking A New Direction Halle Berry has been around for years, but it is the Dorothy Dandridge film that made Hollywood eyes open up. With the acclaim of that film and her new marriage to singer Eric Benet, Halle is ready to take on life and career with a new direction. 06/22/2001
One on One With Raven I like television because you get to stay with the people for a longer period of time and you create a bond. In "Dr. Dolittle 2", I created a bond with my little sister, and although we still have it, I don¹t get to see her every day like I did, and I miss her. But with "Hangin¹ with Mr. Cooper", I saw them for four years, and it¹s just a tighter bond. 06/22/2001
An Interview with Don Cheadle Don Cheadle first caught out attention playing "Mouse" in "Devil in a Blue Dress." It¹s a role he should have been nominated for, but that¹s another story. Since then, he has been blessed with lots of good parts including last year¹s role as a cop in the widely acclaimed film "Traffic." Now he¹s back playing yet another cop in "Swordfish". 06/22/2001
Interview With Melvin James Melvin James was chosen to direct "Honeybee" based on his skills and experience. He shares his thoughts with 06/22/2001
Hill Harper is Fearless in the Active State of Being : A Q&A with Hill Harper If you have seen his work in LOVING JEZEBEL, HE GOT GAME or THE NEPHEW, then you know Hill is thorough at his craft. For those of you that have not seen him perform, don't miss him in THE VISIT from Urbanworld Films. 05/01/2001
It's a Hard Knock Life : An Interview with Gary Hardwick Now that Hollywood is conforming to the fact that black movies don¹t have to be violent to sell tickets, their minds are opening up to new ideas. Director Gary Hardwick started out with minor films like ³Trippin² and ³Cheer Fever,² but now he¹s stepped up to the big leagues and shares with his thoughts on ³The Brothers.² 05/01/2001
"Amour Infinity" : Rappin with Actor-Director Jerry LaMothe In the film industry, the road to success isn't so easy. After winning awards at film festivals, actor/director Jerry LaMothe has decided to self distribute his film "Amour Infinity" and see if there is an audience out there besides the festival crowd. He shares with his views on the film and the industry... 05/01/2001
Q & A With Carl Brashear: The Man of Honor CARL BRASHEAR has the kind of story that lends itself to legend. His real-life achievements are the stuff that screenwriters would sell their soul to create and actors would fight to portray. Listen up - this man's got a story to tell. 05/01/2001
Regina King - Talented Beyond Measure : A Q & A with Regina King "I'm co-producing a movie, a coming of age piece called MY TRIBE IS LOST and although I was trying to stay away from playing a mother again, this role spoke to me." 05/01/2001
Rock This : A Q&A with Chris Rock "I was never booed at the Apollo, but I've been booed before. I was booed at a club called IBEX in D.C. Booing is not that bad, it is the silence that bothers you. At least booing is a reaction. You've got to treat the crowd like you treat your women. Women don't mind when you argue, they hate it when you don't argue." 05/01/2001
Billy Dee Williams - The Legend "When I read the script I was really caught up in the emotion of the storytelling. And that¹s what this movie is about. " ... 04/01/2001
Interview with Clifton Taulbert After an article was written about the book in the Boston Globe, I was besieged with calls from Hollywood about making a film, but upon reading the book, many felt it was somehow 'too soft.' It was embraced-but it was not thought to have 'the edge' needed for Hollywood. 07/01/1999
Interviews with Halle Berry And Lela Rochon 07/01/1999
Interview with Spike Lee I prefer directing. I'm not an actor; I never pretended to be. So By the roles I play, really besides Mookie in Do the Right Thing, are very small. 07/01/1999
Spike on Distribution Well, I don't think they set them up to fail. A lot of them feel that [they should] try to get as much money as possible with spending as little as possible. I think the battle has to be that the range has to be broadened on the types of black films that are made. It's only a particular type of black film that the studios are going to finance today. 07/01/1999


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