June 2002
An Interview with Sundy Carter

Interviewed by Shelby J. Jones

Sundy Carter

Recently in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of spending a little time with Sundy Carter.

Gorgeous, on time, theatrically trained and ready to take on the world. This Philly native packs a punch in appearance, drive and ambition. After a starring role in State Property, this young woman is just getting started.

SJJ: How did you get started in the industry?

SC: I was undecided in my sophomore year at Temple University, and decided that I wanted to give this drama thing a try. When I started taking the classes everything just clicked and I was hooked. After college, I joined the Freedom Theater and started the audition trail. My first break happened when I met the Executive Producer of “The Jamie Foxx Show” and that led to two guest appearances on the show. So that sort of got me into the game.

SJJ: How did you get the part in “State Property”?

SC: I actually had the script for about four years. Roc A Fella was going to do the film then but it was called, “Get Down or Lay Down.” Troy Carter, Eve’s manager, had placed me with the right people to get involved with the project. But then something happened and the project was put on hold. So fours year go by and I just happened to run into Troy in the mall and he said that Roc A Fella was holding auditions that week for the film. I got the new script and it hadn’t changed much from the original so all I had to do was brush up on it. I went to the audition and there were tons of women there, but I didn’t panic. Beans was at the audition and recognized me from the Philly scene. Beans helped me with feeling the part and I just went in there and got it done.

SJJ: What upcoming projects do you have?

SC: I am doing a Spike Lee film that will star Wesley Snipes. I also have a James Brown project and an HBO project as well. And writing things myself that I hope can make some things happen.

SJJ: Do you think there is room for change in this business with respect to the roles and opportunities for African-American women?

SC: I think there are so many talented black actresses that have come before me and no one has been able to make a major change in this industry. So the industry is what it is. I don’t think I will be able to change the game, but with Halle Berry’s impact, I think there is room for change.

SJJ: What is the next urban type of film. Remember Boyz, Menace and all of that started a trend. What do you think is the next urban thing that will catch fire?

SC: I think hip-hop music is so hot right now that films about the music game might be a new wave. A lot of people see videos and all that but they don’t know all of the nuances that record execs and rappers go through to make it to the top. A film highlighting the inside of the game would be hot. But I also think that most people still like gangsta flicks.

SJJ: Who inspires you?

SC: Angela Bassett is my favorite. Every role that she has played, she totally morphs into the character. When she played Tina Turner, she was Tina Turner. And she is educated as well. To me, that is very impressive. I adore her skills.

SJJ: Male actor?

SC: Denzel…no doubt. Just like he proved in “Training Day,” he can play the good guy, the bad guy or whatever character that’s in front of him. Anthony Hopkins as well. He takes acting so seriously.

SJJ: Fire back some quick one word answers for these. Cool?

SC: Shoot

SJJ: American Airlines or United?

SC: American

SJJ: Caribbean or Europe?

SC: Europe

SJJ: Reebok or Nikes?

SC: Nike?

SJJ: What would your friends say is the best thing about you?

SC: My personality

SJJ: The worse?

SC: I talk too much. (Mad laughter erupts)

SJJ: Basketball or Football?

SC: Football

SJJ: Ice cream or Coke?

SC: Ice cream

SJJ: The beach or the gym?

SC: The gym

SJJ: Philly or New York?

SC: Philly