November 2002
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : A New Heir In England: Daniel Radcliffe

Interviewed by Wilson Morales

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : A New Heir In England: Daniel Radcliffe

It seems lately that thereís a renewed interest in investing lots of money in child stars. Elijah Wood, once a child star, and now a twenty-something actor is the lead star of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and its 2 sequels. Over in England, Daniel Radcliff is the latest child actor to carry a film into success. Only 12 years old, Daniel took the first of the Harry Potter films to new heights and heís now back for the next adventure in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. In an interview with, Daniel talked about his newfound status in the film industry.

WM: Whatís the best thing youíve faced as a celebrity?

DR: The best thing so far for me was at the premiere I met Ben Stiller which was cool and then at the New York premiere I met Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Thatís been the best bit so far.

WM: Do you see yourself being a heartthrob to young girl around the world?

DR: Personally I canít actually see it but if other people can, then great.

WM: Howís your fan mail?

DR: Iím just like amazed at the amount of effort because around my birthday time I got presents and things and just the effort thatís put into them is unbelievable. Itís so amazing.

WM: What do you think about the darkness of the film?

DR: I personally donít think itís too dark because itís all in the book and if you take away the darkness of the film then you havenít done the book justice. So if theyíve read the book then I donít think theyíll be scared at all.

WM: Whatís the best and worst part about making the film?

DR: I think the best thing without a doubt is playing a character who has inspired children all over the world and adults. I donít think there is a worse thing.

WM: Do you like watching lots of films?

DR: I absolutely love Wes Anderson and ĎThe Royal Tennenbaums.í I think my favorite film is ĎTwelve Angry Men.í When we werenít filming I just basically locked myself up in a very small room and watched films.

WM: How are you treated in school?

DR: All the people at my new school who Iíve met have been absolutely fantastic. Thereís no jealousy or thereís no bullying. Everybodyís been really nice.

WM: Was it easier filming the second film?

DR: I think I was certainly a lot more confident with Chris (Columbus) and I could give him more input. If I had an idea I was more kind of comfortable talking to him about it whereas on the first film I wouldnít have been able to do that.

WM: Are you prepared for the next film in the series?

DR: Iím definitely doing the third film. After that who knows because each film takes more or less a year to film so weíve got quite a long way before I have to make the decision of what Iím going to do next.

WM: Has much support has your family given you?

DR: My parents are like really amazing because theyíve helped me with absolutely everything that Iíve done. I couldnít have done this without them.

WM: What do you between films?

DR: Now Iím just back at school and I think it did actually help going from one film to the other right after our holiday period. It helped because I was still in my characterís frame of mind.


I think actually one of the best things is seeing the finished product. You give like ten months and finally see it, itís a really great moment when you see it all completed.


I think Iím going to go and have to have therapy. When I keep reading the books I just find out more about myself that Harry has in his personality too like curiosity, loyalty, not being afraid to stand up for yourself, getting in trouble. I donít break the rules but I do bend them.

WM: Would you want to be known as Harry Potter forever?

DR: If I do go onto act or whatever I do I think Iím gonna try and separate myself from the character but at the same time itís not something I ever will be ashamed of because itís a huge achievement and something to be very proud of.

WM: Do you have a dark side?

DR: I think everybody has a dark side and however much you like to show or afraid to show it. I think it was great to be able to show Harryís dark side that heís not flawless or the perfect person.

WM: What are your favorite subjects?

DR: I love English at school. I love reading and writing so I think I might like to be a writer. As well I was given a love of film by Chris Columbus, so I think I might be a director.

WM: Whatís on your Christmas list this year?

DR: I would love a DVD of ďThe Royal Tennenbaums.Ē