September 2002
Barbershop : An Interview with Eve

Interviewed by Monikka Stallworth

Barbershop : An Interview with Eve

Eve is not the attitudinal redhead punk-ette that I had come to associate with her name. She actually seems more like one of my homegirls: a medley of sugar and spice, a modest and radiant vixen and yet, very grounded. With a small role in this summerís box office hit XXX and a big role in the upcoming Barbershop, itís clear that Eveís star has only just begun to shine. Read onÖ

MS: You do a great job in this film, was it easy for you to be so sassy?

E: Thatís me, sometimes though, not all the time.

MS: Why did you want to be a part of Barbershop?

E: I loved the script and I loved my character Terri. I really relate to her and I felt like it wouldnít be so far-fetched from what people see everyday on TV of Eve the rapper. I didnít want to go too far out of myself. I wanted people to be able to take it in and say Ďokay, sheís acting.í

MS: What was the impetus for you to begin acting?

E: Well, at first I didnít want to act, just because everyone else was doing it and I donít follow trends and I was like, theyíre only approaching me because Iím hot at this moment. It sounds corny to say this, but I was watching this movie Sling Blade with Billy Bob Thorton and I was inspired, I swear I was. He played his character so well, I loved the way that he brought the character across and I felt like, a doorís open, why not take the opportunity and I donít know, see what happens.

MS: I heard you went to Barber College to prepare for your role, how was that?

E: It was cool. We went to Barber college for a week, but I will never ever be cutting hair again. Iím scared to knick people. Itís too nerve racking for me. And a friend of mine actually let me cut his hair, but he went to his barber right after he left me. (Laughter)

MS: Is this character close to the Eve we know as a rapper?

E: Sheís close to Eve the person. Iím the only female in the camp called the Rough Riders and Iím used to being around testosterone and dealing with it. Also, she displays her vulnerability when it comes to this man who treats her horrible and cheats on her and Iíve been through that situation. She finally comes to her senses and lets him go. And also, being mad about that apple juice. I totally get that. That is just disrespect Ė donít touch my stuff! Iíve been through that situation with a box of cereal Ė it was so funny, it was the same exact situation (as the one in Barbershop) and I still donít know to this day who ate my cereal. I was on tour, I think it was my bus driver. So I really related to her. I liked her a lot.

MS: How was it to work with Ice Cube, another rap artist turned actor?

E: He helped me out a lot on set. I had some things that I didnít know about as far as camera and blocking and he had some good advice for me.

MS: There are still so few females in hip-hop, just curious, are you and Queen Latifah friends?

E: I have met her and I see her and we do know each other and she is so supportive and I love her to death. I canít even explain the respect that I have for her because of the fact that if it werenít for her, it would be no me. And sheís opened up doors in many ways. Every time I see her, itís love. Sheís very encouraging.

MS: Iím sure youíve heard about Sam Jackson comments regarding rappers becoming actors? Do you have any comment?

E: I respect his opinion. Everyoneís entitled to his or her opinion, but this is a business. The people that make these movies understand that if you get some mainstream artists in your movie, you can fill up some more seats in the movie theater and thatís just it. And a lot of us are good. A lot of us are good actors. Donít box us in. I totally respect his opinion because heís been trained to be an actor all his life. And a lot of actors and actresses have been training since they were babies. And for us, yes, it comes easier for us.

MS: Why do you think it comes easier?

E: I donít mean the acting, I mean getting the roles.

MS: Speaking of roles, your in another big movie this summer, XXX?

E: Yes, I play Vin Dieselís best friend and partner in his underground web site business and just last week in Variety Magazine, it was written that they might extend my part, so Iím hopingÖI would love that.

MS: How was it to work with Vin Deisel?

E: Vin is so cool. Heís really got a good heart and heís really calm.

MS: You must be very busy these days, is it difficult maintaining a personal life?

E: I have a ďlikeĒ life. I like everybody and I donít have a love life, itís horrible. Iím very single. Do you know somebody? (laughter) In all honesty, Iím so busy, I do not have the time for a relationship. I would be so selfish because I would just want to be in love when I would want to be in love.

MS: Do you have an ideal type of guy?

E: I always say I just want a grown-ass-man. (laughter) I want somebody who is well-rounded, very determined, very confidant with who they are, with what they want to do in life, somebody honest and real and thatís it. Thatís hard to find though, but thatís it.

MS: Would you like to have a family?

E: Oh yes, to me that is the ultimate blessing. You havenít lived until youíve raised a family and become a wife and mother.

MS: You seem to be so grounded, with all thatís going on in your life right now, how do you maintain that quality?

E: God, prayer, my mother, good people around me, I have really good people around me, my team is great, but God is the center of everything for me.

MS: Whatís next for you?

E: My third album, Eve-O-Lution will be out in two weeks, August 27.

MS: Whatís the style of Eve-o-lution?

E: Itís more upbeat than any of my other albums. I sing more on this album and I think you can hear the growth artistically, and lyrically I definitely think you can hear the growth. I think itís a well-rounded album Ė I have some dance tracks, some hard, street tracks, I have a song called ďAs I GrowĒ that has 25 kids singing on the hook. And Alicia Keys is on my first single.