July 2003
Sneak Peek : Scary Movie 3 : A Q&A with Queen Latifah

Interviewed by Wilson Morales

Sneak Peek : Scary Movie 3: A Q&A with Queen Latifah

On the heels of her blockbuster film, Bringing Down the House and an Oscar nomination for her role in Chicago, Queen Latifah has just been added to the cast of Scary Movie 3. Since the Scary Movie franchise began, they have gone onto spoof many films and this time it will spoof The Matrix Reloaded. Her characterís name is LaQuisha and she will be teaching The One (played by Anna Faris) how to fight and control her strength. Eddie Griffin will be playing her husband Orpheus. Also featured in the film are Charlie Sheen, Anthony Anderson, Pamela Anderson, George Carlin, Fat Joe, Macy Gray, Regina Hall, Ja Rule, Jenny McCarthy, Denise Richards, Simon Rex, and Camryn Manheim. Dimension Films will release Scary Movie 3 nationwide on Oct.3, 2003. From the set of the film, Queen Latifah spoke briefly about her role in the film.

WM: What drew you to do this film?

QL: Iím a big fan of spoof movies, and this is the third installment, and as long as itís funny, then Iím with it. If youíre not going to be in the Matrix, then spoof the hell out them. I still get the Neo coat, and thatís what itís all about for me. Itís all about the Neo coat. Thatís the only reason Iím doing this. Itís not for the money, the accolades or the humor, itís just for the coat. I get to do a cool fight scene and stuff. Itís going to be fantastic.

WM: What will your character do in the film?

QL: Well, Iím trying to teach ďThe OneĒ how to fight. She has to realize that sheís the One and all the things she can do being the One. So I use my husband Orpheus as a demonstration tool. Eddie Griffin plays my often cheating husband.

WM: What can you say about Eddie Griffin?

QL: Eddie is Eddie and heís so freaking funny. Heís just quick. Heíll come up with something so quick to add to the scene it that makes it even funnier. Itís fun. Itís getting to play with him cause weíll just keep thinking of things and adding to it.

WM: Is Anna Faris funny as well?

QL: Anna makes me want to laugh all the time with everything and sheís just a funny person in real life that sometimes she runs in (the scenes) with these lines, and Iím like, ďHold it, hold it. Cut.Ē And then you get to laugh.

WM: What more can you say about your character LaQuisha?

QL: LaQuisha is quite a number. LaQuisha is a combination of all these different characters. As you will see, she gets to play the sexy woman from the Matrix, and she gets to play Neo and she also gets to play a girl from around the way, almost like a spoof from ďBringing Down the House, but itís that girl ainít trying to hear anything. Donít even try it. You canít get over on her and if you try to, sheís going to scream on you and blow your spot up. Sheís quick to open her mouth when it comes to Orpheus cause he a very badly behaving husband, but he loves her. He just likes to cheat too much. So she goes crazy a lot.

WM: Do you think Jada (Pinkett-Smith) will see the film?

I know that Jada is going to laugh at it. Sheíll probably go take the kids to go see it. I would think that Lawrence Fishburne would laugh at it too. Keanu Iíve met, but I donít know him well enough to say he would laugh, but if he would do ďBill & Tedís Bogus AdventureĒ, I would think he has a sense of humor. I think they would probably get a kick out of it and really feel good about it that their movie was so large, it was worthy of being spoof in another movie.