May 2003
The Real Cancun : An Interview with Paul and Jorell

Interviewed by Angela Harmon

The Real Cancun: An Interview with Paul and Jorell

Paul and Jorell are not actors. They are participants in the film The Real Cancun, which is the first reality film on the big screen. In an interview with, they talked about the experiences while shooting the film.

AH: Paul, you go to Xavier is that a historically Black university?

Paul: Yeah.

AH: What are you guys like in college and at home?

Jorell: When I’m in school I’m serious, I don’t really play around. I have a broadcasting class which is basically a b.s. class so I play around there cause that’s what I like to do. As far as my serious classes I don’t joke around I don’t even talk to anybody. I put my tape recorder on take my little notes and when class is over I’m back to, “AHAHA!”

Paul: I would probably be classified as a nerd (Jorell shouts, “or lover boy”). When I’m in school I’m pretty serious and focused but when I’m on my free time I act a fool.

AH: Was there any sort of grade point requirement to be able to audition?

Paul and Jorell: Nah. You just showed up.

Jorell: If Paul wouldn’t have come I wouldn’t have made it and if I didn’t come he wouldn’t have made it. I thanked him and he thanked me.

Paul: I auditioned for the Real World a couple of times and made it to the semi-finals. I’ve always wanted to be on an MTV show and promised myself that I would be on one day.

AH: Do you go to the same school?

Jorell: No, I go to community college near home in California. I’m transferring to Clark, Atlanta or Southern University with Paul.

Paul: I’m tired of Xavier and they can kiss my ass.

AH: Was being black ever an issue? Did you guys ever feel different as the only black guys?

Paul: Oh yeah.

Jorell: They didn’t show it in the movie?

AH: No not at all?

Jorell: So many people said that I would, what they called, pull out the race card, and I would. I would say, “Why do we always have to go last? Cause we’re black. Or why did this happen to us, cause we’re black.” They (the other 13 white cast members) kind of got tired of me saying that. I would just be playing around, but sometimes you felt outnumbered.

Paul: Yeah. Cause like the first two days it was cool but every body started cliquing up with people that they liked and unfortunately they were white and there is nothing wrong with people pairing off but it left us out. We were cool with everybody in the house and they were all cool with us, but on a certain levels there were certain conversations we couldn’t talk to them about. So you may see that throughout the movie you’d see me, J and Sky always talking.

AH: It doesn’t appear that way in the movie.

Jorell: Wow they cut lot stuff out. The three of us kicked it the most of the time. When Paul went off with Sky I would either go talk to Jeremy or Alan. Alan was my boy.

Paul: Yeah Alan was cool.

AH: So it was the three of you in the room (Alan, Paul and Jorell)?

Jorell: It was actually 5 of us in the room. Me, Paul, Jazz (Jeremy), Matt and Alan. Matt and Jazz would usually pair off, so we would hang with Alan most of the time.

AH: Did you guys ever get really wasted, because I didn’t see you drinking that much?

Paul: Well, the first three days it was like Jose Cuervo for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Jorell: Did they show us when we first got there?

AH: No.

Jorell: When we first got there they ran to the door and were “here take this like here take this (Jose Cuervo), hey how you feeling.”

Paul: So after the first three days everybody got tired of Jose Cuervo. So everybody started drinking water and they (production) got mad. We wouldn’t really drink that much. I had a day I got drunk and I didn’t really like that. I didn’t want to be “that” person.

AH: What did you expect before you got to Cancun?

Paul: I was expecting to have fun and have a free trip to Cancun cause me and Jorell we’re from Englewood and that’s the only place we’ve been. Except for going to school out of state in New Orleans. It was a good opportunity to go out of the country for free and when they said we got the gig’ we were happy.

Jorell: It was that and maybe the possibility of getting discovered and maybe be seen. I got bills.

Paul: Yeah, we’re looking to trying to get deals and clothing from this. Cause we got bills.

AH: So you both didn’t have to pay for anything while you were there?

Paul: No, only unless you wanted souvenirs.

AH: Did you (Paul) know that Sky was flirting with Jeremy?

Paul: Yeah, he (Jorell) told me.

Jorell: She told me. She said I don’t even like your boy I like Jeremy. I was like o.k. She said hook me up with Jeremy. I knew that Paul was going to do him regardless so I wasn’t like well what about my boy. So I let her do her also. I told Jeremy and Jeremy was like, “I don’t like her.” I told Sky about Jeremy and then she ran back to Paul and that’s what I didn’t like.

Paul: I told her and I knew I should leave her alone but she was hatin’ on me cause of the other girl. So that’s why we’re not really cool at all.

Jorell: I email her every now and again we chat about stuff like the premiere and what’s going on.

AH: So Paul did anything happen with Sky?

Paul: (He laughs) What do you think?

Jorell: Did you see a bedroom scene?

AH: Yes.

Paul: So then go with your instinct.

Jorell: (He screeches) “He went out like a sucker!”

Paul: All my boys are going take my player card. But I’m a giver so it doesn’t matter.

Jorell: I don’t like to tell people’s business but Sky came into the room and said,

Paul: This is why I don’t like her.

Jorell: “I’m gonna have your boy eat me out while I smoke a cigarette then go to sleep.” And I’m thinking, yeah right, I know my boy he won’t go out like that. At 6:00am she’s shaking me saying get up, get up and she tells me she did it. Then Paul comes in 15 minutes later and says don’t say anything just take my player card. Then when we had to do interviews the next morning, the all crew started laughing at Paul.

Paul: I’m not embarrassed.

AH: I would love to talk to you both after you see the film to see what you think.

Paul: We know what we did on the trip.

AH: But the editing process can change the whole story. How do you want to be portrayed? How do you want the world to see you?

Jorell: I want to be seen as the cool dude who cracks the jokes and has fun.

AH: In the trailer you (Jorell) run out with a Speedo bikini what was up with that?

Jorell: I’m sure I’ll be on Power 106 and Hot 97. That’s just how I am, spontaneous like that. The crew gave them to me to try on and I just ran out.

Paul: He was in the bathroom for about 20 minutes and we were all wondering where Jorell was. Then he ran out in those Speedo’s we laughed for about half and hour.

Jorell: I was like, “The Real Cancun baby” (as he flexes his small muscles). I kept them and framed them.

AH: Jorell did you get “busy” in Cancun?

Jorell: Nah, I tried to keep my private parts to myself until I got home.

Paul: He would have got his ass kicked.

AH: You have a girlfriend?

Jorell: Yeah

Paul: She would have been like, “I will cut your shit”, John Bobit homey. I don’t have a girlfriend but all my girls that want to be wife are mad. They listened to the audition tapes and they hear that I want to get draws. I’m like look we made 4 audition tapes and that’s just one of them. I’m not really a sexual person. I’m sure after people see the movie they’ll think oh look he just wants ass. It was just that night I was drunk, homegirl looked really attractive, she was down and I was down and that was it.

AH: Did you have to do an interview every day?

Paul: Not every day but the last day there was a lot going on so we had to do an interview then. They just wanted some closing remarks, how you felt about Cancun that was it. It was a great time, I would do it again.

AH: Did the trip go by quickly?

Jorell: No, only the last couple of days.

Paul: It felt like we were there for a month except for those last days.

Jorell: Then they told us your going home tomorrow and we were like “I don’t wanna go.” It was funny because on the last day there was so much drama. Snoop knocked out one of the cast members. It was terrible but funny. It was just crazy. It will be on the DVD but I think it should have been on the big screen.

Paul: There was just conflict. There was a situation with some cars it was nuts. Everybody started fighting.

Jorell: One of the twins got into it with Sky. They were like “fuck you bitch lets go outside.” Ben (got hit by Snoop) wanted to beat down Snoop. Matt and Sarah were fighting. The camera people just stopped filming after the Snoop concert.

Paul: That day was the day everything came out from the rest of the week.

Jorell: One of the twins didn’t like Matt but they squashed everything until that last day. They were cursing at each other.

Paul: You probably don’t see it in the movie.

Jorell: It seems like they took out all the interesting parts, they tried make simple.

Paul: I’m sure it’s o.k. what they did to the movie. I wanted some drama. That peachy cream thing isn’t real.

Jorell: He is a drama king and an instigator. He loves that stuff. He started so many fights. He told one of the twins that I wasn’t feeling our date.

Paul: No need to hold you tongue.

Jorell: Yeah but you held your tongue when you had a problem with Sky. So I told her that you had a problem with her.

AH: Paul, what happened the day on the beach when you and Sky got into it?

Jorell: She said that she was angry but she was just jealous that he got with the other girl.

Paul: I was shocked that she got so mad. I told her I didn’t want to play games. We sort of made up after that. But it wasn’t meant to be and there was no love lost.

AH: Is there anyone that you’ll keep in touch with?

Paul: Everybody, even Sky.

Jorell: Yeah, everybody. I know I will keep in touch with Sky because we got really cool. We would talk about everything, her boyfriend and school. I got pretty close to Alan in those first 2 days so we’ll stay in touch. But after he took that shot he would go around saying, “I am untouchable.”

Paul: The only thing is that we live in different states. When we’re in Arizona we’ll kick it with Matt and Jeremy and when we’re in New Mexico we’ll hang out with the twins, when we’re in Texas we’ll kick it with Alan. But we all have Instant Messenger and it’s free so it’s all good. Cause I’m not calling anybody long distance.

AH: Was there anything scripted?

Jorell: No, there really wasn’t. The cast lived on one side of the house and the production lived on the other. We rarely saw them and we were not allowed to talk to them not even to make small talk. We would get in trouble. It was funny because they’d be running behind us with cameras. (Paul jumps up and runs around the room like the camera people). There were surveillance cameras everywhere. It was funny because sometimes we didn’t want them to hear something so we’d cover our mics and go in a room where there weren’t any cameras. Little did we know that there were hidden cameras and mics all over the place and as soon as a conversation would get heated a camera man would appear. That’s when we figured there were hidden mics and cameras. After production they showed us where all the hidden mics and cameras were. At one point they (directors got angry with us, they said they didn’t bring us here to hide.

Paul: But there were no scripts. They didn’t tell us how to do anything. What you see, and we maybe a little bit surprised when we see it, is who we are.

AH: Did you learn about the filmmaking process?

Jorell: I learned that you get bossed around a lot and get told what to do.

Paul: I knew some stuff because I am a communications major but I learned a little about the technical side.

Jorell: We’re just looking to get some money. (Paul nods in agreement)

AH: Did you get paid at all?

Jorell: Yes but not much. $800. Hopefully after this we’ll get calls from agents or something.

Paul: They’d have to be a freelance agent cause I can’t pay them right now.

AH: This movie is the first of its kind. Like the REAL WORLD and ROAD RULES, do expect to do a reunion or a sequel? Are you ready to battle ROAD RULES?

Jorell and Paul: Definitely.