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October 2003
Johnson Family Vacation : A Sneak Peek


by Wilson Morales

Thanks to the folks over at Fox Searchlight, we have our first peak at Cedric the Entertainer's lastest film, JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION. According to Greg's Preview on Yahoo!, here are some notes on the film.

Cast: Cedric the Entertainer (Nate Johnson), Vanessa Williams (Dorothy Johnson), Bow Wow, Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Harvey (Max Johnson), Jennifer Freeman, Solange Knowles, Gabby Soleil; other cast not announced yet.

Director: Christopher Erskin (feature film debut)

Screenwriter: Richey Jones and Todd Jones (feature film debut of the brotherly writing team; they've previously worked on TV shows like The Hughleys)

Premise: These are the comic misadventures of Nate Johnson (Cedric the Entertainer) and the rest of the Johnson family, as they try to make their way (halfway) across the country to their annual family reunion in Missouri (Williams plays Nate's wife, whom he's separated from; Harvey plays Nate's brother; Elizabeth plays a hitchhiker Nate picks up on the way there; Bow Wow and Knowles play Nate's teenage children; Soleil plays the youngest child).


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