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February 2006
Week of February 27th through March 3rd

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Latest Features Additions:
16 Blocks: Cast Interviews
Bruce Willis
Director Richard Donner and Screenwriter Richard Wenk
Dave Chappelle's Block Party: An Interview with Director Michael Gondry

Gondry speaks about “popping off” Dave Chappelle’s unbelievable Brooklyn block party.


Check out the trailer to this hilarious film with Eddie Griffin
Shadowboxer Update

New photos featuring MoNique & Cuba Gooding Jr.
Pan African Film Festival


Palmer and Hudson to be honored at ShoWest convention
Ultraviolet : An Interview with Milla Jovovich

Jovovich spoke  about getting a charge at playing these high-octane action characters like Ultraviolet which is a far cry when she was a kid and getting bullied on bigger kids.

GOING TO THE OSCARS - An Interview with Three 6 Mafia

Juicy J talks about how the song came about and the Oscar nomination.

THE 78TH Academy Award® Nominations!

Terrence Howard, "Crash" and "Tsotsi" get nominations.

Scary Movie 4 update

New images with Regina Hall and Anna Faris

Tsotsi : An Interview with Pressley Chweneyagae

Pressley goes over his background and what led him to act in this powerful film.

Shooter News

Mark Wahlberg joins Antoine Fuqua pic.

Premium Film Update

Check out the trailer w/ Dorian Missick, Zoe Saldana & Hill Harper

Dirty: Cast Interviews

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Wyclef Jean
Chris Rock News

Chris Rock is set to star in "I Think I Love My Wife".
Jada Pinkette News

Pinkett Smith joins Tyler and Burrows in "Reign O'er Me".

DIRTY film update

IESB.net has film clips on the Cuba Gooding Jr and Wyclef Jean film.


New images online with Denzel, Clive Owen and Chewetel Ejiofor

Freedomland : An Interview with Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson talks about his character in “Freedomland”, working with his wife again, and his upcoming film projects, which includes “Black Snake Moan”.

Freedomland Clips

Here are some clips from the film as well as pics from the premiere
CASINO ROYALE cast update

Jeffrey Wright and Eva Green joins the latest James Bond film
V for Vendetta Update

new images online
Nancy Drew Film Update

Production gets underway
Martin Lawrence News

Lawrence joins Travolta and Allen in "Wild Hogs".
Eva Mendes News

Lawrence joins Travolta and Allen in "Wild Hogs".
Eddie Murphy News

Murphy signs on to "Starship Dave".
An Interview with Producer/ Director Mary Glynn

Ms. Glynn goes over her status as a female producer in the film industry as she gets ready to direct her second feature, “Rich & Dead"

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Visit Burton's Corpse Bride Art Gallery Exhibit!


Latino Review has a script review for the new James Bond film, Casino Royale.

Dark Horse Indie has just acquired worldwide rights to the 1945 Sci-fi film Monarch of the Moon

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Entertainment news
First Looks
See No Evil

Take The Lead

Preaching to the Choir
Lonesome Jim

Friends With Money


For Your Consideration

The Painted Veil

Nacho Libre

V for Vendetta

16 Blocks

Just My Luck

Silent Hill

The Da Vinci Code

Find Me Guilty

The Cleaner

Wassup Rockers
Black Snake Moan

Waist Deep

In The Land of Women

Thank You For Smoking
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Phat Girlz

Failure To Launch

The Good Shepherd

Pan's Labyrinth
Dave Chappelle's Block Party

The Darwin Awards
World Trade Center
The Devil Wears Prada
Alpha Dog


John Tucker Must Die

The Marine


Scary Movie 4


Miami Vice

Mission Impossible 3
As You Like It
A Prairie Home Companion
The Inside Man

The Last King of Scotland

X-Men 3

Basic Instinct 2
Lady in the Water
The Sentinel
Memoirs of a Geisha
Hills Have Eyes

Pirates of the Carribean 2
American Gun
Jump Shot
Slow Burn
Superman Returns
Snakes in a Plane
Lonely Hearts
End Game
Ghost Rider
A Scanner Darkly
Akeelah and the Bee



Latest Review Additions:
w Transamerica (in Film )
Duncan Taylor’s first feature film is a refreshingly serious film which explores the complexities of a condition that is often misunderstood and ignored by mainstream society.
w Running Scared (in Film )
Writer/director Wayne Kramer (The Cooler) delivers an uncompromising film that will surely stun audiences with its extremes.
w Tsotsi (in Film )
Gavin Hood does an excellent job encompassing a variety of themes in this film. 
w The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (in Film )
The film's breathtaking tableaus, colorful characters, and moving message about redemption end up overshadowed by its wanton insanity one might normally associate with a sadistic snuff film.
w The Untold Story of Emmitt Till DVD review (in Film )
A touching but overdue expose’ of lynching as a shameful stain on the country’s legacy.
Freedomland (in Film )
The script is so full of holes that although parts of the story may resonate with some people, the impact leaves very little to discuss.
CSA: The Confederate States of America (in Film )
Read the review
Torremolinos '73 DVD (in Film )
Desperation Leads to Desperate Measures in Bawdy DVD.
The Pink Panther (in Film )
Steve Martin does a decent job fumbling around from scene to scene, but it does pale in comparison to the sheer physical genius of the Peter Sellers performance.
Something New (in Film )
“Something New” offers a fresh take on racism and love and the cast plays their part with so finesse and fun..
Bambi 2 DVD (in Film )
After more than 50 years, one of Disney's all-time classic stories is back in a sequel
The Tenants (in Film )
The stripped-down production looks more like a play than a movie, but all the actors do a decent job with a script which turns increasingly preposterous at every turn. Yet, because it held my interest from start to finish.
The Legend of Zorro DVD (in Film )
The ludicrous plot and special effects featuring cartoon physics means The Legend of Zorro is strictly for those under the age of eight or so.
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It) (in Film )
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It) review
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