May 2001
Week of May 17th thru May 24th

In The Spotlight

  Critically-acclaimed filmmaker John Singleton, writer / director / producer of the much anticipated summer film, “Baby Boy” took time from his demanding soundtrack production schedule to toast student scholars and awardees as Honorary Chairman of the 23rd Annual USC Black Alumni Association (BAA) Scholarship Gala 2001...

 By Roslyn J. Bradford (Los Angeles)  

The winter moon was a yellow stain across the sky, softly illuminating the countless storefronts lining the sidewalk. Coming outta The Oasis after going to pick-up some loot from mommy, I could still hear Red Jackson talking in his bellowing Little Caesar/James Cagney voice, stirring stardust echoes in my head...
by Michael A. Gonzales

Being British - New 5/11 !
I've decided I want to become British. And, for me, the final straw was TOM GREEN.
by Scott Southard (Los Angeles)

Brewmeister Heineken is spending an estimated $10 Million...

The Acapulco Black Film Festival is a celebration of the cinematic work of Black filmmakers and artists. The ABFF offers a competitive showcase of independent Black cinema from around the world....

In Their Own Words

"When I read the script I was really caught up in the emotion of the storytelling. And that’s what this movie is about. " ...
Interviewed by Habiba

CARL BRASHEAR has the kind of story that lends itself to legend. His real-life achievements are the stuff that screenwriters would sell their soul to create and actors would fight to portray. Listen up - this man's got a story to tell.
Interviewed by Sekou

In the film industry, the road to success isn't so easy. After winning awards at film festivals, actor/director Jerry LaMothe has decided to self distribute his film "Amour Infinity" and see if there is an audience out there besides the festival crowd. He shares with his views on the film and the industry...
Interviewed by Wilson Morales

Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

Terra Renee, shares with her reasons for Creating the African-American Women in Cinema Conference and Festival.
Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

"I was never booed at the Apollo, but I've been booed before. I was booed at a club called IBEX in D.C. Booing is not that bad, it is the silence that bothers you. At least booing is a reaction. You've got to treat the crowd like you treat your women. Women don't mind when you argue, they hate it when you don't argue."
Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

Regina King "I'm co-producing a movie, a coming of age piece called MY TRIBE IS LOST and although I was trying to stay away from playing a mother again, this role spoke to me."
Interviewed by Wilson Morales (New York)

If you have seen his work in LOVING JEZEBEL, HE GOT GAME or THE NEPHEW, then you know Hill is thorough at his craft. For those of you that have not seen him perform, don't miss him in THE VISIT from Urbanworld Films.
Interviewed by Shelby Jones (Washington D.C.)


"Film Duds" is a testament to my love of film and fashion. This column is meant to be humorous commentary on the ever-changing and frequently wild relationship between clothes and movies, celebrities and designers. Fashion and film are intrinsically intertwined. You'll see.
by Kellye Whitney (Chicago)

MOVIE RULES - New 4/13 !
For rule Number Thirteen, I must pay homage to the original FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH - the simple rule is that it is the horror champ. Jason was never as scary as his knife-wielding deranged soccer mom.
by Shelby J. Jones (Washington D.C.)

Ever since I had to watch "Titanic" walk away with the award, this big prize has always made me squirm.
by Scott Southard (Los Angeles)

This NEW FEATURE @ will deliver news and information about Latino films, actors, directors, stage plays and more. . We would like to thank Elaine Del Valle for contributing the first article to a section that we hope will grow with us. Thanks Elaine. DA SPANISH MOB Adds Latino Flava To A New York City Stage
by Elaine Del Valle (New York)

A Lament for Scooby - New 3/16 !
"One of those golden childhood memories is truly being destroyed by Hollywood. The implication of it can't help but boggle the mind."
by Scott Southard

Superfly With Black Velveteen, a brother is on a mission: not only to flip my own old school memories like a hoodrat folklorist, but also to put into perspective how much the revolutionary sound and visions of the Superfly-era is still living large in our imaginations today.
by Michael Gonzales (New York)

Poppin Off "Madonna looked good but will somebody make Lil' Bow Wow go away? And how can you produce that much attitude at such a young age? Why do you have to be that pissed off at that age? Maybe your ice cream fell off the cone or your having trouble reaching the next level on your Gameboy Pokemon?"

Branford Marsalis Branford Marsalis is playing the Sax - Listen up. "My first performance was at a club called the Horse in New Orleans in 1974. We had an R&B band called The Creators. We played on a Monday night for the door, and made 75 cents each. We used it to catch the bus home."
by Shelby J. Jones (Washington D.C.)