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June 2000
Reggie Rock Bythewood - Beign honest and all about the Art

Q & A with Terence Blanchard
Gladiator - Honor & Strength
Cornbread, Earl & Me
Blowing a Spot Film Festival: No ordinary festival
When Gwyneth Paltro said, 'And the Oscar goes to Kevin Spacey,'my hopes sank like the Titanic.


April/May 2000
John Amos - Before Cosby, James Evans was the first dad of black life
Love and Basketball scores big time!
Ghost Dog - It Is The Way
Just in case you missed it, the Oscars went to ...
Oscar Commentary
Spiderman is coming to the big screen thanks to the pen of writer/director David Koepp
February/March 2000
The Hurricane
Black Film Plus White Critic Equals?
Ice Cube and Mike Epps
Obba Babatunde - More Than Just an Actor
NAACP Image Awards Nominees African Street Festival in Brooklyn -- Is this Black Enough?
Holiday 1999/January 2000
Light It Up - no, it's not aboutfiring up a cigarette.
Ving Rhames- On his character in Bringing Out The Dead.
The Watermelon Man - Exploring White Skin Privilege
Nia Long - A Woman, A Black Woman and Black (Part II)
Sankofa director, Haile Gerima premieres a new film entitled ADWA
The screening of the The Bone Collectorbegan and the Howard
U. crowd jumped into the film.
October, 1999
Malcolm Lee - Director of The Best Man
Review - Three Kings
Taye Diggs - Straight to the Point
Kwyn Bader - Director of BET's Loving Jezebel
September, 1999
It's an INDIEworld at Urbanworld
The Actorsí Workshop with Samuel Jackson
Suggestions for pitching your movie or project from industry leaders
Hill Harper stars in a story of love depicting the great romances of a young man's life.
August, 1999 hosting special fund raiser
HBO Pictures presents Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.
New Jersey's biggest crack dealer is GOD.
A fresh take on the African-American coming of age.
Urbanworld Film Festival founder Stacy Spikes speaks with
July, 1999
Spike Lee discusses "Summer of Sam"
Summer of Sam review by Shelby Jones.
Are the images of Black men in jail suits really funny?
BLAXPLIOTATION and its impact on African Americans.
Digital i../nterview to hear Spike Lee's thoughts on Summer of Sam


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