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Next Friday
Go and see Next Friday today because things in the hood just went suburban. Yes, Next Friday is funny. Yes, you will quote lines from the film. Yes, you will love Mike Epps, Ice Cube, Witherspoon, and wait until you hear Don "DC" Curry spit out the line, "but I'm your Uncle Elroy" in that classic rising southern baritone.
By Shelby J. Jones
Light It Up

Light It Up - no, it's not about firing up a cigarette, stogie or other flammables. Light It Up is the new star vehicle for teenage singing sensation Usher Raymond. Did he light it up?

By Shelby J. Jones

The Bone Collector

The screening of the The Bone Collector began and the Howard U. crowd jumped into the film. As soon as Denzel appeared on screen, the undergrad girls went crazy - screaming like Denzel is still the man.

By Shelby J. Jones

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The Watermelon Man - Exploring White Skin Privilege

What would be the best way to teach a white bigot a valuable lesson about the Black experience? How about turning him Black! This is the premise for Melvin Van Peebles' 1970 classic Watermelon Man.

By Nasser Metcalfe

BLACK ORPHEUS - Afro-Brazilian Mythology

Set in beautiful Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, Black Orpheus is a timeless classic that tells a tale of love, passion, and intrigue. The story is based on the legendary Greek mythology tale of Orpheus and Eurydice.

By Nasser Metcalfe



Ozzie and the Heretic - an indie review

Ozzie and the Heretic is a film that deliciously explores the relationship between GOD, patriotism, and the 4th of July.

By Booker T. Mattison


Malcolm Lee

"You've got to watch a lot of movies. You have to analyze a lot of movies. You've got to do a lot of writing and be critical."

By Nasser Metcalfe

The Best Man

The Best Man is a very entertaining movie about a successful group of college friends who's lives are slightly interrupted and ultimately brought closer by two events; a wedding and a book release.

By Kelly Glover


Besides hosting the funniest show on television, Chris Rock will have 11 films under his belt after Dogma. Check Rock's resume.

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PART II: Thoughts on Hollywood and People of Color

LL Cool J -A Perspective on the NAACP's Call to Boycott (Part II)

Well my answer to that is don't picket, don't boycott, take some of the money that is donated to the NAACP andů

By Rachel

Taye Diggs- Why The Best Man is a groundbreaking movie (Part II)

"With the exception of Love Jones I don't know that there's been a film out there with a predominately African- American cast that has such crossover over appeal not related to its "star power." " (Visit October's Next Generation for Taye Diggs - Part I)

By Sekou

Nia Long - A Woman, A Black Woman and Black (Part II)

There needs to be not just Black and white there needs to be a variety of ethnicities behind the scene. Our society is not white and Black there are so many things in between. Until we are represented we are not really getting very far. (Visit October's Next Generation for Nia Long - Part One)

By Rachel

Ving Rhames- On his character in Bringing Out The Dead:

"I had a good time. In the script the character was kind of generic but Martin Scorsese really let me flesh it out and bring some nice nuances to the character."
By Sekou

News Flash!!! -
On Nov 20th, Sankofa director, Haile Gerima premieres a new film entitled ADWA

Don't miss this historic occasion. Participate in the unveiling of Adwa; a film about the landmark victory of Ethiopia over Italy - making Ethiopia the only country in Africa that was not colonized during Europe's scramble for Africa. For more information on the film, the premiere and reception click here.

Nickelodeon Fellowship - Entry Form Request Deadline November 15

Can you write? Do you have any scripts written for television? A screenplay perhaps? Nickelodeon Productions is continuing its search for new creative talent and is looking for six writers to work full-time developing their craft at Nickelodeon/Nick Jr.

Back Talk

The Margin Versus the Page
(Part III), By N.Y.U filmmaker James Richards

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