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Interviewed With Taye Diggs (TD)

Look for Taye in these films: How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Go and The Wood.

Now, Taye Diggs is starring in The Best Man as Harper, a novelist on the verge of success who is struggling to shake some of the skeletons out of his closet. Here, he shares a few thoughts with about his part in the film.

On why he feels The Best Man is a groundbreaking movie:
With the exception of Love Jones I don't know that there's been a film out there with a predominately African- American cast that has such crossover over appeal not related to its "star power." I enjoyed Waiting to Exhale but there were still a lot of negative black stereotypes in that movie… not that there aren't negative black stereotypes in The Best Man but I think there are a lot less. I think this movie is much more universal than any other black-acted pieces out there. It has the potential, if people accept it, to help with racial barriers. If non-African Americans take the risk [of seeing the movie] even though they see a bunch of black faces in the trailer, that's a step forward, as trite as it sounds, of us getting along with each other. And as far as black people are concerned, it's a good movie for us because it shows black folk in a very positive, uplifting, different light as opposed to the way we've been portrayed in other films.
On his character's commitment-phobia and its truth in the real world:
I think most men - at some point in theirs lives… when you're in your mid to late twenties, and you have a lady, and you're comfortable with her, and there seems to be nowhere else to go except that final step… and just the fact that I said 'final step' connotes that it's the end of something! There's a fear there. When you say "the rest of your life," it evokes some fear. I think you just have to think of it in terms of one day at a time. It's so difficult to find somebody you can spend even a week with, much less years or months so you just have to take a look at what you have and then decide from there.
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