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PART II: Thoughts on Hollywood and People of Color
LL Cool J - (Part II) A Perspective on the NAACP's Call to Boycott
Well my answer to that is don't picket, don't boycott, take some of the money that is donated to the NAACP and hire writers and create some pilots, create some shows for African Americans. Take them to the networks and do something with the money and do something with the talent and be productive. That's important to me, the productivity part of it. I think that we have to be productive in what we are doing.
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by Rachel

Taye Diggs - (Part II) Why The Best Man is a groundbreaking movie.
"With the exception of Love Jones I don't know that there's been a film out there with a predominately African-American cast that has such crossover over appeal not related to its "star power."
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by Sekou

Nia Long (Part II) - A woman, A Black Woman and Blacků
There needs to be a variety of ethnicities behind the scene. Our society is not white and Black - there are so many things in between. Until we are represented on both sides of the screen we are not really getting very far.
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by Rachel

Ving Rhames- On his character in Bringing Out The Dead
"I had a good time. In the script the character was kind of generic but Martin Scorsese really let me flesh it out and bring some nice nuances to the character."
by Sekou

Kwyn Bader, BET's Loving Jezebel director (Part II)
"There are a lot of incredibly beautiful and exotic, but flawed women in this film. Are you making a statement or is there some type of pattern here?"
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by Blair Smith


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On Nov 20th, In Washington D.C., Sankofa director, Haile Gerima premiered a new film entitled ADWA
Adwa is a film about the landmark victory of Ethiopia over Italy - making Ethiopia the only country in Africa that was not colonized during Europe's scramble for Africa. For information on the film, the premiere and reception click here.
by Author

Back Talk - Post your opinion online every month.
Back Talk- The Margin Versus the Page
(Part III) by N.Y.U filmmaker James Richards
Industry Buzz
Opening on only 1346 screens nationwide, The Best Man had the John Blaze as it toppled box-office champ Double Jeopardy and punched the disappointing Fight Club right in the jaw.
by Shelby J. Jones
Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored
written by Clifton Taulbert.
Also see our interview with Taulbert - July 99


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