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Nickelodeon Productions is continuing its search for new creative talent and is looking for six writers to work full-time developing their craft at Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. This program stems from Nickelodeon's commitment to encouraging meaningful participation from culturally and ethnically diverse new writers. We will be offering Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. (preschool) fellowships in live action and animation television, and the feature film divisions. Nickelodeon Productions will provide a $33,000 salary and a $3,000 stipend to cover the cost of medical benefits for a one-year period. Fellows outside the Los Angeles and New York areas will receive round-trip coach airfare and one month's accommodations. The program is tentatively scheduled to begin June 2000. Eligibility: No previous writing experience is necessary. Writers interested in Nick Jr. must have some work experience in child development. Application Procedure: Submit a single copy of a writing sample (as described below), a one-page writing and work history resume, a complete application form which includes a submission release form. If an application and/or submission release is not attached to this flyer, you may obtain them by contacting the Program Manager.

Application Requests: Taken by telephone and mail until November 15, 1999. Submission Period: December 1, 1999 until December 15, 1999. To be considered, materials must be postmarked no later than December 15, 1999. Materials will not be accepted after the application dates. Finalists will be notified by telephone, mid March 2000; while all others will be notified by mail by the end of April 2000. Notification dates are subject to change.

Writing Samples: Appropriate samples for the feature films division include a completed live action motion picture screenplay (approximately 120 pages), or a full-length, two-to-three act play. Appropriate samples for the live action television division include a live-action, full-length half-hour television script, based on a current television series. For the animation division, include a 11 minute script based on a current animated television series. An emphasis on comedy is recommended. Note: To conserve resources, no scripts will be returned. After the final determinations are made, all scripts will be recycled. To obtain application materials contact:

Michelle Reid
Fellowship Program Manager
Nickelodeon Productions
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Note: We will stop taking requests for applications by telephone and mail on November 15, 1999. Nickelodeon is an equal opportunity employer. For fellowship information or updates please call 212-258-7532 or visit our website at

Printable Application & Submission Release application. Go to


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