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It's an INDIEworld at Urbanworld

The crew is proud to dedicate this issue to the world of Independent Film. We diligently covered the 1999 Urbanworld Film Festival in order to present you with the indie scoop on screenings, panels, parties and more. Enjoy!

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Restaurant Director

Malcolm Jamal Warner plays Chris, a waiter desperately wanting to become a bartender. The presence of Lauryn Hill's character, Leslie, is felt throughout the entire movie. This drama touches on the subject of racial tensions, substance abuse, homophobia and betrayal.

By Kelly Glover
Loving Jezebel

Hill Harper stars in a story of love depicting the great romances of a young man's life.

By Kendell
An Invited Guest

From the beginning, Kim Fields' cameo appearance and Jay-Zís "Hard Knock Life" set the upbeat pace for this surprisingly wicked flick.

By Kelly Glover

Drylongso was awarded Best Feature Length Film Urbanworld Film Festival 1999. Pica, the film's hero, is armed with a Polaroid camera and determined to document an endangered species - young Black men.

By Margretta Browne
The Money Shot

The Money Shot, one of those unique and quirky films, will be the buzz for its creative impact.

By Margaretta Brown

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The Actorsí Workshop with Samuel Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson discusses the development of his acting career and gives new actors advice on the system. He shares his thoughts on L.A. versus N.Y.

By Nasser Metcalfe
It's an INDIEworld at Urbanworld Overview

If you have not loaded a Bolex, cut on a Steinback, or written the final FADE OUT, Urbanworld is also for you.

By Carl Davis
The Studio Pitch

Pitching is basically telling someone your movie or project idea. Without enthusiasm, your screenplay pitch is doomed!

By Carl Davis
Urbanworld Film Festival Award Winners

"Films and screenplays not chosen for the festival or as winners can still have auspicious goals," says Stacy Spikes, the festival's Executive Director and Founder, reminding those that did not win not to be discouraged.

By Carl Davis

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John Singleton

John Singleton discusses Shaft at Urbanworld and describes what the movie will and will not be.

Mel Jackson

During Urbanworld, Soul Food's Mel Jackson tells that he was discovered on a Chicago bus.

Kywn Bader

Loving Jezebel's Kywn Bader gets digital after Urbanworld. Video interview by Blair Smith.

Malcolm Lee

Malcolm Lee, the director of Universal Pictures' The Best Man talks to following the advance screening of his first studio released film.

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"Let them have their toy, we've got books."

Bill Cosby's response to Tavis Smiley of "BET Tonight "regarding the lack of minorities on television.

Did you know that Sam Jackson has starred in 38 films?

How many of you remember Sam in School Daze? How about White Sands? How about Patriot Games? Check the brother's resume. Is he a player or what?


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