September 99

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It's an INDIEworld at Urbanworld. salutes the independent filmmakers making it happen at the NYC 1999 Urbanworld Film Festival. This issue features some of the festival's most talked about indie pics. Visit Features for more commentary on the festival.


Malcolm Jamal Warner plays Chris, a waiter desperately wanting to become a bartender. The presence of Lauryn Hillís character, Leslie, is felt throughout the entire movie. This drama touches on the subject of racial tensions, substance abuse, homophobia and betrayal.

By Kelly Glover

Loving Jezebel

Hill Harper stars in a story of love depicting the great romances of a young man's life... yet this man is cursed with always falling for someone else's girl. As we watch our hero Theodorus (Hill Harper) mature, will he ever find true love? Or will he remain the dupe of Jezebels, constantly loving women who are unavailable and unfaithful?

By Kendell

An Invited Guest

From the beginning, Kim Fields' cameo appearance and Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" set the upbeat pace for this surprisingly wicked flick.

By Kelly Glover


Drylongso was awarded Best Feature Length Film Urbanworld Film Festival 1999. Pica, the film's hero, is armed with a Polaroid camera and determined to document an endangered species - young Black men.

By Margretta Browne

The Arrangement

To most men there is only answer to the eternal question: Would you tell her you cheated? Jake, the honest driven fiance of LuAnn in H.H. Cooper's film does the opposite.

By Carl Davis


The Money Shot

The Money Shot, one of those unique and quirky films, will be the buzz for its creative impact.

By Margretta Brown


This is not 48 hours part III, or Trading Places II. Murphy and Martin are doing what they did best in their stand up days, take the stage solo and run wild.

By Blair Smith


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