September 99

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The Actors' Workshop with Samuel Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson discusses the development of his acting career and gives new actors advice on the system. He shares his thoughts on L.A. versus N.Y.
by Nasser Metcalfe
It's an INDIEworld at Urbanworld
If you have not loaded a Bolex, cut on a Steinback, or written the final FADE OUT, Urbanworld is also for you.
by Carl Davis
The Studio Pitch Panel
Pitching is basically telling someone your movie or project idea. Without enthusiasm, your screenplay pitch is doomed!
by Carl Davis
Urbanworld Film Festival Award Winners
"Films and screenplays not chosen for the festival nor as winners can still have auspicious goals," says Stacy Spikes, the festival's Executive Director and Founder, reminding those that did not win not to be discouraged.
by Carl Davis
Blaxploitation commentary Part 2
SHUT YO' MOUF'! As BLAXPLOITATION makes a comeback we explore the history of the genre and it's impact on African Americans. (Part 2 in a series)
by Chris Norton
Industry Buzz
Did you know Wesley Snipes has been flagged to develop another bad-ass super hero from the Marvel Comic Collection. "Black Panter" will be Snipes' next power figure.
Back Talk
Post your own opinion online every month. This month, James Richards, a NYU filmmaker, responds to Gordon Parks' ideologies on filmmaking and the contributions of African-Americans to the mainstream American experience.

Video (Coming in October)


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