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Next Generation

Spike Lee started the last resurgence in Black cinema. After She's Gotta Have It, along came John Singleton, The Hughes Brothers, The Hudlin Brothers, and the meteoric rise of Denzel and Wesley. Hollywood started taking note of the box-office appeal offered by Black actors and directors. At the end of the millennium, Malcolm D. Lee is poised to take the reigns and re-ignite a resurgence in Black cinema. With the assistance of Spike and a solid educational background, Malcolm brings us The Best Man. Could it be this year's best film? Breaking ground with Malcolm are young directors such as Kwyn Bader (BET's Loving Jezebel), Booker T. Mattison, and Stacey Holman. Actors on the rise are Nia Long, LL Cool J, Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut and Mel Jackson. This month celebrates this New Generation of filmmakers as they bring us some new style. Thanks for bringing us more than the old-school, gang-bangin in the hood flicks. Big ups to Spike for being in the pit to help get this thing going again.


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Malcolm Lee - Director of The Best Man

"You've got to watch a lot of movies. You have to analyze a lot of movies. You've got to do a lot of writing and be critical."

By Nasser Metcalfe

Kwyn Bader - Director of BET's Loving Jezebel

"Part of what made me feel like I could make films was Spike making them. I love the fact that he puts together a very precise vision in his work and that has definitely influenced me."

By Blair Smith

Nia Long - Up Close and Personal

"I'm extremely passionate about our youth, and I'm putting together a couple of things in the next couple of years."

By Rachel

LL Cool J - Gets Deep

"He's a God not worthy of worship and yet these people worship him. So what's the best way to say that than to name him God, put it out there, show that devilish behavior and let people make that judgement call."

By Rachel

Taye Diggs - Straight to the Point

Straight to the Point - Taye Diggs ante ups to's Nasser Metcalfe about Black box-office appeal and the idiom - "crossover."

By Nasser Metcalfe
Back Talk


By Part 2, by N.Y.U. filmmaker, James Richards

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Did you know Laurence Fisburne played Cowboy Curtis on Pee-wee's Playhouse?
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The Best Man-opens Oct.22

The Best Man is a very entertaining movie about a successful group of college friends who's lives are slightly interrupted and ultimately brought closer by two events; a wedding and a book release.

By Kelly Glover

Three Kings-opened Oct.1

Who would have thought that when Ice Cube lyrically blasted the line "*%# the police " that in 1999 he would be considered a very good actor?

By Shelby Jones

Blue Streak

Blue Streak smoked the competition with a $19 million opening weekend. And, even more important, it was pretty funny. Lawrence proves that he is a master of keeping at a joke 'til he finally gets a laugh out of you.

By Sekou

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Featuring The Best Man Director and Cast

Malcolm Lee, the director of Universal Pictures' The Best Man talks to following the advance screening of his first studio released film.

Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut Talks about staring in The Best Man. John Singleton discusses Shaft and describes what the movie will and will not be.

Mel Jackson

Soul Food's Mel Jackson tells that he was discovered on a Chicago bus.

Kywn Bader

Loving Jezebel's Kywn Bader gets digital.

By Video interview by Blair Smith.


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