November '99

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The Best Man

The Best Man is a very entertaining movie about a successful group of college friends whose lives are slightly interrupted and ultimately brought closer by two events; a wedding and a book release.

By Kelly Glover

Three Kings

Who would have thought that when Ice Cube lyrically blasted the line "*%#" the police " that in 1999 he would be considered a very good actor?

By Shelby Jones

Blue Streak

Blue Streak smoked the competition with a $19 million opening weekend. And, even more important, it was pretty funny. Lawrence proves that he is a master of keeping at a joke 'til he finally gets a laugh out of you.

By Sekou


Buena Vista Social Club

This inspirational documentary gives meaning to the old saying that age is a state of mind.

By Charlita Mays


Cleopatra Jones is Back In Town

There are many sisters from seventies films that deserve both our respect and recognition. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

By Blair Smith



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