November '99

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Malcolm Lee -Director of The Best Man
" Film is such a powerful medium that you just can't put anything out there. It's influencing society and it also shapes the world view of us."
by Nasser Metcalfe

Nia Long - Up Close and Personal Part 1
"I'm extremely passionate about our youth, and I'm putting together some things in the next couple of years."
by Rachel

LL Cool J - Gets DeepPart 1
"He's a God not worthy of worship and yet these people worship him. So what's the best way to say that than to name him God, put it out there, show that devilish behavior and let people make that judgement call."
by Rachel

Matt Mailer - Director of The Money Shot
"The character Quinn is about the perpetuation of stereotypes. He is looking to make his film interesting."
by Margretta Brown

Kwyn Bader - Director of BET's Loving JezebelPart 1
"Part of what made me feel like I could make films was Spike making them. I love the fact that he puts together a very precise vision in his work and that has definitely influenced me."
by Blair Smith

Taye Diggs - Straight to the Point
Taye Diggs ante ups to's Nasser Metcalfe about Black box-office appeal and the idiom - "crossover."
by Nasser Metcalfe



Cleopatra Jones: Black, Beautiful, and Bond
"Cleopatra Jones was released later in the blaxploitation cycle and therefore displayed most elements of previous blaxploitation films."
Blaxploitation commentary Part 3; by Chris Norton
Back Talk - Post your opinion online every month.
WHAT ARE WE DOING? WHAT'S BEING DONE TO US? Part 2 A response to Gordon Parks' ideologies on filmmaking and the contributions of African-Americans to the mainstream American experience.
by N.Y.U. filmmaker, James Richards.
Industry Buzz
Does Oprah ever stop working? Harpo Entertainment will debut with a magazine in the spring of 2000. (more)
by Shelby Jones
Community Update
On Tuesday August 31, 1999, hosted a private screening and fundraiser for Booker T. Mattison's film, The Gilded Six Bits...
by Shelby Jones

What We Are Reading

Black Picket Fences
Black Picket Fences by Dr. Mary Patillo-McCoy

Video Interviews

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Malcolm Lee
The director of Universal Pictures' The Best Man talks to
following the advance screening of his first studio released film.
John Singleton
discusses Shaft and describes what the movie will and will not be.
Mel Jackson
Soul Food's Mel Jackson tells that he was discovered on a Chicago bus.
Kwyn Bader
Loving Jezebel's Kywn Bader gets digital. Video interview by Blair Smith.


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