May 2001
POPPIN “OFF” ON POP CULTURE : I am Sick and Tired of This, That, and Especially Them!
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This Weeks Annoyances : The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards

Poppin Off on Pop Culture

First of all, Shelby Lynne could have dropped a wee bit of attitude...and why does my group Radiohead even go to something like that when they know there is no way the stupid Academy voters have even listened to their music let alone voted for it? Seriously, do you think for moment that Burt Bacarach has “Kid A playing in his car?

I like anything Blue Man Group is involved with but I am not quite ready to go hog wild over Moby like everyone else….(now that Moby on Playstation II’s “SSX” is another story) Wait a second, I did like Moby the first time he showed up...only then it was called the Pet Shop Boys.

Madonna looked good but will somebody make Lil' Bow Wow go away? And how can you produce that much attitude at such a young age? Why do you have to be that pissed off at that age? Maybe your ice cream fell off the cone or your having trouble reaching the next level on your Gameboy Pokemon? If you're that upset lil' boy, maybe you should head on up to bed.

Macy Gray -- please stand up straight and push the hair out of your face...oh and how about a kilo less pot on award nights?

Faith Hill...I've seen her sing a billion times now and the only things I ever come away thinking are "she sure is pretty" and "damn that is the biggest ring I have ever seen."

I didn't know that Elton John is having his clothes made by Target…hmm?

I must admit that I totally dig Destiny's Child, but Beyonce could be up there with two totem poles and I wouldn’t notice. Seriously, the one to her left could burst into flames and I’m not sure anyone would notice in time to save her..

I don't dig Justin Timberlake's new 'do.

Somebody tell Sisqo that he is tiny and unattractive...he seems to think he has become Denzel but he's closer to Spud Webb.

On exactly what day did Toni Braxton stop being a church-raised singer and become a full on 'ho?

Carson Daly? Somebody get me a Bible and check Revelations because he could be a sign of the apocalypse.