Nov 99 Gallery: Caran Hartsfield

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Double Handed
dir. Caran Hartsfield

Double Handed is a charming piece of work which explores the trails and tribulations of a young girl with an embarrassing social disability, Double Handedness. Doubled-Handed individuals turn double dutch ropes so poorly that they are usually excluded from this popular form of childhood socialization and play. Caran, successfully revisits an experience shared by youths of countless generations through the life of a girl who just doesn't fit in.

About the artist:

Karen is currently a candidate for a Master in Fine Arts at New York University's graduate film program. Double Handed isHartsfield's third film. She was awarded first prize at USCA film festival, semi-finalist at the New York City First Run film Festivaland received a Martin Scorsese fellowship and grant. She is currently working on her thesis film Kiss Up To God.


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