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April 2006
Week of April 24th through April 28th

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Akeelah and the Bee

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Latest Features Additions:
Akeelah and the Bee: An Interview with Angela Bassett:
Bassett talks about her character, working with Fishburne again, and her upcoming projects.
Will Smith News

Smith finally confrimed to do "I am Legend".
Halle Berry News

Berry and Morgan Freeman to do "The Patient" for Director Jean-Claude La Marre
United 93: Cast Interviews
Director Paul Greengrass
National Operations Manager Ben Sliney
RV: Cast Interviews
Robin Williams
Cheryl Hines
Joanna “JoJo” Levesque
April DVD Releases

The month of April end with Aeon Flux, Casanova, Match Point, and Tristan and Isolde.
X-Men The Last Stand : Bill Duke Interview

Duke goes over his character in the X-Men, directing ?Cover? and his view on the film version of ?Miami Vice?, having directed some of the TV episodes.
Silent Hill : Radha Mitchell Interview

Mitchell goes over her appeal for the film, her love of the sci-fi, horror genre, and balancing those films with her independent films.
The Notorious Bettie Page: Gretchen Mol Interview

Mol talks about the character, her nudity in the film, and her upcoming projects.

Fishburne to do "Prey" in the fall

Citywide Cinematic Celebration to Run April 20 through May 29
American Dreamz: Press Conference Interviews

Hugh Grant, Mandy Moore, Director Paul Weitz and others were at a press conference to speak about their roles.
Future Projects: Angela Basett

Bassett talks about her roles in "Meet The Robinsons" and "Toussaint".
La Mujer De Mi Hermano: An Interview with Barbara Mori

Latin American Actress Bárbara Mori Reveals Herself In Her Second Feature
Alicia Keys News

Keys joins Johansson in "The Nanny Diaries"
KINKY BOOTS - An Interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel talks about the challenges of six inch heels, staying liberated from the pressures of Tinseltown conformity, and leaping back to the future for some upcoming projects.
Preaching to the Choir: Cast Interviews

Director Charles Randolph-Wright
Producer Roger Bobb
Billoah Greene
Scary Movie 4: An Interview with Regina Hall

Hall talks about returning for a 4th time as Brenda Meeks and working with Marisa Tomei on her next project, "Danika".

Smith set to star in "Greenbacks"

Queen Latifah set to star in "Welfare Queen"

Principal photography begins on Screen Gems’ “STEPPIN,” starring Columbus Short and Meagan Good

Griffin to headline "Redline" with Wyclef Jean
P.D.R. casting news

Kimberly Elise is the latest to join the Terrence Howard-Bernie Mac pic.
50 Cent news

50 Cent to team with Nic Cage in The Dance
X-Men: The Last Stand TV spots online
Latino Review has 3 clips on the anticipated film
Samuel L. Jackson news

Jackson to star in 1408 with John Cusack
The Sentinel update

New images with Michael Douglas, Keifer Sutherland, and Eva Longoria
ATL: Cast Interviews
Big Boi
Evan Ross
Lauren London
BASIC INSTINCT 2 : Cast Interviews

Sharon Stone
David Morrissey

Queen Latifah speaks to Dark Horizons about the film.

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United 93

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The Cleaner

Wassup Rockers
Waist Deep

In The Land of Women

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
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Pan's Labyrinth
World Trade Center
The Devil Wears Prada
Alpha Dog


John Tucker Must Die

Miami Vice

As You Like It
A Prairie Home Companion
The Last King of Scotland

Lady in the Water
The Sentinel
Memoirs of a Geisha

Pirates of the Carribean 2
Jump Shot
Slow Burn
Lonely Hearts
End Game
Ghost Rider
A Scanner Darkly



Latest Review Additions:
w United 93 (in Film )
Be prepared for an emotional and realistic ride on United 93.
w Clean (in Film )
A worthwhile examination of the crash landing of a delusional junkie with an attitude who’s been behaving like a spoiled-rotten diva.
w Aeon Flux (in Film )
The film features a mind-bending, sci-fi plotline that is actually more engaging than that of your average futuristic adventure.
w Preaching to the Choir (in Film )
Preaching to the Choir features the same Prodigal Son plotline. Yet, this hastily-mounted, sloppily-edited production is so poorly executed that it fails to measure up to the original in terms of quality.
w Scary Movie 4 (in Film )
Zucker relies on the services of an expanded principal cast plus a boatload of celebrity cameos to keep his clever combination of slapstick, sight gags, and bodily-function humor unfolding at a rapid fire pace.
w Kinky Boots (in Film )
"Kinky Boots" is a heartwarming tale about the unlikely friendship forged between a black drag queen and the recently-engaged heir to a shoe factory fortune.
w Sisters in Law (in Film )
Sisters in Law packs a powerful punch by exposing the evils of a patriarchal culture inclined to look the other way whenever men oppress women.
w Irish Jam DVD (in Film )
This transparent romantic comedy unfolds fairly predictably, relying on lots of simplistically-drawn stereotypes at every turn, such as its portrayal of the Irish as hot-headed drunkards and blacks as superficial simpletons.
w Ellie Parker DVD (in Film )
The only flaw of this flick, which is admittedly amusing in spots, lies in its aforementioned poor quality cinematography which intermittently interferes with one’s ability to concentrate on an otherwise engaging story.
w Phat Girlz (in Film )
Phat Girlz fails to do a decent job of convincing the audience of its basic premise that being morbidly obese is a condition which deserves to be celebrated.
w 95 Miles To Go (in Film )
What makes 95 Miles to Go so appealing is how Ray Romano so effortlessly conveys the sense that he’s the same approachable guy offstage that you see on TV and onstage.
w ATL (in Film )
"ATL” does Atlanta by proud by taking a predictable story and adding music, humor, and romance in a simple tale of life in the hood. It’s an emotional, moving, and pleasure film for all to enjoy.
An exciting start to what is sure to be a twisted, sexy thriller, the film badly disappoints. Sharon Stone’s reprisal of her role as Catherine Tramell is the only positive in this sequel.
w Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (in Film )
This film surpasses the original in every way.  It is much funnier and packed with clever double entendres that’ll whiz over the kids and hit their parents squarely in the funny bone. 
w Inside Man (in Film )
Inside Man” is his most commercial film to date and it’s his best film since “25th Hour”. Everything from the writing, the acting, the cinematography and the music works.
w Adventures of Brer Rabbit DVD (in Film )
A politically-correct adventure about a mischievous hare which can be safely shared with the kids, and ought to be enjoyed by young and old alike.
w Lonesome Jim (in Film )
Steve Buscemi steps behind the camera to direct a movie filled with folks every bit as quirky as the ones he’s personally portrayed onscreen.
w American Gun (in Film )
American Gun is far less gory than one might expect, given its subject-matter. It's a moving morality play indicting this nation for its ongoing love affair with the Second Amendment.
w Derailed DVD (in Film )
An amoral thriller strictly for those ready to see adultery as a cause celebre.
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