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June 2005
Week of June 20th through June 24th

The 9th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival gets underway this week in NYC from June 22-June 26. Dircetor Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man, Undercover Brother) will kick off the opening with the premiere of his latest film, ROLL BOUNCE, featuring Bow Wow. The centerpiece of the festival will be the critically acclaimed film, RIZE, which will then open up in theaters this Friday, and closing the festival will be the audience award winner from Sundance, HUSTLE AND FLOW, featuring an amazing performance by Terrence Howard and the entire cast. For more information on the festival, click here.
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Latest Features Additions:
Insideman News

Ejoifor and Dafoe join Washington and Owen in Spike Lee's film.

Rize: An Interview with the Cast

Members of the Krumps talk about the dancing style that is catching attention.

Apollo Theater Foundation

Apollo Theater Foundation Presents Its Inaugural Spring Benefit: The Magic Lives On.

Herbie: Fully Loaded: Cast Interviews

Lindsay Lohan
Director Angela Robinson

Mekhi Phifer News

Mekhi Phifer Making Directorial Debut.

The System Within News

Tariq Alexander, Chingy, Bryce Wilson, Hawthorne James in "The
System Within".

Theater News

Taye Diggs and Anthony Mackie to do A Soldier's Play on theater.

Laurence Fishburne News

Fishburne joins Cruise in "Mission Impossible 3".

Batman Begins: Cast Interviews

Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Katie Holmes
Director Christopher Nolan

Eddie Murphy News

Murphy joins Foxx and Beyonce in Dreamgirls.

Vin Diesel News

Diesel is The Hitman.


Batman Begins will shown on IMAX theaters with Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory to follow.

First Look: Hustle & Flow

New pictures added.

Thomas Carter News

Thomas Carter to direct Marcus Dixon.

Time for Some Action

Kerry Washington talks post-Ray, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Fantastic Four.


Selected films include Roll Bounce, Hustle & Flow, and Rize.

Rent News

Trailer to the Broadway musical - film now online.

Regina Hall News

Hall joins The Optimist.

June DVD Releases

Chucky's back and so is Chilli Palmer among this week's releases.

Christina Milian News

Milian joins Pulse thriller.

Wayne Brady News

Talk show host ready for the big screen.

Rock School : An Interview with the Cast

Director Don Argott, Producer Sheena m. Joyce, Founder and director Paul Green and student C.J Tywoniak talked about this documentary came together.

Kerry Washington News

Washington joins King of Scotland.

Black Snake Moan News

Jackson and Ricci join Craig Brewer's next film.

Dukes of Hazzard

Take a look at the poster and images.

Summer Preview 2005

Here's a look at what's ahead this summer.

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First Looks

The Great Raid

George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
Lonely Hearts
Four Brothers
End Game
The Island
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
The Brothers Grimm
Ghost Rider
Cry Wolf
A Scanner Darkly
Akeelah and the Bee
The Tenants
Red Eye
Herbie: Fully Loaded
Hustle and Flow
Batman Begins
Dying for Dolly
War Of The Worlds
Aeon Flux
The Man
Into the Blue

Carlito's Way

Underworld: Evolution
Roll Bounce

The Cave
Memoirs of a Geisha
An Unfinished Life
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
The Fantastic Four



Latest Review Additions:
Batman Begins Review (in Film )
"Batman Begins" is one of the best transitions from the comic book to the big screen. Not only is it spectacular, but it is truly amazing and embodied by such a talented cast.

Casino DVD Review (in Film )
A chock full of deleted scenes and commentaries are added to this gem of a film.

Brother to Brother DVD Review (in Film )
Rodney Evans’ film is one small part of a long struggle to open the cellar door and let in the light.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Review (in Film )
Together, Pitt and Jolie make the perfect on-screen couple because this film is the best action film for both sexes. It offers romance and comedy that should delight the fans of these stars.

The Honeymooners Review (in Film )
"The Honeymooners" is a dismal remake of a classic TV show that makes one go back to Blockbusters to rent the original show just for the laughs.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Review (in Film )
We may not all enjoy films on romance, or some young girls life’s journey, but what the film ultimately does is remind us of our basic human conditions, putting life into perspective yet again.

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith Review (in Film )
Sith is the best of the prequels and a magnificent ending to cinema's most popular films.

Mad Hot Ballroom Review (in Film )
MHB is a film about adolescence against the backdrop of ballroom dancing. It's a heartwarming film, where there are no losers but winners across the board.

Crash Review (in Film )
Although some the stories in the film seem contrived, the actors portraying the roles are not only convincing but perhaps give their best performance to date.

XXX: State of the Union Review (in Film )
With the exception of a bullet train at infinite speed and the dialogue, which gave Speedman and Dafoe the worst lines of the film, the film is appealing because Cube and Jackson are worth watching.

Kingdom of Heaven Review (in Film )
The film revels in its desire to be the next great epic, but it merely falls to a solid somewhat banal period piece of excellent bloody sword and arrow play in numerous battles.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Review (in Film )
Hitchhiker's is a breath of fresh air.  It's an inventive escape from the recent batch of uncreative, dispassionate science fiction films..

The Year of the Yao Review (in Film )
The Year of the Yao is a tremendously entertaining film. It's easily the best basketball film I've seen in years.

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