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June 2005
Batman Begins: An Interview with Katie Holmes

Batman Begins: An Interview with Katie Holmes

By Wilson Morales

After so many years on TV as "Josephine 'Joey' Potter" on Dawson's Creek and a few films to her credit, Katie Holmes is currently the talk of the town because of her current status in the film world. On June 15th, the world will see Holmes in the latest Batman film, Batman Begins, in which she plays Rachel Dawes, Gotham City's District Attorney and childhood friend to Bruce Wayne. The film is expected to be a blockbuster which sequels to follow. At the same time, Holmes is also getting attention for her recent romance with Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise. In speaking with blackfilm.com, Holmes goes over her role in and her romance with Mr. Cruise.

Katie, being the DA in this film, was this like "Law and Order" for you? Do you think you were cast because you are intelligent looking, but beautiful?

KH: Thank you. I was so excited to play such a strong female character and Rachel is tough. She's worked hard for everything that she's gotten and she's strong willed and enthusiastic and she's a fighter. It was exciting to play her and exciting to play a D.A. In my real life, I'm the daughter of an attorney and sister of one.

What was it like being in the batmobile?

KH: It was so exciting. The first time I saw the batmobile, I finally understood why men love cars. I always responded differently until I saw the big wheels and heard it turn on, and I was like, "Do it again."

Your character is the only one that isn't part of the mythology already. Did you feel a sense of freedom knowing your character was written for the screen as opposed to the others who came from the comic book?

KH: Yeah, it was great. The script was very well written and she was very well written. She was very much on the page already and I felt great playing her.

What did you want to give your character?

KH: Rachel had so much strength and I wanted to just make sure that was seen. I loved the relationship between Bruce and Rachel and how their relationship, because they have known each other for so long, they earned that care for each other and that closeness. That was exciting and I really wanted to make sure that pure friendship was perceived.

Have you signed on for more that the first film or not?

KH: Mentally, I have.

Did you have to screen test for your role?

KH: Yes.

What was your screen test like? Did you do it with Christian or by yourself?

KH: Christian had already been cast as Batman and I flew to London and did a couple of scenes and it was great.

How do you feel about your career at this point? You have this big summer movie coming out and you're on some of the posters.

KH: I'm really excited. I'm really happy. I think it will be a great summer. I just saw the movie and I'm proud of it and I'm so proud to be in it. I felt great.

You can watch the media talk about the film, especially when you have other things going on in your life. There was something on TV about "Inside Edition" doing a story on you.

KH: I'm very happy.

Do you think that (her relationship with Tom Cruise) will overshadow the movie in some way?

KH: I don't care.

Can the press be annoying at times? When you're in love, I'm sure you want to be left alone?

KH: You know what? I'm just so happy and I'm happy when other people are happy and it's exciting.

Can you talk about how the two of you met? One story is that Tom called you up and invited you to the office and there's a story online that says that the two met at scientology meetings. So what's the true story?

KH: We went on a great date. He's the most amazing man in the world.

Is it true that you had always dreamed about him when you were a kid? That you always wanted to go on a date with Tom Cruise?

KH: I always wanted to marry Tom Cruise. (Laughs)

Do you laugh at these reports that you are engaged and ready to have kids and all this stuff?

KH: I don't see a lot of that stuff, but it's all good. I'm so happy. I love him.

What does he bring to your life?

KH: I feel like he's made my life.

In what way?

KH: He's amazing. He's kind. He's generous. He's smart. He's Tom Cruise. He's the most artistic man I ever met. He's a joy. He makes me laugh like I never laughed.

With Tom Cruise promoting to the world that he loves you, do you think it may be harmful to his career? Is Paramount putting a question mark to Mission Impossible 3? Will the film get made?

KH: Well, he's at stunt rehearsal right now.

Katie, would you consider working with him? There was a rumor that you were going to be in "Mission Impossible 3". Is that still a possibility?

KH: Well, I'm going to be on the set of "Mission Impossible 3".

Why not do a part in the film?

KH: Obviously, I would be honored to work with Tom, but right now, I love loving Tom.

Do you have another film lined up?

KH: I just finished shooting a movie called "Thank you for smoking" and I'm reading a bunch of scripts right now, and we'll see what happens.

Is that film a comedy?

KH: Yes, and it's with Aaron Eckhart.

Is that based on the book?

KH: Yes, and I think it will be a very funny movie. I play a tobacco lobbyist.

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