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October 2004
Week of October 4th through October 8th

Comedy meets New York's Finest

TAXI opens Oct.6

"Chicago’s" Queen Latifah and "Saturday Night Live’s" Jimmy Fallon team up in this non-stop action-comedy. Latifah is New York’s fastest cabbie whose skills behind the wheel and souped-up car help an overeager undercover cop (Jimmy Fallon) pursue a gang of female bank robbers. Directed by Tim Story (Barbershop) , the film also stars are Jennifer Esposito, Gisele Bundchen, Henry Simmons, and Ann- Margaret. 

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Latest Features Additions:
Around the Bend: An Interview with Christopher Walken
Walken recently spoke about  his many imitators, as well as his thirty year relationship with moviemaking and creating a compelling father-son conflict in the forthcoming dramedy.
Woman Thou Art Loosed: Cast Interviews
Bishop T.D. Jakes
Kimberly Elise

Taxi: An Interview with Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah talks about what led her to do this film, her fascination with cars, and working with NYPD Blue's Henry Simmons, who plays her boyfriend in the film.
October's DVD Releases
The month opens up with Genie (Alladin), a hockey mask (Friday the 13th), and plea to vote (Fahrenheit 9/11).

Ladder 49 : Cast Interviews
John Travolta
Jaoquin Phoenix
Morris Chestnut

Exclusive Trailer: Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Take a look at the latest film starring Kimberly Elise and Shemar Moore.

Friday Night Lights: An Interview with Derek Luke and Jay Hernandez
Luke and Hernandez recently spoke about their experience on the film, which also stars Lucas Black and Billy Bob Thornton.

XXX: State of the Union: On the Set with Ice Cube
While on the set of his latest film, Cube shares his thoughts on the movie, his success as an actor/producer/director, and the current state of Black films overall.

Chisholm '72: An Interview with Director Shola Lynch
Director Shola Lynch talks about the making of Shirley Chisholm's campaign to be President of The United States of America.

Motorcycle Diaries: Cast Interviews
Director Walter Salles
Gael Garcia

The Forgotten: An Interview with Julianne Moore
Ms. Moore talks about her role in the film as well as working with husband, director Bart Freundlich on a future film.

First Daughter : An Interview with Katie Holmes
Holmes recently spoke about her experience on the film, about her upcoming project "Batman Begins", and the prospect of growing up on screen.

Shaun of the Dead: An Interview with Simon Pegg
British actor Simon Pegg and he recently spoke to blackfilm.com in regards to the film and the comedy aspects of it.

The Last Shot: Cast Interviews
Alec Baldwin
Matthew Broderick

DVD Releases
September films brings us Denzel, Melvin and Star Wars.

Mr. 3000 : Cast Interviews
Bernie Mac
Director Charles Stone III

Set Visit: Guess Who
Blackfilm.com recently had the rare opportunity to watch the one and only Bernie Mac- in action- during a set visit to his upcoming film, currently titled "Guess Who", which also stars Ashton Kutcher.
Fall Preview
Now that the Fall is over; get ready for an avalanche of films that have the potential to be blockbusters, flops, and Oscar Contenders.

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First Look: Moolaade
First Look: Hotel Rwanda

First Look: Friday Night Lights
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Latest Review Additions:
Friday Night Lights (in Film )
It is far from perfect and not in the league of the great sports films, but is an accomplished effort and well worth seeing.
I Heart Huckabees (in Film )
Huckabees is a tremendously clever satire of modern culture. It is a wacky, peculiar film that'll have you bored with pretentiousness or extolling its genius.
Woman Thou Art Loosed (in Film )
This true to life film is a moving, fearful, emotional ride that will have the audience's attention from the very beginning, to the very tearful and dramatic ending.
A Dirty Shame (in Film )
John Waters is in a class by himself.  His schlocky B-movies are either funny as hell or god awful.  This film unfortunately falls into the latter category.
Motorcycle Diaries (in Film )
Walter Salles, the acclaimed Brazilian director of Central Station, achieves greatness here. He tells a sublimely provocative story, but never forgets that his characters are on an epic journey.
Silver City (in Film )
Silver City is a thinking man's film. It has an involved storyline that requires attention from the viewer. Watch it for excellent filmmaking and Sayles's political ideology.
Head in the Clouds (in Film )
Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron are a real life couple, but have no chemistry whatsoever in the film. The love story is not convincingly portrayed and that theme is the arc of the film. 
The Cookout (in Film )
It's time to drop all pretenses and call out the people inundating us with an unrelenting stream of cinematic garbage. The Cookout is a good idea with a terrible script. 
Suspect Zero (in Film )
Suspect Zero is another failed attempt in the serial killer genre. The studio behind this would save themselves loads of money in marketing and distribution by sending this straight to video.  It's that bad.
Vanity Fair (in Film )
Mira Nair, the renowned Indian director behind Monsoon Wedding, really overstretches the scope of the story.The result is a disjointed film that becomes incredibly tedious to watch.
We Don't Live Here Anymore (in Film )
We Don't Live Here Anymore is an intense, personal drama about two married couples and their reactions to infidelity. The acting is absolutely superb.  Every performance is unique and right on the money.
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