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October 2004
Woman Thou Art Loosed: An Interview with Kimberly Elise

Woman Thou Art Loosed: An Interview with Kimberly Elise

By Tonisha Johnson

Kimberly brings her strong acting skills from films such as Set It Off, Beloved and John Q to Woman thou art loosed. Her character tells a story of abuse and distrust. Kimberly takes her role to a true to life form, giving the audience feeling and emotion from such a dramatic role.

What made you want to do this film?

KE: I looked at the script and thought it was really brave and honest and an important film. I thought it was an opportunity to give a body a voice and a face to millions of victims of abuse that are silenced. I thought, what a great honor to represent them.

How did you prepare yourself for this role?

K.E. I just really trust the material and the journey of the character and mix that with my own emotional base and the character comes to life.

The characters you play are so serious. Is there ever a time where you want to expand your roles into something other than drama?

K.E. I think that they have all been completely different. The only similarities are that they have all been people of survival. They're able to tap into their own resources and do what they need to do. Not anything other than that. I look to broaden more in the comedic aspect, which is what I'm doing. I have a film coming out in February I believe. Where I get to play a little bit more. I love whatever is good. Be it dramatic or comedy. Really, that's my only agenda.

How do you feel about singers getting roles as oppose to professional actors who have studied seriously?

K.E. I think the best person should get the part. I mean, I can't go in by actor by actor and say who should have gotten a part, who shouldn't have gotten a part but I think who's ever best for the part should get the part. And ummm, I don't really have a whole lot to say about that.

In regards to the storyline of the film, what would you suggest that we do to protect our children?

K.E. I believe in being very preventative. Being very aware of who our children are with. You really can't trust anybody, unfortunately. Teaching our children to know that they can talk to us and tell us about anything and have very open lines of communication. That type of thing.

What response from the community do you expect in regards to Woman, thou art loosed?

K.E. Oh. I think this film is excellent. And I think that people will see it and appreciate it and be moved by it.

Do you see the lives of black families going in a positive direction?

K.E. Well, hopefully black families will be strong and continue to be strong. And we all united as one family and not individuals.

What more can we expect from Kimberly Elise?

K.E. I have a film coming out in February called Diary of a Mad Black Woman.


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