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July 2004
First Look: Brother to Brother

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First Look: Brother to Brother

Release Date: Fall 2004
Distributor: Wolfe Releasing
Film Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Director: Rodney Evans
Screenwriter: Rodney Evans
Producers: Rodney Evans, Jim McKay, Aimee Schoof and Isen Robbins
Cast: Anthony Mackie, Roger Robinson, Larry Gilliard Jr., Aunjanue Ellis, Duane Boutte, Daniel Sunjata, Ray Ford, Alex Burns and Billoah Greene.

The feature-film debut of filmmaker Rodney Evans, who wrote and produced in addition to taking on directing duties, "Brother to Brother" is the first feature-length narrative drama that deals with the rich cultural time period known as the Harlem Renaissance. It presents the lives and experiences of well known writers such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston who are read throughout the world and brings wider recognition to lesser known but equally important figures such as Bruce Nugent and Wallace Thurman. The film strives to make links between these historical figures and the lives of young, contemporary African-American artists as they begin to emerge and fulfill their full potential. Anthony Mackie stars as Perry Williams, a young man dealing with the strife involved with being both African-American and a homosexual in contemporary New York. He is shunned by his father for his sexual identity and wary of being viewed as a sell-out by black peers when his work gains a white audience. When Williams meets an aging poet who was involved in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1930s, he suddenly finds himself transported back in time and cavorting with the likes of Langston Hughes (Daniel Sunjata) and Zora Neale Hurston (Aunjanue Ellis). Among such legends, Williams is able to gain perspective about his own life.

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