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July 2004
Week of July 12th through July 16th

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Latest Features Additions:
I, Robot: An Interview with Will Smith
Smith recently sat down with blackfilm.com to discuss his latest role, and psychology of the summer blockbuster, and exploring new territories in his career after saving the world time and again.
First Look: Brother to Brother
Coming out this Fall is a film that explores the early works of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston.
A Cinderella Story: An Interview with Chad Michael Murray
Chad recently spoke to blackfilm.com about working with Hilary in his new film, A CINDERELLA STORY, and being in Australia with Paris Hilton filming "HOUSE OF WAX" when a fire burnt down the set.
DVD Releases
he month of July offers a slew of special editons as The Manchurian Candidate, the original film, comes with commentaries and interviews from Frank Sinatra, George Axelrod, and John Frankenheimer.

Sneak Peak: Collateral
Check out Jada Pinkett Smith's latest film with Jamie Foxx.
King Arthur - Cast Interviews
Clive Owen
Kiera Knightly
Antoine Fuqua
Sneak Peak: Batman Begins
Take a look at Morgan Freeman playing Lucius Fox in BATMAN BEGINS
Sneak Peak: Be Cool
Here are some shots of F. Gary Gray's next film featuring Outkast's Andre 3000.
Coming Soon: The Manchurian Candidate
Take a look at some photos of Denzel's next film.
Spiderman 2 - Cast Interviews
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst
Alfred Molina
Sam Raimi
First Look: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Take a first look at Mike Epps's next film, the sequel to Resident Evil.
De-Lovely - Cast Interviews
Kevin Kline
Ashley Judd
Two Brothers : An Interview with Guy Pearce
Pearce recently spoke to blackfilm.com about his involvement in the film, and about conquering the fierce creatures he competes with on screen.
First Look: Woman Thou Art Loosed
Here's a first look Woman Thou Art Loosed.
Dodgeball - Cast Interviews
Ben Stiller
Christine Taylor
Hi-Res First Look: Spiderman 2
Here's a first look at a Spiderman 2 photo!
Ashley Judd's brief comments
Ashley Judd talks about why she couldn't play Catwoman.
Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Co-presented by Human Rights Watch and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the festival will run from Friday, June 11 to Thursday, June 24 at the Film Society's Walter Reade Theater in New York City.

Garfield - Cast Interviews
Jim Davis
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Napoleon Dynamite : An Interview with Jon Heder
One of the breakout stars this summer may be Jon Heder. He's absolutely amazing in the critically acclaimed indie film, Napoleon Dynamite.
The Chronicles of Riddick - Cast Interviews
Vin Diesel
David Twohy
Sneak Peak: Friday Night Lights
Take a look at Derek Luke's latest film.
Sneak Peak: Ray
Here's a first look of Jamie Foxx playing Ray Charles.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Cast Interviews
Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson
Robbe Coltrane
Alfonso Cuaron
The Day After Tomorrow: Cast Interviews
Jake Gyllenhaal
Roland Emmerich
Catwoman : An Interview with Producer Edward McConnell
Producer Edward McConnell talks about the making of Catwoman and why Halle Berry is the best choice for the role.
BAADASSSSS! : An Interview with Mario Van Peebles
Mario talks about his reason he made this film as well as his own experience on the original production.
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Latest Review Additions:
I, Robot (in Film)
I, Robot is more of a popcorn film than hardcore science fiction. The result is a slick action film with a decent story. I, Robot could have probably been better, but is enjoyable enough to warrant another viewing.
Anchorman (in Film)
The problem with Anchorman is that it's totally brainless. It has a wire thin plot that loosely holds together the film's zany gags.
Spider-Man 2 (in Film)
If there was ever a sequel that captured the hearts and imaginations of its fans as well as lived up to its massive expectations, it's Spider-Man 2. It ranks right up there with Superman 2 and X-Men 2 as one of the best sequels to a comic book franchise.

The Clearing (in Film)
Besides the fact the film is well acted, there's not enough compelling moments for it to be suspenseful or satisfying.

Before Sunset (in Film)
Before Sunset is a deeply romantic, sublimely beautiful film. It is cinematic poetry, a love story like nothing we've ever seen. Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, and Richard Linklater have made a romance to rival the classics. It is a lovely film.

White Chicks (in Film)
Marlon and Shawn may be the leads of the film, but Terry Crews and the rest of the cast are truly funny in what may be the most underrated comedy film of the year.

Fahrenheit 9/11 (in Film)
Fahrenheit 9/11 will sweep like a hurricane across America when it is released. It's a brilliant documentary in every possible way. It runs the entire gamut of human emotion. It is funny, harrowing, despicable, grotesque, heartbreaking, shameless, and informative all at once.

The Terminal (in Film)
The Terminal is the worst Spielberg film I've ever seen. He has had an incredible run of success in Hollywood, but was bound to hit a low point sooner or later. The film will make money because of the marquis names, but will leave audiences totally unsatisfied.

The Chronicles of Riddick (in Film)
With the exception of the visual effects, žThe Chronicle of RiddickÓ is an adequate sci-fi action flick filled with many Shakespeare references that make no sense. In terms of action, it should boost Diesel's career because he is commanding in this role, but there's no substance to his character.

Spartan DVD Review (in Film)
Currently out on DVD, David Mamet's Spartan is a crisp, taut thriller, laden with surprises and frenetic in its pace. It succeeds as a first-rate thriller and that's hard to find these days in Hollywood.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (in Film)
"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" is the best of three Harry Potter films presented on the big screen thus far. Fans will embrace the maturity of the characters, ponder the mystery that is set for them and enjoy the adventure that will bring them back for more.

I'll Sing For You (in Film)
A legendary musician is reborn again through his music in this fascinating documentary
The Day After Tomorrow (in Film)
The dialogue is absolutely terrible and the constant environmental propaganda becomes unbearable, but the film is fantastic eye-candy and delivers an awesome cinematic spectacle.
Baadasssss! (in Film)
Mario Van Peebles has decided to make a film in homage to his father by recreating that the process that led to that film, "Sweet Sweetback's BaadAsssss Song", being made. "Baadasssss!" captures the essence of independent filmmaking. It's entertaining and inspirational
Soul Plane (in Film)
The film makes no effort whatsoever to have any semblance of a plot or character development. There are a few chuckles, but there needed to be some gutbusters for Soul Plane to succeed. .  A ride on a real plane would be more entertaining.
Raising Helen (in Film)
Raising Helen is the same, dismal formula film that Hollywood cranks out year after year.  It has no surprises, no character development, and worst of all, tries to manipulate your feelings with crappy melodrama.
Saved (in Film)
Saved is one of those films where everybody learns a lesson and grows in the end.  This is annoying because it makes the film utterly predictable. So the film's approach is kind of wasted if all the characters learn something and the audience does not.
Shrek 2 (in Film)
Dreamworks has done an amazing job of not only bring back the stellar cast but coming up with a plot that all will enjoy. Shrek 2 is the one of the best animated sequels to come out in theaters in a long time. It's just as good as the original.
Troy (in Film)
The CGI and wooden dialogue come dangerously close to diminishing the film, but the positive aspects far outweigh the negative.  Troy will surely be a hit with audiences and march to box office glory this weekend. 
Coffee & Cigarettes (in Film)
Over the years Jarmusch compiled more segments, completing the series in 2003.  It's hit or miss as far as the segments go.  Some are boring and nonsensical while others are hilarious and brilliantly performed.
Laws of Attraction (in Film)
Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore are attractive actors that have great screen chemistry together. Unfortunately, that doesn't save Laws of Attraction from being an average at best romantic comedy. They deserve a better plot for their romantic escapades.

Mean Girls (in Film)
Just when you thought you've seen all the teen movies possible.this one surprises you. This undiscovered comedy is a definite early "summer" bird contender. It has all the makings of a box office hit.

Man on Fire (in Film)
Man on Fire is a film that will own you utterly as you watch it. Denzel Washington delivers a revenge film of raw feeling and ferocity. He goes to the darkest, most nuanced place of his career and it is more hardcore than this reviewer could have ever imagined. 

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