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June 2004
Ashley Judd's Brief Comments

Ashley Judd's Brief Comments

While in Los Angeles promoting her latest film, DeLovely, Ms. Judd was asked whether or not she was offered the part of Catwoman, which will hits the screens next month starring Oscar Winner Halle Berry.

Ashley: Yeah, I was attached to the material for a while and it's just of those coincidences that Bill Kenwright, who produced Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, had booked a theater on Broadway very far in advance, as one must, and the script came together and Warner Bros. was so excited that they could finally and confidentally greenlight a movie with the right script and the right director and it was a conflight. There was a slight overlap of the dates and I didn't sweat it. I really wanted to do that play and i knew that it required a lot of preparation. I had to get to New York quite early for our first preview and it was a no-brainer.

Have you seen the trailer for Catwoman?

Ashley: I have not. I haven't been to the movies for in long. I'm not really excited by anything that's playing right now.


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