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June 2004

By Wilson Morales

White Chicks

Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Producers: Keenen Ivory Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez, Lee R. Mayes
Screenwriters: Keenen Ivory Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Andy McElfresh, Michael Anthony Snowden, Xavier Cook
Director of Photography: Steven Bernstein
Cast: Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Terry Crews, Frankie Faison, Busy Phillips, Jaime King, & John Heard



With as many comedies out there spoofing actors, films, race, and stereotypes, White Chicks is the one film that wasn't to fake the funk. Keenen wants you to know that he's making fun of white chicks and their so-called stereotypes. Marlon and Shawn may be the leads of the film, but Terry Crews and the rest of the cast are truly funny in what may be the most underrated comedy film of the year.

Kevin and Marcus Copeland (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) are bumbling cops who can't solve a case on their own without making such a mess. When they are relegated to babysit the spoiled and rich Wilson sisters, Brittany (Maitland Ward) and Tiffnay (Anne Dudek), because of a possible kidnapping attempt, the guys still find a way to foul this assignment. On the way to the Hamptons for the summer, the guys get in a car accident and girls get minor scratches and bruises on the faces. To them, it would ruin the chances to make the cover of the Hampton, and to the guys, it may end their careers. The only thing to do to salvage the situation is to pose as the sisters, go to the Hamptons and try to smoke out the kidnappers. Wearing layers of makeup, and clothes, the "Wilsons" are recognized by their friends (Busy Phillips, Jennifer Carpenter, and Jessica Cauffiel) who see the change as lots of botox work. At the same time, the girls have to fend off the advances of a Puffy Combs like player (Terry Crews) and the constant humiliation tactics set by their archrivals, the Vandergeld sisters (Jaime King & Brittany Daniel). Not only do Kevin and Marcus have to fool the girls, and the cops, but Marcus has to protect his marriage from destruction, because his wife (Drew Sidora) ain't having it.

Contrary to what others might say or have written, this film is really funny. There are so many laughable scenes that it would it be impossible not to bring out the handkerchief. At times when we see the commercials of a film, most of the best scenes are in it, but this film holds some scenes back. Terry Crews, who's currently in "Baadassss!" and "Soul Plane" should be a breakout star after his performance in this film. He's absolutely stole the film from the Wayans. His rendition of Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles is simply the highlight of the film. Forget about talking about the makeup, Keenen wasn't looking to create something to perfection. He's making a comedy and he wants you to know it. This film can look at as the comedic take of "Bad Boys" where you have two black cops taking care of a white girl, whereas in this film, it's two of them. The girls in the film also lend their support to their film, especially the dance sequence where they all get to do their thing.