July 2001
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The blackfilm.com crew is extremely pleased to bring you the midnight @ blackfilm.com summer series. We would like to extend a sincere thanks to all of the filmmakers, sponsors, guests and a special thanks to the Kodak family, specifically, Melanie S. Jones, for working with us as our Presenting Sponsor. If you are not aware, Eastman Kodak has been contributing to the Independent film movement since the term was coined. Thanks again Kodak for helping filmmakers to realize their vision. For more information about Kodak, click here.

KEEPING WITH THE INDIE FLOW, check out the work of Wilson Morales as he has combed the movie-houses of New York to deliver reviews of three hot indie flicks: "Downtown 81" is a dusty-tale starring the real life Basquiat; "Adanggaman" - some real player hating from the 17th Century and "Off The Hook" which is based on a true story about two young men trying to come up in the hip-hop game and life. Peek into the Editor's Note where Shelby Jones says, "No One Knows."

CHECK-OUT RUSH HOUR 2 @ blackfilm.com -- read interviews with Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Zhang Ziyi & Brett Ratner, view a gallery of photos from the movie, and play the RH2 Trivia Contest where you could WIN a signed RH2 poster, t-shirts and DVD Dragon Packs with Friday and the original Rush Hour.

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK for our views on hot bands, DVD's, film reviews, commentary and much more…

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Editor's Note

Latest Editorial Additions:
"No One Knows - The Initial Thoughts"
Of course the industry players know certain things that work, but no one really knows, so I figured I would take a shot at creating a quick list for the creative executives that pick em', the scribes, the financiers and the lonely Producer who always lays it on the line to get it done.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Latest Interview Additions:
Interview with Brett Ratner

In this international roundtable interview, director Brett Ratner fields questions about the sequel Rush Hour II as well as the compatibility & appeal of Chinese and black culture in one film.

by Midas


Interview with Jackie Chan

In this interview, Chan reveals the pressures of being Jackie Chan, making the Rush Hour sequel, his search for movies that appeal to all audiences, and his cynicism with Hollywood’s recent interest in Asian films.

by Midas


Interview with Chris Tucker

In the sequel to the mega hit, Rush Hour, Chris Tucker takes us on a comedic joyride from Vegas to Hong Kong and back again and.... he even does his own stunts!! The funny man tells blackfilm.com what it was like the second time around.

by Niambi Sims


Interview with Zhang Ziyi

She mesmerized us in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Now this 22 year-old Chinese actress is about to make her mark on Hollywood in New Line Cinema’s Rush Hour 2.  Zhang Ziyi gives blackfilm.com the scoop.

by Niambi Sims


An interview with Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett is one, if not the best, leading African-American actress today. She has played so many well-known historical figures from Betty Shabazz, to Katherine Jackson to her Oscar nominated role as Tina Turner.

by Wilson Morales

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Latest Film Reviews Additions:
SHOWTIME'S ANNUAL BLACK FILMMAKER SHOWCASE - Accepting Entries for 2002 Competition
As part of The Black Experience, SHOWTIME is proud to provide the opportunity for young African-American filmmakers to express themselves through its annual Black Filmmaker Showcase.
“Adanggaman” shows a slice of history that still exists today. Black on Black crime is something that began long ago when survival of the fittest meant who had more power.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Downtown 81
It’s not a great film, but rather disjointed as nothing really makes sense. But considering this is the only glimpse one would ever see of Basquiat before he was discovered by Andy Warhol, this film is somewhat of a masterpiece...

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Off The Hook
In recent times, there have been a number of true-life stories brought to the screen. The difference between those films and “Off the Hook” is that the latter features the individual whose life is being displayed.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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