July 2001
Week of July 20th thru July 27th


Latest Additions:
SHOWTIME'S ANNUAL BLACK FILMMAKER SHOWCASE - Accepting Entries for 2002 Competition
As part of The Black Experience, SHOWTIME is proud to provide the opportunity for young African-American filmmakers to express themselves through its annual Black Filmmaker Showcase.
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Latest Additions:
"Made" is a dark comedy about two losers who take a job that turns out to be more dangerous than they expected. The film isn't as clever as "Swingers" but it boast enough witty dialogue to make it entertaining.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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The Caveman’s Valentine
The Caveman’s Valentine score combines folk, jazz, classical and traditional orchestral styles to create a dramatic and creative imagination for all listeners.

Reviewed by Lee "Kansas" Moore

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One Shots

Latest Additions:
The Bone Collector
This is a very entertaining and intriguing film. Much of its appeal for me is the focus on police forensics.

Reviewed by Dee-Kay

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Latest Additions:
“Adanggaman” shows a slice of history that still exists today. Black on Black crime is something that began long ago when survival of the fittest meant who had more power.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Downtown 81
It’s not a great film, but rather disjointed as nothing really makes sense. But considering this is the only glimpse one would ever see of Basquiat before he was discovered by Andy Warhol, this film is somewhat of a masterpiece...

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Off The Hook
In recent times, there have been a number of true-life stories brought to the screen. The difference between those films and “Off the Hook” is that the latter features the individual whose life is being displayed.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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Latest Additions:
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040
It’s “Charlie’s Angels” – with a sci-fi twist! What if there were four “Angels” instead of three – give ‘em sketchy back  stories, complex motivations, and a dash of cyberpunk.

Reviewed by Daos Boonma

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Latest Additions:
Sparkle : Giving You Something You Can Feel
For three sisters in 1958, this journey would lead to more than they ever imagined. Released in 1976, “Sparkle” is regarded by many as a modern black classic. It stars Irene Cara as the shy Sparkle, youngest of the talented Williams sisters, Lonette Mckee as Sister, the sassy oldest, and Dwan Smith as Delores, the headstrong middle child.

Reviewed by Nasser Metcalfe

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