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Weíre keepiní it simple.  To enter, simply send an email to with your answers to the 10 questions below.  The 1st person to respond with all of the correct answers is the Grand Prize Winner.  The next 10 people to respond with the right answers are the Second-Place Winners.  The contest is RIGHT NOW!  Please note, the contest ends on August 3rd, the day RUSH HOUR 2 opens nationwide.  Winners will be contacted personally and announced in the following Report.

Grand Prize:

RH2 Poster
Signed by Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi and director Brett Ratner

10 Second Place Winners:

DVD Dragon Pack - includes Rush Hour & Friday DVDís, RH2 Poster & T-shirt


1. Chris Tucker starred as Smokey in what New Line film?

A. Cider House Rules
B. Friday
C. Dead Presidents
D. Magnolia

2. In the original RUSH HOUR, Jackie Chan kicks some butt in?

A. McDonalds
B. Roscoes Chicken & Waffles
C. Pool Hall
D. White Cast

3. Brett Ratner directed what other New Line blockbuster?

A. Blow
B. Rush Hour
C. A Few Good Men
D. Set It Off

4. The 1st RUSH HOUR takes place in what American city?

A. Hong Kong
B. New York
C. Los Angeles
D. Atlanta

5. Which of the following is not a Chris Tucker film?

A. Friday
B. Dead Presidents
C. A Few Good Men
D. Jackie Brown

6. Who returns as Clive in RUSH HOUR 2 (Hereís a hint since you havenít seen the movie yet -- his two brothers are also actors)?

A. Chris Penn
B. Don Cheadle
C. Ice Cube
D. Larenz Tate

7. Which of the following is a true statement regarding Jackie Chan?

A. His nose has been broken at least 3 times while performing his own stunts
B. At the age of six, he was a Peking Opera student
C. He had a small role in Cannonball Run
D. All of the above

8. Who played Det. Carter's sidekick on the LAPD in the original RUSH HOUR?

A. Elizabeth Pena
B. Jennifer Lopez
C. Rosie Perez
D. Sanaa Lathan

9. Jackie Chan was born in what far-east city?

A. Hawaii
B. South Africa
C. Poland
D. Hong Kong

10. Zhang Ziyi stars in what 2000 blockbuster?

A. Gladiator
B. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
C. Scary Movie
D. Mission: Impossible II

Contest ends on August 3rd, 2001


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