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Glory and Honor

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GLORY & HONOR Matthew Henson - Co-Discoverer of The North Pole
Glor and Honor Poster By Shelby Jones


A Black Broadcasting Network release of a TNT Original
Directed by Kevin Hooks
Written by Jeffrey Lewis and Susan Rhinehart
Starring Delroy Lindo, Henry Czerny, Bonwen Booth, Samson Jorah, Robert Hooks


"Glory and Honor to reach 70 million television households including 86% of Matthew Henson African-American television viewers. Glory and Honor to broadcast in over 75 television markets in the U.S. between January 22 - February 29, 2000, markets other than D.C. check your local television listing." That was the press release sent out to many via e-mail as the Black Broadcasting Network announced its launch of the first of many films they will broadcast on network television. Blackfilm.com would like to congratulate them on this major achievement. The story of Matthew Henson - co-founder of The North Pole as it is inscribed on his tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery where he is buried along with this nation's heroes. His story is one of many that we should celebrate this Black History Month. So please check your local listings, and don't miss this great story of an American Hero.


Matthew Henson Arctic Expeditions - known to man as one of the most dangerous journeys on planet earth. Much like climbing Mt. Everest, many have tried and many have died. Glory & Honor showcases the many failed and eventual successful journey of African-American Matthew Henson and Robert Peary to the North Pole. Arriving at the North Pole to plant the American flag was a dream of Peary and his "dark companion" would prove to be the undeniable key ingredient in making this dream true for Peary and the United States of America. The film shows us the harsh living conditions and what the sub-freezing Arctic tundra can do to man. How about losing eight toes, forcing you to drink Seal blood and killing a polar bear for pants? Glory & Honor is a story of uncompromising strength, loyalty and determination. Henson & Peary will take you on a ride you will never forget.



  • Delroy Lindo (Matthew Henson) Lindo delivers a commanding performance as the historical North Pole discoverer. Showing feelings of hurt, anger, betrayal and ultimate sacrifice, Lindo proves again why he is one of the most talented actors today. Underappreciated way too much, but his big day is coming. No doubt about that.

  • Henry Czerny (Robert E. Peary) Czerny does a wonderful job in portraying a man selfishly possessed with discovering the North Pole. Zipping in and out of compassion and stalwart leadership, Czerny makes Peary appear as a monster, but making the audience aware that it took the character traits of a monster to accomplish what they did.



    Having been aware of Mathew Henson before seeing this film I was very anxious to see how his story was told. The filmmakers did a remarkable job in showing the many difficulties Henson had to survive outside of the natural elements in capturing the pole with Commander Perry. Of course many of the problems Henson encountered was due to the fact he was Black. Lindo manages to remain encapsulated in a state of "I can't believe this shit" attitude which without a vale delivered his hostility towards Perry for continually denying him his rightful achievement in capturing the pole with him. Overall, the film was quite an interesting watch especially on a Sunday afternoon snuggled under blankies while you watch these men battle sub-freezing temperatures all to plant a flag. It will make you proud and maybe even help to quell that myth that Blacks do not like cold weather.


  • Delroy Lindo - Malcolm X, Mr. Jones, Crooklyn, Get Shorty, Clockers, Ransom, Feeling Minnesota

  • Henry Czerny - Coming Home, The China syndrome, On Golden Pond

  • Kevin Hooks - Passenger 57, Fled, Black Dog


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