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The Rev. DoWrong Ain't Right

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The Rev. DoWrong Ain't Right - In Living Color on the Big Screen
By Shelby J. Jones  


A film from Duck Lit Productions
Directed by D. Mark Grieshop
Produced by Donnice Wilson
Screenplay by Donnice Wilson & Mark Grieshop
Story by Tobin Costen
Produced by David Valdes
Cast Lester Bibbs, Tobin Costen, Bill Lee Brown, Jamal Mixon, Jerod Mixon, Jamie Foster Brown, Yolanda "Yo-Yo" Whitaker and Shane Johnson (See interview in this issue)


As part of the NY-birthed blackcinemacafe, the D.C. crew presented moviegoers with a dose of hilarious comedy from Duck Lit Productions. The Rev. DoWrong Ain't Right was reminiscent of the bawdy yet funny skits often created by Keenan and Damon Wayans on In Living Color. The Rev. DoWrong, played with easy style by comedian Lester Bibbs, is a better trained con artist than Richard Pryor's preacher character in Which Way Is Up? DoWrong was one of the many feature length films that was entered in the 1999 Acapulco Black Film Festival. "DoWrong was made on a hope and a prayer," states the film's writer/producer Donnice Wilson. With limited time and budget restraints Wilson knew the importance of planning and encouraging everyone (cast and crew) to fully utilize their best skills. "They came through with a bang!!"


The Rev. Do Wrong Ain't Right tells the tale of Dr. smooth as silk Rev. DoWrong and his 90's style in da hood television evangelism. He uses a daily inspirational show, "DoWrong In The A.M." as a platform for unbelievable schemes concocted by him and his trusted sidekick Deacon Hot Hands (Tobin Costen) so they can get paid. DoWrong does everything in his powers to make a buck included shooting dice before doing his job as the Rev. DoWrong focuses on women, money and getting his swerve on. He is about two-stages short of being the first minister Pimp. A local city councilman and long-time adversary Montell Thomas (Bill Lee Brown) is fed up with DoWrong and his dominance on the local television airwaves. Thomas sets out to destroy DoWrong by any means necessary. Luckily for DoWrong the drop-dead gorgeous Veronica Jackson (Shane Johnson), comes along to aid DoWrong in trying to become a better man. Will DoWrong try to become the Rev. Do Right? It all happens fast, furious and funny as the madness unfolds in DoWrong's journey.


Lester Bibbs (Rev. DoWrong) has appeared on HBO, BET's Comedy View and Showtime At The Apollo. It's obvious that he is a comedian by the way he is able to take a character like DoWrong and make him absolutely funny and interesting. Sidekick Deacon Hot Hands (Tobin Costen) performs adequately by doing what a sidekick does best which is to shout with the Eddie Murphy baritone "Yeah," when he's supposed to. Shane Johnson (Veronica Jackson) will be a star no-doubt. Her screen presence says that and that's undeniable. Well honed in his skills, Bill Lee Brown, delivers an effective performance as Councilman, Montel Thomas. Others in the cast including "Yo-Yo," Jerod Mixon, Jamal Mixon, Jamie Foster Brown and Chris Hendrie delivered solid performances.


What can be said about the black Man of God? Well, in comedies a lot has been said for many years. Woman chasers, money hungry, phony practitioners of faith chasing after your money and your spouse so that he can by a Cadillac no doubt. Of course the Preacher has been represented well in more serious drama but in black sitcoms and comedy, I wonder if we have any real trust for the local Preacher? In DoWrong, all of the worst characteristics are thrown into a mixing bowl and voila, we are delivered a permed out, craps-shootin pimp as a Preacher. And I must admit I laughed quite often as Bibbs delivered the character quite comically. And who could keep their eyes off of Shane Johnson? DoWrong is one of those films that you love to sit home and watch when you just feel like watching entertainment. No special drama qualities or comedy flair, just some good ole' ridiculousness that happens to make you smile. Whether or not it will make you go to church or tide more often I doubt it but it'll sure make you laugh.


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