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Next Friday The Soundtrack (Priority Records)
By Lee  

Please help me! Can somebody tell me how in da hell did Ice Cube evolve from a gang-bangin, retired St. Ides Spokesman Muslim into a straight up movie star? Seems Ice Cube stopped rocking the jerry curl and now rocks studio deals. He told us some time ago, "you can't fade me." I guess we can't.

If you haven't seen the long awaited sequel,Next Friday, see the film, and then you will love this soundtrack even more. The soundtrack makes this movie more than what it is. Already the film showed stamina by coming in number one at the box-office two weeks in a row. The soundtrack is destined to do its job by fostering continued fresh memories of the movie. Ice Cube arranged the soundtrack with a holistic impression of East, West, South and Northern Flava. You understand?

There are fifteen quality tracks ranging from Ice Cube, Pharoahe Monch, Bizzy Bone, Ronald Isley, Aaliyah, and N.W.A. Yes, N.W.A. too! N.W.A.is back with Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Mc Ren and topped off with the Dogg-Pounds finest, Big-Snoop Dogg. N.W.A. performs their new song "Chin Check." I have to be perfectly honest. There is no Easy E or DOC, but Snoop sounds ah-ight. Snoop brings that missing ingredient that DOC and Easy E provided in the past.

On the flip side, Bizzy Bone, delivers "Fried Day." "Fried Day" is a song that you will ride to. Not ride or die but if you enjoy a little puff-puff-pass or just like to lounge back on yo ass, you will love this song. Pharoahe Monch's "Livin it Up", no doubt! Monch represents the purist lyrics on the album; you cannot go wrong with da Monch. Off course there is a little R&B on the soundtrack, You don't think Cube was a fool? Aaliyah's track "I Don't Wanna" has me watering for her new album. "I Don't Wanna" has sweet melodies combined with Aaliyah's tender voice behind the tracks. Last but not least, the Isley Brothers, featuring. Ron Isley, "Make Your Body Sing". Hey, I cannot dis da pimp God's you know what the deal is. If you did not like Next Friday and you're a fan of Ice Cube, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the soundtrack.

So "Hur" Up - check it out...


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