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January 2005
Week of January 31st through February 4th


BLACK HISTORY MONTH begins this week and a slew of TV programs, DVD releases, and many other events are being planned to celebrate the month. Coming out this Tuesday (Feb.1) is the DVD of the Oscar nominated film, RAY, which stars Best Actor Nominee Jamie Foxx. A special edition of MALCOLM X, which stars Denzel Washington, is also out on DVD this month. On television, HBO will present LACKAWANNA BLUES, which features an an exceptional ensemble cast in an uplifting story of unconditional love within an African-American community in the period just before desegregation; and the Sundance Channel will present "Anatomy of a Scene: BAADASSSSS!" - Mario Van Peebles' independent film exploring the '70s blaxploitation genre. SHOWTIME will anchor a month of original programming and compelling stories focused on the African-American experience. For more information on what else to look for during the month, click here

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Latest Features Additions:
Actor-activist Ossie Davis dies at 87 (February 4, 2005)
Actor-activist Ossie Davis dies at 87.

Black History Month
Here's a lineup of what's on TV and on DVD to honor the Black History Month.

2005 Sundance Winners
Forty Shades of Blue wins the top award.

February 2005 DVD Releases
The month begins with an RAY,  MULAN II,  MR.3000, THE GRUDGE, SHE HATE ME, and SHALL WE DANCE.

Aliens of the Deep: An Interview with James Cameron
Cameron discusses his latest return to the sea, the future of 3-D filmmaking, and his next project, the fictional film "Battle Angel".

Here are 5 clips of Will Smith and Eva Mendes.

The 2005 Academy Award Nominees

Along with Ray nominated for Best Picture, Foxx, Freeman,  Cheadle, and Sophie Okonedo have received Oscar nominations for acting,
Roll Bounce
Here's an exclusive look at the poster for Malcolm D. Lee's film starring Bow Wow.

Hustle and Flow: An Interview with Director Craig Brewer
Director Craig Brewer talks about having John Singleton as a producer on his film.

Hide and Seek: Cast Interviews
Dakota Fanning

Are We There Yet?: Cast Interviews
Ice Cube
Nia Long

2004 Golden Globe Winners
Jamie Foxx takes Best Actor Honors at the Golden Globes.

Assault on Precinct 13: Cast Interviews
Ethan Hawke
Ja Rule
John Leguizamo

SUNDANCE 2005 Preview:
Hustle and Flow
Terrence Dashon Howard stars in this John Singleton Production.

Duane Hopwood
The Salon
Forty Shades of Blue

The Honeymooners
BET has the first look at the urban version featuring Cedrid, Mike Epps, Gabriel Union and Regina Hall.

Pan American Film Festival
Halle Berry's Lackawanna Blues is the Opening Night Film.

Online Film Critics Society Awards(OFCS)

Coach Carter : Cast Interviews
Samuel L. Jackson

Best of Black 2004
Take a look back at the films and talent that were around in 2004.

January 2005 DVD Releases
Halle Berry, Queen Latifah and Derek Luke electrify the video market respectively with their performances.

African American Film Critics Association Announcement
AAFCA has chosen "Ray" as the top film of 2004.

In Good Company: An Interview with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace
As both of the actors reveal in their answers, the world simply isn't quite so black and white, old and new, as some might think.

Wilson Morales's Top Ten Films of 2004

Of the many films I have seen this year (over 250), these are the films I thought were the best of 2004.

Hotel Rwanda: Cast Interviews
Don Cheadle
Terry George and Paul Rusesabagina

Million Dollar Baby: An Interview with Morgan Freeman
Freeman explains that working in Hollywood means living in a constant state of career uncertainty, and unequivocally proves that he's every bit as scrappy as the characters he plays on the silver screen.

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War Of The Worlds
Aeon Flux
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith
The Man

Into the Blue (*New Pictures Added)

Guess Who?
Carlito's Way

King's Ransom
Monster in Law
Underworld: Evolution
Roll Bounce
Assault on Precinct 13

The Cave
Melinda and Melinda
The Pacifier
Pink Panther

Memoirs of a Geisha
Sin City

An Unfinished Life
Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Million Dollar Baby
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Beauty Shop (*New Pictures Added)
Be Cool (*New Pictures Added)
The Fantastic Four

Hotel Rwanda



Latest Review Additions:
The Wedding Date Review (in Film )
There's nothing entertaining at all to this; there's no redeeming qualities, so suck it up and prepare to be bored.

Are We There Yet? Review (in Film )
Unfortunately, while there are a few laughs, "Are We There Yet?" has one too many gags that should have been edited from jump start.

Ray DVD Review (in Film )
This passionate DVD is loaded with Behind the Scenes footage, Celebrity interviews, tour performance clips & a 2 page photo scrapbook/scene selector.

Alone in the Dark Review (in Film )
Avoid this one at all costs, even if it's on TV and you have one channel. 

The Donnie McClurkin Story DVD Review (in Film )
This passionate DVD is loaded with Behind the Scenes footage, Celebrity interviews, tour performance clips & a 2 page photo scrapbook/scene selector.

Mary J. Blige LA Concert DVD review (in Film )
In this DVD you can find tons of extra's including a performance done in 70s style with bright colors and black images multiplying to many as Mary sings "Free" in video form.
Coach Carter (in Film )
The performances by the cast are appealing enough that it overshadows the clichéd story.
Elektra (in Film )
It's so poorly written and executed; I could spend an hour pointing out the gaping holes in the plot.
The Assassination of Richard Nixon (in Film )
It's fascinating to see the subtle change from disaffected man to dangerous individual and
Sean Penn makes the transition look effortless.
In Good Company (in Film )
Well written and entertaining, Quaid and Grace provide the perfect balance between drama and comedy.
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (in Film )
Carrey is having a wonderful time playing all sorts of characters, but his ubiquitous presence takes away from the heart of the story, which is about the kids and their adventures.
The Woodsman (in Film )
Thanks to good screenplay and a tight direction and superb performances from the cast, The Woodsman is a bold and nerve racking film that will leave you haunted at the end.
Catwoman (DVD Review) (in Film )
While nothing has change on the DVD like a Director's Cut or something,  the DVD DOES OFFER SOMETHING WORTH NOTING.
Mary J. Blige (DVD Review) (in Film )
This DVD is a must for any Mary J. Blige aficionado.
The Phantom of the Opera (in Film )
Helmed by veteran director Joel Schumacher, the screen version is a lavish spectacle that's sure to thrill some and disappoint others, but it's good enough to be well worth the price of admission.
The Aviator (in Film )
With DiCaprio as Hughes, Scorsese may finally walk on the podium and collect the golden statue. Not only is "The Aviator" is stunning and entertaining, but everyone in the cast from Leonardo on down is outstanding.
Million Dollar Baby (in Film )
Believe me folks; this is no female version of "Rocky". It's much more than that, for Eastwood, Swank, and Morgan Freeman each give out a dose of great acting in this powerful and moving film.
Hotel Rwanda (in Film )
"Hotel Rwanda" is one of the most powerful films to come out this year. Don Cheadle has always been a good actor but with this film, he has raised his own bar to excellence.
The Sea Inside (in Film )
Amenabar does a phenomenal job as writer and director.  He puts himself alongside the great Spanish directors with his work on The Sea Inside.
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