June 2002
Week of June 14th thru June 21st


Each One Teach One has become the mantra for African-American adults that are interested in helping our young people fulfill their dreams. The blackfilm.com crew is dedicated to creating vehicles for film professionals to achieve their goals and we feel the same way about our youth. During the months of December 2001, January and February 2002, we worked in conjunction with high school English teacher and Chicago native, Margretta Browne in creating our first ever High School Editorial Staff. The students were given the freedom to create their own Editorial Sections and had complete freedom in writing the articles from their perspective. Each month, we will feature their work for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

The blackfilm.com crew

The SchoolRichard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD
The EditorMargretta Browne, English Teacher & blackfilm.com Consultant
The Scribes
  • Christelle D.
  • Lorenzo M.
  • Brittany J.
  • Lauren W.
  • Carimanda B.

    Latest Additions:
    Will Smith played the leading role of Ali in this self-titled biographical movie.

    by Lorenzo M.

    Seventeen Again
    Most of us have grown up feeling as though we know the Mowry family as well as our own. Through Sister-Sister we bonded with Tia, the serious, studious twin and her carefree sister Tamera.

    by Christelle D.

    "What Did You Really Think…The Real Deal" - American Music Awards
    The American Music Awards definitely made headlines. There were a variety of different styles presented throughout the evening.

    by Carimanda B.

    A Walk Worth Remembering
    The latest singer to join the ranks of artists trying to make the crossover is the young fresh-faced Mandy Moore, best known for her hit single, "Candy" that turned her into a TRL regular and scored her a talk show on MTV.

    by Christelle D.

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    Latest Additions:
    An Actors Diary - D.L. Hughley
    Cute, smart, and absolutely hilarious. Sounds like the perfect guy or the perfect comedian. In this case, it's both in one, D.L. Hughely.

    by Christelle D.

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    Latest Additions:
    TEEN EDITOR NOTE by Margretta Browne
    There are more African Americans behind and in front of the camera than ever before in history. We have more power and responsibility to control what reaches one of the largest consumer markets, the teenager...

    by Margretta Browne

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